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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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"The purification from the material and attracting of the spiritual is man's mission in this world."

The Lord‘s Sermons 18

 The Creation of Eve

In vol.4, of the Great Gospel, the Roman Governor Cyrenius in the company of Jesus and disciples, criticizes the text of the Genesis of Moses which he does not understand, regardless of the fact that it contains a great deal of sublime truth and he asks Jesus to explain.
GGJ.04/162,1 on.
Jesus: "What you said about Moses is not altogether wrong if you judge him from an intellectual standpoint but, assessed spiritually, Moses is completely different from what he appears to be when taken in a literal sense.   

"Behold, everything that Moses in his Genesis says - and means to say - refers chiefly to the upbringing and spiritual education of the first human beings as such, and only by way of correspondence also to that of the very first human couple. By the way, Adam certainly was, as far as his body was concerned, created and formed through My will out of the ether particles of the finest earth clay, according to the established order, which I have just shown you. When, guided by My will, he had gained sufficient experience and strength to form a very strong outer life-sphere, it so happened one day that, tired and travel-weary, he fell into a deep sleep. Now the time had come to place a nature soul, assembled from all levels of pre-existence, into Adam's outer life-sphere. 

"This soul in his outer life-sphere began to build for itself, according to My will and order, a body out of these very fine outer life-elements of Adam, or out of the over-abundant life ether, and took three days to complete it. The same process is still repeated nowadays when the souls of deceased persons materialize and, for a few moments, appear to people. 

"When Adam awoke, he was amazed and delighted to behold his likeness beside him which, naturally, was - and had to be - very attached to him since, physically, it had issued from him. But he began to feel a pressure in the region of his heart which to him was quite pleasant, and at times he felt something like an emptiness.  

"This was the beginning of sexual love; he could no longer part from the image which was so pleasing to him. Wherever he went, the woman followed him, and wherever the woman went, he could not resist following her. He felt that she was precious to him and that she loved him, and in a clairvoyant moment he said: 'We, namely I as a man und you as a woman who grew out of my ribs (the region of the heart) according to God's plan, are thus one flesh and one body. You are the best part of my life and this will always be so, and a man will leave father and mother (man's earnest and concern) and be united to his wife'.
"Where it says that God covered that part of Adam from which He took
the rib with flesh, I hope no one among you will be foolish enough to think that God in all earnest injured Adam by taking a rib out of him from which to create a large woman. The ribs are an outer, solid armour of the tender, inner vital organs. 

"When David says; 'God, our strong fortress and a strong armour!', - does it really mean that God is a strong fortress built from bricks, or a large metal shield?

"So it is with the rib from which Eve is said to have come forth. The rib is merely a metaphor of the object, and the object is Adarn's mighty inner life of love. The rib, as the protection of this life, was mentioned by Moses in Scripture for the following reasons: Firstly, because it protects life and thus, being an outer armour of life, is a symbol of the same armour; secondly, later on a good, faithful and loving wife can also be regarded as a shelter and protection of the life of the husband and may, therefore, symbolically well be called a rib of the husband; thirdly, also the outer life-ether is a tremendous protection for the inner natural soul-life. Without this protection, man could not last for ten moments.

"As far as her tender physical nature is concerned, Eve came into being out of the super-abundance of this Adamic outer life-ether. Since this life-ether emanates from the region of the ribs and the chest and thus surrounds man on all sides for quite some distance, Moses who was well versed in the science of correspondences could, quite rightly, let Eve be created out of a rib of Adam and let God cover - or substitute - Adam's wound with the flesh of Eve. For Eve was that very same flesh that had grown out of Adam's outer life-sphere. with which God compensated Adam for the loss of his outer life-ether when afterwards He covered Adam's sore spot with the very pleasant flesh of Eve, which really was also Adam's flesh."  

Understanding Moses
The Lord Jesus: "Behold, this is how Moses has to be read and comprehended as far as the intellectual aspect is concerned. But there is also a deeper, inner, purely spiritual understanding, according to which the whole of Genesis is concerned with God's work of educating men to know themselves and to recognize God as their all and love Him. In this sphere, God walks in spirit with Adam, teaching him, giving him laws, chastising him whenever he sins, and again, blessing him when Adam - or early mankind on this earth - recognizes and loves God and walks in His order. 

"If this did not happen so much in a material sense, it did happen spiritually. And it can still be observed to take place naturally in the case of still pure, unspoilt and very simple people. Therefore, Moses can be read in a fourfold sense and at all times be well and truly understood. 

"Firstly, in a purely natural sense. Here one sees a coming into being during certain periods, according to the eternally unchangeable order of God. With this all the natural scientists can cram their brains and draw their invariably very shallow conclusions. They can in this way determine very much, however, they will never gain firm and stable ground. 

"Secondly, the natural and the spiritual combined. This likewise very true sphere is best for men who strive to please God, since both go together, as it were, and are clearly evident and comprehensible, both in fact and in manifestation. (Nota bene: In this manner also 'The Household of God' has been given.)
"Thirdly, purely spiritually. Here the natural phenomena as well as their respective duration and changes are not in the least considered. Only the spiritual development of men is dealt with, which Moses has excellently portrayed in the corresponding natural metaphors. This should be well understood by all wise theologians who are entrusted with the inner development of men.
"Finally, fourth, in a purely heavenly sense, where the Lord is everything and all is seen in relation to Him. But you will not be able to comprehend how this is to be grasped and understood until you have become one with Me through the full rebirth of your spirit, just as I am One with the Father in Heaven. However, there is a difference, namely, that you will be one with Me as separate personalities, whereas I and the Father, Who is My love, are fully One as a forever unseparated personality.  

"Now I hope that you, dear friend Cyrenius, will have a better opinion of Moses, or do you still think that Moses according to your judgment - like a blind man - did not know what he was writing?"

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