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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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 The true Sabbath

The origin of the 7-day week
The Lord's prayer

The setting: The premises of Lazarus. Jesus is teaching and discussing with Jews, Romans and especially with a group of Pharisees from Jerusalem. The subject is the law of Moses and especially the Sabbath.

Jesus explains to a teacher of the law what the essence of the Sabbath is in the view of God. The teacher of the law raises the objection that by the abolition of the Sabbath the laws of Moses would be abolished and that without a caste-like priesthood there would still have to be elders and rabbis, for which Moses destined the tribe of Levi, whereas the other tribes had to pay the tithe for the maintenance of the teachers.

Now the Lord takes over, saying: 
[GGJ.08:089,01 on] "Well, so listen to Me! Both of you have spoken correctly and true but I am also of the opinion of friend Markus because the matter is appropriate to the nature and the right reason of man and thus the wisdom and order of God and I do not refute your opinion. But you priests should not make the Sabbath some kind of magic day and severely punish the people if in an emergency they have to earn their living on a Sabbath day. Because a necessary action, especially for the unselfish benefit of a poor brother not only never desecrates the Sabbath but blesses it thousand times more then all vain blubbering in the Temple and in synagogues. 

He who hallows the Sabbath through noble deeds does, indeed, hallow it truly and actively, which alone is of merit in the eyes of God. A congregation shall also have free and true teachers who do not necessarily have to earn their living through the work of their hands.  

They shall on the Sabbath teach the people about God and His will and remind them of Him. Once such a teacher is awakened in the spirit and speaks out of the Spirit of God, he always promptly receives from Me into his heart and mouth what he has to say. According to My promise this will happen as surely as it did at the time of the patriarchs and the prophets, and I think that during the six workdays it would not be amiss for the rabbi if he, as an example to his congregation, would perform some work, too,  instead of - like todays's templers - wasting the six workdays in total idleness, feasting, fornicating, deceiving and, thus, fattening himself for hell and eternal death.  

It is also not absolutely necessary for men's salvation to retain the Jewish Sabbath as a particular day of instruction. For every day on which you will be doing something good in My name will be a true Sabbath. The Word of God can be preached and listened to on any day. If a member of the congregation has gone astray, let the rabbi go and admonish him and not wait for this until the Sabbath.

[90] But for the children the congregation should establish a separate school with decent teachers who have to teach the young ones the reading of the Scripture, arithmetic, writing and further useful knowledge. The rabbi of the congregation shall encourage teachers and pupils to be diligent and eager and from time to time give them good precepts in My name.  

Thus, a regular congregation shall in addition to the schoolhouse erect also a meeting-house where every male member, when inspired by Me, has the right to preach, also about matters of deeper cognition of God and for animating the love for God and the fellowman. Also the rabbi shall then listen to the sermon of such a member together with the congregation. Therefore, everything shall in future be free among My true followers, and nothing, except deeds of active love for God and the fellowman, can promote a day to a true Sabbath."

Here, the attending teacher of the law is of the opinion that these new instructions abolish the laws of Moses and the Prophets but, pointing to the only true meaning and inner spirit of the Scripture, the Lord shows that not His new instructions, but the templers themselves are the greatest deniers of God, Moses and the Prophets.

Origin of the 7-day week

(GGJ 08, 92.1) The Lord: "Behold, since the earlist days of mankind it has been the practice to divide the week into seven days, which division is by men in the natural way derived from the quarters of the moon, but in the transcendental way, which was revealed to them, from the seven spirits of God, about which you have heard, yet never understood even a word of it.

"Of the seven spirits it is the seventh which, retroactively, purifies and appeases all the six preceding ones, and this seventh spirit is called Active Mercy. And look, also for this reason has God through Moses declared the seventh day as the Sabbath on which you shall refrain from menial work for your own stomach and when meeting in front of the tabernacle look for the poor brothers, sisters, widows and orphans and show them mercy with your actions. For the entire law of Moses and all the Prophets consists in that you do works of mercy for your poor fellowmen in complete faith in God and love for Him, which is also the only true service pleasing to Me.

"Of course, those people who recognize God and love Him above all shall also pray to Him in their heart. But how? Firstly, by the right observance of His will, namely, by performing works of neighbourly love and, secondly, they shall in their heart speak to God actively and full of love:

"Behold, this is a proper prayer to God, provided a person speaks it actively in his heart, full of truth and in all earnest.

"I have now told you a few things from which your intellect will surely have recognized My will. Do accordingly, and you will gain life. The temple will not prevent you from believing in Me in your heart and acting according to My will and, where necessary, also to confess Me before the world. For this I tell you, too: The one who will confess Me before the world, I too shall confess before My Father in Heaven. - And now you may return to Jerusalem, but if the templers will ask you about Me, do not tell them anything. My blessing be with you! Amen."

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