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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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 Health and long Life

The Lord: "As far as yesterday's question of yours is concerned, namely long and heavy illness before the death of the body and the often very early death of children, such is just permitted to happen by Me for the betterment of people but not through determination imposed by the infinite power of My will. 

"Behold, the people of the original human race, who stayed in the same order and simplicity as shown them by My Spirit, knew no illness preceding physical death. Most of them reached a ripe old age, never became ill and in the end went to sleep peacefully, their soul feeling neither pain nor fear of death.

Their food was always the same, not today this and tomorrow that. They lived mostly on milk, bread and good, ripe fruit of trees. This was their fare all their lives, and they quenched their thirst with fresh spring water.

For this reason their nerves were always nourished by the same good and wholesome soul substances, and no evil, impure and, thus, harmful soul substance could sneak into the body. Therefore, these people stayed always strong and healthy, both spiritually and physically.

But look at the many thousands of different morsels with which now, and already since much earlier times, the people are filling their stomachs and bellies, and you will immediately understand what great numbers of unrefined, thus impure, bad and harmful substances in this way often take possession of the whole human body, gradually beginning to torment it more and more.

It is a still greater calamity with children.

Firstly, the parents have previously sinned in every direction. Thereby they filled their body with a great number of harmful soul substances, and the child was begotten by a sinful father into the body of a still more sinful mother. Question: How is a healthy child to issue from such a body?

Secondly, during her pregnancy the mother is most prone to long for all sorts of delicacies, and her people are only too eager to fulfill the pregnant woman's desire. On this occasion the child suffers the second attack on its health. Not enough that it was born completely sick, but it had promptly to be nourished with a still worse mother's milk. Herein consists the second even more forcible attack on a child's basic health.

After a child has escaped these two attacks on its health with the aid of medicines so to speak unhurt, there comes a third attack. Naturally the child grows, becomes more amusing and more lovable for those around it. It is then pampered beyond measure and provided with all kinds of delicacies, for such foolish parents cannot deny anything to their darling. What is the outcome of this? The child's stomach and digestive organs are spoiled and weakened early in life.

From this brief exposition you can see that I have never been the originator of human physical illness, but the people themselves, and that from the moment when they thoughtlessly and wantonly abandoned My at all times given commandments and rules, following their intellect and their will, which became more and more benighted and confused by the evil spirits inhabiting the air, the earth and the water.

If so - as taught by experience -, how can any moderately reasonable man expect the present nations, who have left the former order to such an extent, to be and remain as healthy as those original people of the earth, who from the womb on have never left this order?!

The present day illness prior to the physical death of man is, therefore, only the consequence of the almost total abandonment of the old order, but is at the same time a guardian of the in some people still healthy soul, so that this might gradually withdraw from its evil flesh, thereby escaping from the fetters of the evil soul substances of the body and, when these cause it too much trouble, with the aid of its better spirit out of God escape, still in time, from its body forever. Thereby, My friend, I have surely answered clearly enough your question on illness. Let us now investigate a little more closely today's hunt and other things." 

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