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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life

Difference between humans on other bodies in space and on earth.

We find an instructing discussion - between two participants of a group Jesus teaches - on the subject of the entropy of religions and the spirit world. Having met Jesus, Philopold had discovered that he was a life guest from another planet.

[GGJ 03/221,11 on]

Philopold talks of his own life and the time when he had "some weeks ago the inestimable good fortune to meet the Divine Master. Only in this holy light did I recognize my nature and the nature of God, and I also recognized that prior to my incarnation on this earth I had entered into a peculiar contract with the divine spirit.

Look up, all the countless stars are worlds, much vaster and more magnificent than this earth, and on each of these worlds you find people completely similar to us in form. Everywhere you find great wisdom among them, and they are not wholly devoid of love; but, like the animals of this earth, they are born perfect and do not have to learn fundamentally everything they want to know and are meant to know. Their language is nearly everywhere one and the same and their cognition has certain limits. But everywhere the cognition reaches to the highest spirit of God, which cognition, however, is a notion rather than a cognition.

In short, on all the innumerable heavenly bodies you find people closely resembling the better heathens of this earth, except that the people on these worlds actually do not invent anything new, but what there is exists in the highest possible perfection, whereas the heathens can always invent something new; and the road to an endless, ever progressing perfection is always open to them.

In the vast worlds there are also sages who, as it were, sometimes meet higher spirits in order to gain from these a deeper cognition of God. Thus, it happens occasionally that here and there one who is more awakened is seized by the desire also to become a child of God.

For in all the worlds it has been made known to the sages through the higher spirits revealing themselves, that there is a world in the vast cosmic space where men are children of God; and further, that also a soul in their world, that has been freed from its body, can on that fortunate world again enter a body, although a grossly material one. But as soon as someone seriously expresses that desire, he is told down to the smallest detail what he has to go through in this world.

Then all memory of the previous good life will be taken from the soul, so much so that it finds itself in the new world born with an imperfect body from a woman into the outer world, almost in a wholly unconscious, lowest animal state and unable to give itself the least account of its new existence. Only gradually, after about a year, does a wholly new consciousness begin to develop from the pictures, phenomena and perceptions conveyed through the senses. The memory and the fresh remembrance of the perceived are then the only road-signs and aids on the new path of life on this earth. Here there are no higher spirits sent by God who would guide the child into a higher and more profound cognition, but it is up to the parents with their experience to lead the child onto a better path. The child must then learn much, must begin to make its own decisions, must seek and ask, must bear fear, hunger, thirst, all kinds of pain and privations, must allow himself to be humbled to the lowest sphere of life, and at the end of such a life there is usually a painful and serious illness which takes the life of physical man.

Once man has met all the exacted and demanded requirements of life and loved God above all and his neighbor - even if the same had as a bitter enemy persecuted him - more than himself, then he has quickened the divine spirit spark implanted in his soul's heart and awakened it so that it can grow.

It is only from then on that God grows within man, penetrates the soul and makes it His equal. Then the former natural man has from a mere nonentity become a child of God, who can in this perfected condition enjoy all those perfections inherent in God Himself.

Look, friend Murel, in the same manner as I  have described it to you, as generally and briefly as possible, it is presented to a man in a stellar world. If he then demands it in the full earnest of life, he is instantly separated from his light body and, without being aware of it, swiftly transferred to this earth to be incarnated, and the result is then a man such as I and you.

From all this you know now whether or not we have prior to coming onto this earth entered into a voluntary contract with the Lord God." 196

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