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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Judgement Day

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life."


 e - The Lord‘s response pertaining to His and our time.

About the workers in the vineyard. Purpose, nature and effect of the revelations.

[GGJ.06:176,01 on]
Said I to Lazarus and also the other disciples who, too, shared the rather heated opinion of Lazarus:
"Pay good attention, for I will give you an illustration that will answer Lazarus‘ question.

A landowner hired labourers for his vineyard. They came in the morning and the landowner agreed with the labourers for a penny a day. And at noon he went to where he saw yet other men standing idle in the market-place and said: ‘Why are you idle? Go into my vineyard andI will pay you what is right.‘ So they went and worked. But toward evening the lord of the vineyard saw yet many labourers standing idle. And he went to them and said: ‘Why are you standing about all day idle?‘ and they replied: ‘Lord, no one has hired us.‘ Then he said to them: ‘Well, go also into my vineyard and work this last hour of the day and I will pay you, too, what is right.‘ And they went there and worked still the last hour of the day diligently.

In the evening the lord of the vineyard called first the labourers who had worked since the morning and paid each of them the penny that had been agreed upon. ‘Then he called those who had worked only half the day and paid each of them a penny, too. After that he called the ones who had worked for only one hour and paid also to them a penny each.

Then the ones who had worked all day said: ‘Lord, how could you pay to those who worked only one hour the same you paid us who have toiled in the heat for a full day?‘; and the lord of the vineyard replied: ‘What‘s that to you if I am kind and merciful? Am I unfair ifI choose to be kind and pay the last men the same as you? Did I not offer to pay you a penny for the day and you agreed? What more do you want from me? Am I not a lord of what is mine and can do with it whatI like?‘ This the first labourers could not deny, and they were satisfied with their wages.

I tell all of you, too, that My Father Who is within Me will be doing the same with you, - and then the first will also be the last and the last - the first.

The vineyard actually represents men of this earth, as the vines that have to be cultivated. They have no agreement with Me and are here to be cultivated that they may bear good fruit for the Lord God.

All the prophets, as now you, are not of this earth as far as their soul is concerned. They are hired workers from above who have come to a firm agreement with Me for the sake of attaining the sonship of God, which is possible only on this earth.

All the great prophets, from the beginning till now - including you -, who have received a great revelation, are the first-hired labourers in the Lord‘s vineyard.

The lesser prophets who had to perform only half the service, namely, the preservation of the once given great revelations, are those who - in My name - will be coming after you. They will receive certain smaller revelations and possess the gift of making predictions, but they will not possess the power and might I will give you. These will receive the same reward as you because their faith will have to be stronger. Since they will not be seeing all the things that you now see and experience, their more voluntary belief will be valued more highly. If then they receive the same reward as you, take into consideration that it will have been more difficult for them to believe that which is now taking place for the salvation of all created beings, because they were not, like you, witnesses to these events.

Finally, in much later times and shortly before a great judgment, again seers will be awakened who will have the great task of only short duration to purify the considerably contaminated teaching that it may be preserved and not rejected by the then clearer-thinking humanity as an ancient deception by the priesthood. These third labourers in My vineyard will not be working through miracles but solely by means of the pure Word and the Scripture. They will not be receiving any other extraordinary revelation, except the one of the inner, living Word in the feeling and thoughts of their heart. Their strong belief will be clear and rational, and they will raise the withered human vines of My vineyard without performing miracles and so will also receive the same reward from Me, which you as full-day workers will receive. For it will be much more difficult for them to believe firmly and undoubtedly what happened here over a thousand years before their time.

Even if great revelations happen only at long intervals, God always sees to it that as soon as the great revelations begin to become contaminated, newly awakened seers are given to mankind, and that in such a way that no one‘s free will suffers any compulsion. Actually, the great revelations are so far apart so that men‘s free will may have the greatest possible scope for action.

When in the end the world will again have diverted men too far from their spiritual path, there will be no other alternative but to send a great revelation which is always followed by a judgment because it is in itself a grievous judgment for mankind. As long as you do not set fire to the dead wood, it will not burn, but the fire will ignite it. And behold, what the fire is to the wood, a great revelation is to men. - Do you understand this now?" 78

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