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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  God‘s plan

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life


 Judgment for the new Babel.

Situation: Jesus is talking to his listeners (disciples, Jews, Romans etc.) about the times in distant future and uses a nature scene as comparison. When the attention of all is focused on the eastern region, the Lord begins with the prophetic interpretation of this nature scene:

[GGJ.08:046] "As you now see various clouds forming and settling on the horizon as if they wanted to obstruct the rise of the sun, in the same way a great bank of clouds will be towering up against the coming rise of the spiritual and eternal sun of truth, causing much harm among the people and yet unable to prevent the rise of the sun of truth.

[7] And as the threatening black clouds, as you can already notice, are now developing golden shining edges, thus, in those times, the people who had still recently been benighted and true enemies of the light will be gradually illuminated by the radiant light of truth and become enemies of the old falsehood. And such illumination by the sun of truth nearing its full rise will be My sign, as the Son of Man, for all the truthful people on earth and the beginning of the great judgment on the new Babel.

The judgment on the heathens everywhere began already with My birth and continues to an ever increasing extent, until the full light among the people of this earth in close to two thousand years."

[GGJ.08:47] Subsequently the Lord gives his disciples and friends by means of the changing cloud formations on the eastern horizon a dramatic vision of the historical events in the Christian Occident right up to our present time, showing violent fights between light and darkness, followed by a transfigured new earth.

[GGJ.08:48] The benighted heathens flee and from light cloudlets there forms the new earth. They are societies of people enlightened by the divine truth.

(The Lord:) [3] "Here you must not think that this natural earth might come to an end and be transformed into a new one; only the people through full acceptance of the divine truth in their hearts - will create as true brothers and sisters a new spiritual earth among themselves in My name.

On this new earth I Myself shall be present and reign among My own, and they will associate with Me and never lose sight of Me.

[6] But at the same time you can also see how very many of the benighted are endeavouring to put the garment of light over their black one thereby to establish - because of their selfishness and lust for power - again a new antichristian heathendom. But I Myself let My wrath overtake them, which is the fire of My truth, and My angels of the new earth will fall upon them as if with flaming swords, putting to flight any further evil aspiration into the abyss of total destruction.

[7] This is then the very last and greatest judgment about a thousand years later. That time will be called My thousand year reign on earth which through this final judgment will for a very short time be once more interrupted by war. But there will be an early and complete victory for all future times. From then on there will be for the heavens and the earth one shepherd and one flock. Ihe shepherd, as always, will be I and the flock will consist of the men on earth in full unison with the blessed in My heavens. [emphasis added]

[8] The latter will again visibly associate with men on earth, as had been the case in primeval times. But prior to this also the natural earth will suffer quite considerable changes. Vast lands and regions, which are at present still covered by the great and deep sea, will be raised as the most fertile ground and many still very high mountains will be levelled and fill many deep ravines and valleys with their crumbled away peaks, thus producing fertile land.

[9] Since in that time men will no longer crave for earthly and transitory treasures, a hundred thousand times more people than at present will be able to live on earth, well-provided and happy. At the same time also the bad illnesses, which torture the flesh so mightily, will be vanishing from the earth. Men will reach a happy ripe old age, able to do much good, and no one will fear the death of the body because he will clearly see the eternal life of the soul ahead of him.

[10] The good works to be performed will mainly consist in the proper rearing of children and in the strong person supporting to the best of his ability and with all his love the physically weaker aged people.

[11] Also marriages will be contracted on the new, happy earth - though only according to My order as is the case in heaven - and many children will be begotten, but not through lewdness, but through true loving earnest, and this will be so to the end of time on this earth.

[12] Here you have a faithful picture of the last judgment upon all the heathens on earth, which is easy enough for you to understand."

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