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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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"The purification from the material and attracting of the spiritual is man's mission in this world."

The Lord‘s Sermons 18

 At the Gate

Why is man not aware of the myriads of beings of the spirit world he is surrounded with?

Just one reason: For the sake of his freedom, his free will.

[GGJ 08/29,02 on]
The Lord: "That to man, who is endowed with an individual consciousness of life, the infinite space of creation and its endless content appear as if dumb, dead and devoid of intelligence, has its very wise reason which lies in the fact that his life-consciousness, for the sake of gaining the fullest, godlike independence of life, is through My will completely detached from the universal life-consciousness and its infinite and supreme intelligence in order that it may find itself independently and, thus, develop and strengthen itself for its eternal existence on the paths revealed to it as if from the outside.

"While a man has to do with himself in the gaining of his life‘s independence, he hardly suspects that he is all surrounded by life of the highest intelligence and his body also permeated by it, without which he would actually not exist. But once he has mastered himself in accordance with the revealed will of God by having been completely permeated by his innermost spirit, the entire person freely unites with the supreme life and its brightest intelligence in the universal infinity of God, without losing his individuality and personality. Then he no longer sees beyond himself any dead and dumb space or dead stones, but everything has become life for him and bright intelligence well aware of itself.

"That this is how things are is clearly shown you by My often proven omniscience. How could I know everything if the space between Me, that is, My individual, personal Being and, for instance, the sun or another much more distant object were devoid of life and intelligence? Furthermore, this is proven also by the wisdom of many people who, although they do not leave the place where they belong, know many things that are at a great distance, know what happens to them and how or what will be taking place at a future time.

"The seven Egyptians are a striking example for you. Who told them that I was here? Out of the great and universal intelligence they became aware of it within, as well as of the road that took them here. If the space between here and Upper Egypt were devoid of life and intelligence, they could not possibly have become aware of what is happening here.

"Man‘s soul is in its body separated only by a very thin wall from the universal life-intelligence with which it is nowhere connected, and this is sufficient for the soul to have in its natural state usually no idea of what exists and is happening around it. This is caused by the above mentioned extremely thin dividing wall between the soul‘s special and the universal endless space-life.

"That now and then, for reasons known only to Me, a soul is separated through a stronger and denser dividing wall from the universal most intelligent God-life, you can see in the imbecile, the dumb and so-called cretins. Such a soul can be taught only very little, sometimes even nothing at all.

"Why this is allowed to happen, is well-known to Me and some of My old disciples partly know it, too. You others will understand all this in due course.

"The souls of animals and plants, however, are not strictly separated from the universal God-life in space and, therefore, capable of learning without any instruction that for which they are destined according to their kind and nature. Every animal knows the food suitable for it and how to find it; it has its weapons and knows how to use them without practising.

"Thus, also the plant spirit knows exactly the substances in the water, the air and the soil which suit its particular individuality. The spirit or nature soul of the oak will never attract the substance from which the cedar builds its existence and nature. Well, who teaches a plant to attract the substance destined for it? Look, all this is the effect of the highest universal space-life intelligence from which the soul of every plant and animal draws the particular intelligence it needs and is then active in accordance with its direction.

"If this is so, as everyone can always learn from his experience, it is obvious that infinite space and all it contains is life and supreme intelligence of which the human soul is not aware for the sole reason that it can, thanks to its separated intelligence, which is immense, create for itself a lasting independence of life. This is not possible to a plant and animal soul. They do not have a separate existence, but only one that can be blended and on its road to a human soul goes through countless changes which it does not remember since it passes after every blend and change of its nature into a different sphere of intelligence.

"Even the human soul, as the highest potentized compound of mineral, plant and animal souls, does not remember its preexistence because the specific soul components did not possess in the above mentioned three kingdoms a personal and strictly separate intelligence, but only one for their kind, as it were, borrowed from the universal God-life in space. There are, indeed, in a human soul all the countless special pre-intelligences united - and this enables the human soul to independently recognize and form a rational opinion of all things -, but a special memory of the previous stages of existence is unthinkable and impossible, because from the countless separate souls in the human soul there has formed only one person.

"Once man has been fully permeated by the spirit of all life and light, he will perceive this order also within him, just as I Myself perceive it eternally and at all times within Me; namely, that everything exists out of Me and I am all in everything. - And now tell Me, friend Lazarus, whether you have well comprehended all this."

[08/30, 1] Says Lazarus: "Lord and Master! This present explanation of Yours surpasses everything we have so far heard and seen from You, and only now do I clearly understand why You have come to us men, as a man Yourself, to teach us about God and ourselves, because we were destined by You to live forever in the greatest possible independence. However, this we must want to - and with Your help also shall - achieve freely, through our own activity in accordance with Your teaching.

"Only now have we gained a completely correct concept about You and also ourselves and know why this or that must necessarily be done, as otherwise no one would be able to gain the true, eternal life. Now we truly know the nature of God and also our own. Now it will be easy to progress on the welllit road to life. But thousands upon thousands of people are without this knowledge and compelled to continue on the road to perdition. When they can possibly be saved, as is the case with us now, You alone know; we can only wish for these human souls to be liberated from this extreme misery as soon as possible. For the more enlightened and the freer we are now becoming through Your grace, the more deeply we sympathize with the unhappiness of all those who do not receive this grace."

Says thereupon Agricola: " Yes, that keeps causing me grief, too. Also I feel that the brighter light in my heart begins to oppress me quite considerably, since I see only too clearly the great distance of almost all the rest of humanity. Lord and Master, You know the future quite as well as all our thoughts and wishes, and so You could also tell us exactly when the majority of men will be able to enjoy a higher and true living light."

Says the Lord: "While man is walking on this earth as spiritually not yet fully reborn it is not of particular benefit for him to know too much, and the too clearly revealed future would overwhelm his still weak heart‘s understanding and easily reduce him to despair. Just think of how people would feel if they knew for certain the time and hour of their physical death. They find already the knowledge uncomfortable that they surely have to die; how much more uncomfortable they would feel if they knew also the year, day and hour of their death.

"Ah, it is quite a different matter with the person who is already fully reborn in the spirit of all life, the one who has his future life already in all clarity within him, feeling it truly and actively. He can know the exact goal and end of his body in advance; for the time of removal of his heavy burden will no longer fill him with sorrow, but only with supreme joy. With an ordinary person, however, such a definite precognition would have a most deplorable effect.

"When you yourselves will have been reborn in the spirit of life, you will be able to see the future and that will not make you sad and despondent.

"What will be happening in the future I have already shown you rather clearly in the nocturnal phenomenon and even more clearly in the interpretation of the two chapters of the prophet Isaiah, and I shall show you still more concerning the really wicked human world, which will not make you particularly happy."

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