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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

Grey:available in German only
3DT - Three days in the Temple
BM - Bishop Martin (Sunsets into Sunrises)
CHJ - Childhood of Jesus
EM - Earth and Moon
FL - The Fly
FP - Fundamental Principles of Life
GGJ - The Great Gospel of John
GH -  Gifts from Heaven  
HHG -  Household of God
IRU - Immortality and reunion (UuW)
JL - Jesus‘ letters with King Ukkama of Edessa
LS - The Lord‘s Sermons
NS - The Natural Sun
RB - Robert Blum
SA - The Saturn
SC - Secrets of Creation

SE - Scripture Explanations
SN - Secrets of Nature
SpS - The Spiritual Sun


"The purification from the material and attracting of the spiritual is man's mission in this world."

The Lord‘s Sermons 18

 You will be like God

  • Raphael: "And beyond the substance of ether the spirit-fire, imperceptible to your senses, makes an eternally active force which, emanating from God, fills forever infinite space, constantly acting and creating. And God Himself is within His center the eternal primordial spirit and the eternal primordial man and fills infinity with His great thoughts and ideas, which keep forever proceeding from Him. These, filled with His love, become a fire of life equal to Him, through His wisdom they assume orderly forms and through His will they become separate and as if independent beings with the capacity implanted in them to forever propagate as such, develop and by God's eternal order of gradual progression to eventually unite and rise to godlikeness. [GGJ.07:72,9].
  • "If men of this earth are destined and called to become children of God, they must also become like God in everything, for he who does not accomplish this will not become a child of God, close to Him, until he has become fully like God." [GGJ.07:139,07]
  • "Therefore, My teaching is a true gospel because it shows men the way and tells them how to attain to God-likeness, Whoever listens to My word, believes in it, keeps it in his heart and follows it, will thereby attain to God-likeness, possess eternal life and enjoy everlasting bliss." [GGJ.07:139,08]
  • "These My children [i.e. mankind of this earth, ed.] are endowed by Me to rule, to explore and to judge with Me infinity and the countless creations within it."  [SpS.02:002,14]

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