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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Judgement Day

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life."


 Will there be faith ?

Very little:
(GGJ.09:089.1 on)
"As far as mankind‘s state of belief in the distant future is concerned, when the Son of Man will return to the earth in the manner repeatedly indicated to you, I tell you that on the whole He will find even less living faith than now. For in those times people will, largely through persistent research and calculations under the boughs and wide-spread branches of the tree of knowledge, make considerable progress in many sciences and arts. They will accomplish miraculous things with the at present still unknown, natural forces of the earth and will say: ‘Look, that is God, there is none other!‘ Thus, these people will have practically no faith at all and when I return to this earth, I shall no longer find any faith among these people.

Another, however also greater portion of mankind will exist within a still even thicker and darker idolatrous superstition, than even now all heathens upon this entire Earth exist. These shall have their teachers, representatives and protectors within the Earth’s existing great and powerful entities for a certain time; however those World’s children well-equipped with all Sciences and Arts shall suppress the dark superstition with all force and thereby place all the Earth‘s great and powerful entities into embarrassment, because both the common people and those forcedly blinded by the scientists and artists of all types and varieties shall begin to realize that it is only due to both the great and powerful’s world fame and high standard of living, who themselves did not have any faith, who were held in grim servitude. And as I shall then come, thus I shall also not find any faith within these people.

During the time of great darkness, I would not be able to find any faith within them, because they were their rulers‘ deafest and blindest servants, who themselves realized quite well, for what purpose all the blind ones are useful, and that those seeing would never tolerate that like those totally blind. If however the blinded are made to see by the scientists and artists, then they have become followers of these, who have mostly freed them from the great and powerful’s grim servitude; thus I would come and say, "Hear ye, people of the Earth, I have now returned to you and want to reshow you the right way to your soul’s eternal life!"

They shall answer me with, "Friend, whoever you might be, forget about the old, worn-out and luckily spent idiocy, for which many rivers of the most innocent blood have often flown for the time since their primal creation! If the so-called good Father in Heaven, whom we both do not know and about whom we also now do not even have any longing at all any more, especially such a great friend of bloodshed, thereby He could truly easily turn the entire Ocean into blood and gloat about this, however, we do not need any more such lessons on life, which instead of the promised Kingdom of God only brought the most barren hell among mankind upon the even meagerer Earth. We now stick to the Sciences and Arts of all types and variety and thereby live in peace a tranquility, even if certainly even temporarily; thus for us a certain temporary, however peaceful and tranquil life is preferable to uncountable suffering and any heaven, gained by many rivers of innocent bloodshed and thereby placed into doubt with all its beautiful blessedness!”

For such words from the erstwhile (then living) people shall be My question, if I shall find any faith upon My advent upon the Earth, to be quite justifiable!

"However”, you now say within yourselves, “who shall then be the bearer of guilt? Something like Hell? Lord, then destroy them! Otherwise, the false, self-serving prophets, under whose cover then also soon all the great and powerful shall appear like mushrooms upon the moist Earth and overrun the Earth with war in all directions and torment mankind?  Lord, then do not let the false prophets ever appear in Your Name! If You Yourself, however, wish it so, then it must be acceptable for you, if you do not find any more faith upon your return to this Earth among mankind!"

To this I say: From the viewpoint of short-sighted human reason, this would be quite correct and nothing much could be said against it as far as the world is concerned. But God, as the Creator and eternal Preserver of all things and beings, thinks differently and has entirely different ideas and plans with everything He has created out of Himself. And so He also knows best why He allows this or that to happen among the people of the earth.

[9] Only in the end will all superstition be swept off the ground of the earth with the weapons of the sciences and arts, without in any way interfering with man‘s free will.

[10] The result will eventually be a complete lack of faith among men, but this state will only be of very short duration.

[11] In that time, I will bless the ancient tree of knowledge, whereby the tree of life within man will once more regain its original strength. Then there will be but one shepherd and one fold.

(9:90) [11] For, My purest teaching of life will easily combine with the pure science of men everywhere, thus giving mankind a complete light of life, because one purity cannot ever contaminate another, nor can a clear truth contaminate another truth."

But there will be a new faith...
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