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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Judgement Day

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life."


 The New Jerusalem

Situation: The Lord resides at the inn of Lazarus on the mount of olives. He teaches and is in discussion with His disciples, the Apostles, Jews, Romans and others. Nicodemus is there too. (He has known Jesus since Jesus was brought to Jerusalem for circumcision as the Holy Family stayed at his house for that occasion. 12 years later he experienced Jesus in the Temple, when discussing with the priests and doctors of the law during the three days. There Nicodemus was the only Temple dignitary who immediately discovered Who dwelled in the 12 year old boy and believed in Him.)

Jesus has just performed a great sign in the form of a light phenomenon.


[1] Said Nicodemus: "Lord and Master, I do now understand it and thank you from the depth of my heart for Your so extremely important lesson. Since You have now explained to us the two phenomena, may I ask you to throw light also on the third one, for something very great must be concealed in it."

[2] Said I: "Yes, yes, I will give you a light also on the third phenomenon, but you will find it difficult to understand; for only once you are reborn in the spirit will you understand more clearly what the distant future is going to bring. Yet I will tell you something about it, and so listen.

[3] The column of light that returned from the heavens to this earth represents Me in the spirit of My living Word, which henceforth I will be putting into the hearts of those people who love Me and keep My commandments. I will come to them personally and will reveal Myself to them. And, thus, all of them will be again taught by God.

[4] The breaking up of the column into countless parts denotes the revealing of the inner, spiritual sense of all My words and teachings which I have conveyed to men since the beginning of the human race through the mouth of the ancient patriarchs, the prophets and seers and now personally.

[5] From all such part-revelations of the inner, spiritual sense of the Word of God, eventually a true and great teaching of light and life will be forming, and this teaching will then be the great and new Jerusalem which will descend to men from the heavens. Those who will be, and live, within the new teaching will be walking in the new Jerusalem and dwelling therein everlastingly, and their bliss will be boundless and never end; for I Myself will be with them and they will behold all the countless glories of My love, wisdom and might.

[6] Beginning with the fall of this old city of Jerusalem until the time of the new city of God on earth there will not be much light among men on earth; for only too soon many false prophets and priests will arise in My name, work false miracles, deceive the people and make them blind. The Antichrist will be doing such things with the help of the kings of the earth so that even My elect, if I permitted it, could be tempted to bend their knees before the new Baal. However, I will allow a great adversity, as has never been experienced on earth before, to befall mankind. Baal will be overthrown like the great whore of Babel, and the light of the living Word in the hearts of many people will strengthen and redeem the oppressed and afflicted and they will all rejoice in the new light and praise My name.

[7] Then men will often associate with the pure spirits of My heavens who will be their teachers and instruct them in all~he mysteries of the everlasting life in God. This was shown you in the third phenomenon when you saw people walk in and out of the twelve gates.

[8] The twelve gates, however, no longer denote that the city is built from the twelve tribes of Israel but from the twelve main principles of My teaching which are contained in the ten commandments of Moses and My two new commandments of love; for these are the gates through which men will henceforth enter the new city of God full of light and life.

[9] Only the one who keeps My commandments will enter this city and be given light and life; but he who does not keep the commandments will not enter this new city. Also the twelve kinds of gems out of which the wall around the great city was built denoted the same twelve commandments.

[10] Thus, these twelve commandments are for man not only the entrance-gates to light and life but also his indestructible protection, which cannot ever be destroyed and conquered by the gates and powers of hell or material worldliness.

[11] You have also noticed with the phenomenon how the stones of the wall emitted a strong light in all their colours. This indicated that the twelve commandments given to you also contain all degrees of divine wisdom and that man can, therefore, attain to perfect wisdom by keeping the twelve commandments. For, all the wisdom out of God is contained in the commandments, also all divine might and power, and this because these commandments contain the most wise and almighty will and through it the greatest freedom.

[12] Whoever has, thus, made God‘s will his own by keeping the commandments has also acquired divine might and divine freedom, has gained the state of the true rebirth of the spirit and is, as a true child of God, as perfect as the Father in Heaven Himself.

[13] And I tell all of you that you should make every effort to become already on this earth as perfect as the Father in Heaven by strictly keeping the commandments. Then you will be able to do not only these, but even greater things than I am doing now. Once you have reached this state, you will already in advance be citizens of the new Jerusalem. ‘Ibis is the meaning of the third phenomenon. - Have you grasped and understood this properly?"

[14] They all were astonished at this My explanation of the third phenomenon, pondered on it for a while but were not quite sure whether they had really understood this last explanation properly, or only partially.

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