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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Judgement Day

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life."


 The Tree of Knowledge

GGJ.09:83 and 84: Following a question by the converted teacher of the law are the Lord‘s explanations of the tree of life and the tree of knowledge. The teacher of the law wants to know how to convince those of the truth who cannot be given any signs by the teaching disciples as proof for the truth of the new teaching.

This is the Lord‘s reply:
"The truth remains one and the same truth also without signs, and whoever lives and acts according to it, will vividly perceive within that My teaching is the word of God, not of man. Mere teachers who are not themselves doers according to My teaching will certainly not be eapable of working signs, for the power to work signs does not issue from the intellect, but from the living faith and the firm will to work. For, once man is permeated by the spirit, he is also permeated by the omnipotent strength of the same.

[4] Two trees did God plant in the garden of life, a tree of life and a tree of knowledge, and He said to man: ‘lf you will eat the fruits of the tree of life, you will live; but if you will also eat the fruits of the tree of knowledge before they have been blessed for you by Me, death will come over you and you will die.‘

[5] Since man had a freest will, he let himself be beguiled by the serpent of his desire and soon ate also from the tree of knowledge before it could be blessed through maturity of faith in the heart of man, that is, he began to seek and explore the Spirit of God and, thus, the spirit of life through the worldly intellect. As a consequence of this, he more and more distanced himself from God instead of growing ever closer to Him. And this was already death, that is, the spiritual death of man, and the whole man became powerless, losing his mastery over all things in the world of nature, and was henceforth compelled to physically, and even more mentally, earn and acquire his daily bread by the sweat of his brow with the aid of the dim light of his brain intellect.

[6] And behold, thus men have to this day distanced thernselves from God and, therefore, from the true inner life, so much so that they hardly still believe in a God at all or in a life of the soul after physical death! And those who mechanically still believe in a God or, in blindest superstition like the heathens, in many gods, imagine God, or the gods, to be so immeasurably distant from them as to finally consider it impossible for a human to ever approach the to him endlessly remote God.

[7] And now that God Himself has physically come to the people in the fullness of His eternal might and power and with all His love and wisdorn, they do not recognize this and in their great blindness and foolishness think it impossible, whereas all things are possible with God. And this is why they regard God Himself, because He is now revealing Himself through a physical mouth instead of with lightning and thunder, a blasphemer and evil agitator inciting the people against God and the kings of the world, who imagine themselves to be gods and let thernselves be venerated as such by the people. [8] And behold, all this is a consequence of the fact that all people have eaten the dead fruit from the tree of knowledge rather than the living and life-giving one from the tree of life."

[9:84, l] (The Lord:) "The question which God put to Adam after he had already eaten of the forbidden fruit, namely: ‘Adam (or man), where are you?‘, is still sounding and will be asked to the end of this world, as long as there are human beings who eat from the tree of knowledge rather than from the tree of life. In such a state of the soul, sin no longer exists for it, and a man who can exercise some form of worldly power does then what he likes and what gratifies bis senses. And woe betide the righteous man who is in the truth of life, who would go to such a powerful one and say to him: ‘Why are you an enemy of the truth and perpetrate the most blatant injustice against the people, who on this earth are no less than you blind fool?‘

Look around in the world whether this is not the case everywhere! And who must be blamed? I tell you: Nobody but the ever increasing eating from the tree of knowledge!"

The fear of God.

When the teacher of the law spontaneously remarks: "I am now standing completely destroyed before You; for what is man before You?"

The Lord says: "There had been between Me and you men an endless chasm preventing even the most perfect angel spirit from approaching Me. But now a bridge has been built...

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