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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  2000 Years & Beyond
 The Godless Age of Technology

For His disciples the Lord describes the time of great inventions in all fields and mentions the age of computers and robots  ("machines like thinking men").

Are you denying Jesus knew the future?

[G.05/108,01 on]
(The Lord:) "But in the end there will come a time when men will have attained to great knowledge and skill in all things and  construct machines that will, like living, intelligent men and animals, perform all human tasks. However, thereby many human hands will become idle and the stomachs of the poor and jobless people will go hungry. Human misery will then reach an incredibly high level. Then men will again be awakened by Me who for the next two hundred years and more will preach the truth in My name. Happy those who will listen, although they will be few in number!
"However, once the number of the pure and good will have dwindled as in the time of Noah, the earth will again be visited with a universal judgment in which neither people nor animals or plants will be spared. No longer will their lethal, fire-spitting weapons be of any use to the proud people, nor their fortifications and metal roads on which they will move along with the swiftness of an arrow.

An asteroid?
"For there will come an enemy from the air and destroy all those who have always done evil. This will truly be a time of shopkeepers and moneychangers.

"What I did only recently in the temple at Jerusalem to the money-changers and pigeon-sellers, I shall do on a large scale all over the earth and destroy all the selling and moneychanging stalls through the enemy whom I shall send to the earth from the vast expanses of the air like a flash of lightning and with a great thunderous noise. Truly, against that one all the armies of the earth will fight in vain. However, the great invincible enemy will not harm My few friends but will spare them for a new plant nursery which will produce new and better people.

"Do understand this well! But do by no means think that I want it thus and that therefore all this is predestined. Nothing could be further from Me and from you! Yet it will be as it was before the time of Noah. The people will keep putting their worldly knowledge and acquired skills to increasingly evil use and, of their own free will, bring upon themselves and, finally, upon the whole earth, all kinds of judgment out of the depths of My creation. To this I will just say like you my conventionally stuffy Romans: Volenti not fit iniuria! "[‘To those, who wanted it, no injustice occurs‘, or colloquially: ‘Right happens to you; as you indeed wanted it‘. The editor.]

"Yes, mankind should indeed have everything within limits and goals, moreover should establish multiple comforts for itself for earthly living and are to protect its hands from heavy work for gaining all the more time for both working upon and improving their hearts and souls, and should all be equally joyful in My name throughout their entire lives; but among them there should neither be any suffering and sad ones, except deliberate sinners against any good existing order in My name!
"However, if due to the naturally increasing skill of mankind its selfishness, greed and domination will also increase and thereby the darkening of mankind’s mind, then of course bad consequences can also not stay out of the way! Thus, just as you quickly place one foot in front of the other, therefore the results of quick progress cannot be excluded. Anyone who wavers upon advancing the feet, must therefore also tolerate feeling like a snail. Falling down from heights obviously brings death to the body; if however someone knows this from experience but jumps nevertheless from a great height into the depth–what then is this?
"See ye, that is blind mischievousness, and the bad consequence thereof not my will, but the immutable law of my eternal order, which can neither be both locally and specifically, nor with even less probability generally overridden! Or do you think that I should therefore remove the destructive heat from such a fool, who throws himself into a fire and should thereby suffer no damage?! Or should I remove from water what makes it water and mankind must most preferably suffocate in the same, in case that either imprudently or by force someone falls into it?

"Behold, this is blind wantonness, and its evil consequence is not due to My will, but to the immutable law of My eternal order, which can be suspended neither in specific locations nor in any way generally.‘

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