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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  2000 Years & Beyond
 Environmental Damage

Deforestation and pollution of the atmosphere.


[G 06/109:1 on]
(The Lord:)"Look at the mountains full of forests and shrubs. Behold, these absorb a suitable number of all the nature spirits (electricity, magnetic fluid) compatible with them. Go and deforest all the mountains and you will soon become aware of the most dire consequences.

Thereby great masses of free, very crude nature spirits will begin to more and more fill the atmosphere above the whole earth. Since these do not find a suitable abode and sphere of activity, they will begin to cluster in great masses and, driven by their hunger and thirst (assimilative instinct), cause the worst, all-devastating gales and ruin entire countries to such an extent that in a hundred, often a thousand years nothing will be growing there but here and there a moss plant. Thus there are to this very day on the wide world places extending for many leagues which are as bare of vegetation as the desolate, barren limestone on the shores of the Dead Sea in Lower Palestine into which the river Jordan is flowing.

Well, is that perhaps My will? Oh no! Where men must have freedom of will and freedom of action so that they can become human beings also in spirit, I Myself do not interfere no matter how foolishly they may act. All I do is allow them to reach, unperturbed, that which they have so eagerly striven for as if their lifes happiness depended on it. It does not make any difference to Me whether the consequences are good or bad. What they create they get. Although I know what will happen afterwards, I can - and must - not intervene with My omnipotence; for if I do that, man ceases to be a man. He is then nothing else but an animated machine and can be of no value forever, either for himself or for Me.

Of course, the will can be regulated through all kinds of precepts and laws; but neither precept nor law can prevent the free will from carrying out what it wants to do. If the will of man wants to adopt a precept and a law as a guideline for his actions, he will abide by it spontaneously without any inner coercion; but if he does not want to do this, no power on earth and in heaven can - and must - force him into it. For, as I said, without a free will man is no longer a man but purely an animated machine. In the course of time men will also invent machines which will perform very highly skilled tasks which nowadays hardly anyone is able to carry out.

But man can, out of himself, do whatever he likes, and no one can prevent him from doing it. Thus, man can do what he likes with the earth that carries and nourishes his body; and only the consequences will teach him whether his will was good or evil.

Therefore, every human being possesses reason and, issuing from that, intellect. He can become enlightened through precept, worldly laws and every kind of experience and then choose spontaneously what is good, right and true and determine his course of action accordingly. With all this he suffers no coercion, since he himself chooses freely what he has recognized as good, right and true.

The self-judgement of men.

Now we can see daily in hundreds of instances that people, usually for the sake of gaining some temporal advantage, often spurn what they have recognized as good, right and true and act to the contrary. This is further proof that the freedom of the human will cannot be endangered and curtailed through anything. It is quite possible that as time goes by people make great inventions and thereby begin to affect the nature of the earth, which must in the end spring a real leak. Of course, the result of this will not be pleasant and appear as a sure punishment for the wrongly applied will; yet all this will not be intended by Me but will be a consequence of mans will.

If men want another Deluge, let them drain - and dig through - the mountains, and they will thereby unlock the subterranean water reservoirs. If they want to see the whole earth aflame, let them destroy all the forests. As a result of this the nature spirits (electricity) will increase, so much so that the earth will suddenly become enveloped by an ocean of fire and lightning. Would it then be also My wish to punish the earth through fire? Therefore, do teach men to be wise, lest they bring about their own judgment. But, although I know that these events will happen, I can and must not intervene through My omnipotence, but only through the precept."

Atmospheric pollution

"And when the end will have come for mankind of this world - not for the earth though - things will be similar. At that time men will not be digging into mountains, right to their foundations, as did the Hanochites in their search for gold and gems, nor will they have to fight the Romans; but with the help of all kinds of machines driven by the power of fire, they will begin to penetrate the inner parts of the earth through unimaginably deep shafts and holes whereby masses of highly combustible gases will be coming to the surface. And once the atmospheric air will have been saturated with such gases, they will ignite almost all around the earth and burn everything to cinder.

Only few people will survive, but those who do will then also be of sterling worth. These will then be inhabiting a completely renewed earth and you, as well as many who will be coming and be awakened after you in My name, will be their teachers and guides. From then on My Kingdom will spread all over this earth, and the sun-dwellers will associate with My children on this renewed earth in full equality and mature in the love of My true children.

What I have now told you, keep to yourselves, for at the present time also a clear knowledge of all this would not be of benefit to anyone for his salvation. When the time is right, I Myself will inform the people of all this in detail, when they will be able to bear a deeper knowledge."

Well, dear reader, dont you think the "time was right" when the New Revelation was given.

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