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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Jesus and the Jews
 Jesus about the Temple

GGJ.01 chapter 146 brings the Lord‘s first meeting with the toll collector Kisjonah who is faithfully devoted to Him and his formal conversion; also the growing anger of the Pharisees and orthodox Jews about the Lord‘s associating with "such rabble".

Beginning with Chapter 147.7 the story once more follows the Gospel of Matthew 11, 15-30. When the Pharisees reward the aid unselfishly rendered them by the toll collector with glaring imprecations against the Sabbath desecrater, Kisjonah turns to the Lord:

[GGJ.01:147.6] "Lord, what is to be done with these fools? I want to do good to them and they curse me for it. Do tell me whether God listens to the curse of such fools to the cursed person‘s detriment?"

Say I: "Oh yes, but not to the detriment of the ones cursed by them, but only of the cursers. Who has ears to hear, let him hear. (Matt. 11, 15) I  will tell you how things actually are with them. Do you think they observe the Sabbath because this was bid by Moses? Or do you think they fast because of that?

I tell you: In their hearts Moses and the prophets are not worth three stater, but they wish to be seen as Aaron‘s worthy successors by the people who pay the tithe and good money.

How can I describe this miserable generation? Are they not like the little children sitting in the market-place and calling out to their playmates (Matt. 11, 16): ‘We piped for you and you would not dance; we wailed and you would not cry.‘ (Matt. 11, 17) But I do here not regard the Pharisees and orthodox Jews as such little children, but those who are here with us, for they are the ones who yesterday wanted in their heart to keep these fools and total deniers of God here, and the fools have scoffed at them and Me. The sailors wanted to take them across the Sea to Capernaum since there was a good wind, but these fools did not trust the sailors. They went, and a bad storm drove them again back here. Now you have invited them to lunch, and they curse you.

You dear little children who are here before Me sitting at the true market of life, I tell you: Do not pipe to these fools any longer, for they are lame in their spirit and, therefore, do not want to dance. Thus also refrain from wailing, for their hearts are stones and have no moisture.

John, about whom we talked so much yesterday and to whom I bore a most fair witness, came and led such an austere life that he hardly ate and drank anything except for locusts and wild honey which he laboriously got himself from earth holes. And these people, as well as others of this kind of rabble, told him to his face that he was possessed by the devil (Matt. 11, 18) who fed and supported him by night.

And has not John piped and wailed more than enough like no one before him? But behold, - these and many of their kind would neither dance nor cry.

Now the long since promised Son of Man has come into the world in Me. This one eats and drinks. And what do they say now? Yesterday you heard it yourselves what they thought of Me when they shouted: ‘Look at him! A glutton and a drunkard and, besides, a friend of tax-collectors and sinners.‘

But I tell you: Such wisdom has to have itself justified by its children (Matt. 11, 19), that is, its own children declare them to be fools, and thus the wisdom with which they have served us has become justified in its children; but so has Mine, for its children recognize and accept it, and thereby both kinds of wisdom, the false and the true, have been sufficiently justified."

Then the Pharisees and orthodox Jews stood up and said to Me: "Beware, you are still a Jew! We have the law and the right to destroy you as an arrant heretic."

In Chapter 1:148 follows the Lord‘s reprimand for Chorazin, Bethsaida and Capernaum (Matt. 11, 20-24).

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