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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  God‘s plan

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life


 The Disintegration of Matter

  • The future transformation of the material worlds into spiritual worlds.
  • God‘s children and God‘s created beings.
  • The end of matter.

[GGJ 05:111]
(The Lord:) "Therefore, I tell you: He who will, already here, or at least in the beyond, seek, find, recognize and then love Me above all and his neighbour patiently and with all his might as himself, will be My child, that is, My son and My daughter. However, he who does not seek, find, recognize and love Me and is also without love for his fellowman, will never become My child. For My children must be perfect just as I, as their true Father, am perfect.

But the children of the world, who later are quite likely going to be purified, will remain inhabitants of those worlds and communities for which they are suitable and in which they were purified. Yet they will never be free to enter the eternal Father‘s house in the centre of the innermost heaven as are My true children who, together with Me, will be judging the whole of infinity forevermore.

After the predicted last, great purification the earth will, like now, carry many people. Yet these future human beings will be by far better than those at present and will at all times have My living word.

But when, after eons of time, the earth will have released all its prisoners, it will in the sun‘s sea of light be transformed into a spiritual earth. For the lowest husk and shell which previously accommodated the living spirits and souls is like pumice; although it is no longer an actual lifeelement, it is still a heavy and broken organic matter harbouring the lowest kind of spirits under judgment.

What happens to the substratum once all intelligent life has freed itself from it? Shall it float around in endless space as a burnt-out lump of pumice, completely dead and without a further destiny? Or should - or could - it still be of use in the sphere of the living spirits that are being perfected in many various ways? Yes, it shall be of use, for nothing can be dead and without destiny in the endlessness of space which is also My Kingdom and My everlasting dwelling-place. Speaking of destiny, however, one must unerringly refer to a spiritualeternal one, since there can be no such thing as a materialeternal destiny.

Since all matter is something spatially and temporally separate and limited, it can certainly have only a temporal destiny. However, once it has, during a certain period of time, fulfilled its destiny and as a medium served a higher life-purpose but has now become brittle, porous and full of holes, thus totally useless for another, similar purpose although it had previously been a useful and sound vessel serving a certain purpose, the question is: What can now become of the pumice?

Look at a bucket by a well that has for many years served for drawing water. What will become of it? Can it still be used for drawing water now that it is completely worn and full of holes? No, it will be removed and burnt. It is thereby completely dissolved into smoke, air and some ashes which, however, through the humidity of the atmosphere are also dissolved into a simple kind of air. Only then can it again serve as a good substratum for the actual spiritual essence. Even if it does not again become one and the same water-bucket it can, nevertheless, again be turned into a very tender and light husk which can become a carrier of the living water out of Me."

GGJ 05:112

(The Lord:) "That which through men‘s reasoning happens - or is sure to happen - to the old water-bucket, will also happen in the distant future to the earth as well as to all other worlds, even the primordial central suns. They will become completely spiritual worlds carrying and harbouring the blessed spirits. However, such worlds will then not only be inhabited on the surface but to a greater extent within, namely, in inner life-temples corresponding to all their former organic-material forms.

Only then will men as perfected spirits learn thoroughly about the inner nature of the worlds that once carried them; and there will be no end to their joy and wonderment over their exceedingly wonderful and complex inner organic structure from the smallest to the largest organs.

The small planets that have no light of their own, such as this earth, its moon, the so-called Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and still other similar planets belonging to this sun, including the many comets - which later also become planets carrying human beings, partly through an actual union with a planet already carrying humans, and partly in their own right as matured planets -, all these will dissolve in the sun, after - by your concepts - eons of time.

The sun and its many companions will dissolve in their special central sun. These central suns, which can be of an enormous age and for which one eon (decillion times decillion) of earth years is what for this earth is one year, will dissolve in the central suns of the super galaxies, which suns, in their over-all proportions - to express it in the Arabic way - are, of course, 1000 000 X 1000 000 times larger again. These central suns of the super galaxies again will dissolve in the central suns of the supersuper galaxies, which suns are again in the same proportion larger. These central suns of the super-super galaxies will finally be dissolved in the one primordial central sun whose physical dimensions, by your standards, are truly immeasurable.

But where, then, will this primordial central sun find its final dissolution? In the fire of My will! And out of this final dissolution all the world globes will revert, though spiritually, to their previous order and service and will then spiritually last forever and ever in all their splendor, magnitude and wondrosness.

Of course, you must not imagine all this to happen tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow; but picture in your mind‘s eye all the grains of sand on the earth and imagine that each is one earth year, and the resulting years would hardly be sufficient to account for the duration of the material earth. It is impossible to imagine the much longer existence of the sun and, much less, that of one of the central suns of the first order, the central suns of the second order, let alone the for you immeasurable duration of the central suns of the supersuper galaxies, or even of a primordial central sun, - and this all the less because the suns will keep bringing forth new worlds, the central suns new planetary suns and the primordial central suns whole legions of suns of every kind.

But, although these large worlds have existed for eons of time, in the distant future this time will come to an end and another period of creation will have taken its course and be completed. After that, a new creation will begin in an endlessly remote region of the space of creation. And you will be taking an active part in this, as well as in countless others following it, - but only as My true children.

For he who will not, by taking the prescribed road, attain to the sonship of God will, as a perfected, wise and after all blissful being, remain on his own spiritual earth, live and be active there and even visit other neighbouring spiritual worlds -, but he will not be capable of going beyond that and will not feel the active urge towards something more sublime.

But My children will always be around Me, thinking, feeling, willing and acting in accord with Me. In this will lie the immensely great difference between My true children and the blissful beings who are endowed with reason and intellect. Therefore, do take good care, so that you will in days to come be considered worthy and fit to be My children!"

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