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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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The Father within Me is eternal love.

GGJ 06:230,2

 The Seven Spirits of God

The three principal spirits of God.
  • LOVE. It is His first and foremost spirit. God‘s love creates through the aim of giving happyness the "light" within it and thus divine
  • WISDOM. Finally Love and wisdom whish to realize their creational thoughts and thus awaken the effective
  • WILLPOWER and might, called the Holy Spirit. It is present throughout infinity.
In addition to the three principal Spirits there are
  • ORDER - it gives the creation purpose and form,
  • EARNEST - for existence, growth and reproduction,
  • PATIENCE - it guarantees peaceful maturation of created beings 
  • MERCY - which helps even beings opposed to God and almost lost and eventually leads them into perfection.
Revealed and explained by the Lord.
[Household of God, HHG.2, 252]

Here the Father rose and said to Enoch: "To you, My Enoch, it shall be given to learn and grasp the great secret of My Kingdom, but to none other than you.

"And so seal these words within you which I shall now say to you; for only you and no one else shall grasp their meaning until the great Time of times, - but the world shall be smitten with blindness to the end.

"And so hear: Love and Life are one thing - and yet two; Love being the cause and Life the effect. Thus also Light and Wisdom are one and yet again two: Light the cause and Wisdom the effect.

"From Love and Life also a third issues, and this is Will, which is the mighty spirit. And from Light and Wisdom also a third goes forth, and this is Order, which forms all things and determines their final purpose.

"And out of Love and Life and out of Light and Wisdom goes forth the spirit of all holiness, and this is the Word from the mouth of God.

"This Word is itself essence and is the primordial substance from which all things were originally created.

"Now, looking at the essence of Love and of Life and the Will issuing from the two, and at the essence of Light and Wisdom and the Order going forth from both and, finally, at the holiness going forth from all the former or the essence of the eternal Word out of God‘s mouth, you have the Seven Spirits which all issue tom Love, and Love itself is the first spirit going forth from itself, the other six going forth simultaneously from Love, yet being one with it from eternity.

"But Love and Life can become separated and then Love is like a lump of ice without warmth; but Life on its own becomes a free fire which finds a bearable release in destruction.

"Thus also Light and Wisdom can be separated; the Light is then as it were dead in the destructive fire, and Wisdom becomes night, deceit, error and lie.

"So also the Word going forth from Love and Life and from Light and Wisdom can be separated essentially.

"That this is possible, the entire creation shows you where you may observe all the aforementioned divisions; they have all been effected by Me and I am their First Cause, and the ultimate purpose of it all is: The life-test or the incessant exercising and strengthening for eternal life.

"And behold, despite all these divisions I am nevertheless undivided in the full possession of all My Spirits!

"Thus it will also be in the great Time of times when the eternal Word as the essential First Cause of all things will Itself assume flesh in which will dwell My essence in all its fullness.

"My world will kill the flesh; but God, eternal Love, in His fullness indwelling the flesh, will soon re-animate the flesh and then the fullness of God will live forever in His incarnated Word as a Man before His created beings who will see Him and speak to Him as to a true Brother.

"Only this God-Man will bring to all of you true eternal life; until then you will only live a life separated from My love.

"Behold, this is the meaning of My words; do grasp it, but no one else besides you, and the world - not till the end! Amen."


Raphael on the same subject.

Instructed by the Lord Jesus, archangel Raphael gives Lazarus an account of the seven spirits in God.
[GGJ.07/018,02 on]

"The great primordial spirits are really the thoughts in God and the ideas going forth from them.

The mystical number seven is to be understood as that which is completely and primordially divine and godlike in every thought going forth from God and in every idea conceived and as if set out of Him.

The First Spirit in God is Love. This is found in all created things: for without it nothing would have been created.

The Second Spirit is Wisdom, as the light going forth from love. This, too, you can see in the form of every being; for, to the more light a being responds, the more developed, definite and beautiful will also be its form.

The Third Spirit, going forth from love and wisdom, is the effective Will of God through which the envisaged beings become a reality, so that they can really be and exist. Otherwise all the thoughts and ideas of God would be the same as your empty thoughts and ideas, which are never put into action.

The Fourth Spirit, issuing in turn from the three, is called Order. Without this order no being could have a permanent and lasting form and, therefore, never a definite purpose. For if you harnessed an ox to a plough and it changed its form and shape, say, into a fish or a bird, would you ever achieve a purpose with it? Or suppose you wanted to eat a fruit and it turned into a stone before your mouth, - what good would the fruit be to you? Or you walked somewhere on a firm road, and the road turned into water under your feet, - could even the firmest road be of any use to you? - Look, all this - and inexpressibly more - is prevented through divine order, as the Fourth Spirit in God.

The Fifth Spirit in God is called Divine Earnest, without which nothing would have any permanence, because this is equal to the eternal truth in God and gives all beings true stability, reproductive power, growth and eventual perfection. Without such a Spirit in God all beings would still be in a very bad way. They would resemble mirages, which appear to be real while they are visible; but only too soon do the conditions for their presence change because there is no earnest in them, and the beautiful and miraculous images fade into nothingness. They seem to be well arranged but, since there is no earnest in their foundation, they are nothing but empty and very transient apparitions which cannot possibly last.

See, there we have already the five great primordial Spirits in God; let us now turn to the last two, and so listen to me.

Where supreme love, supreme wisdom, the almighty will, the most perfect order and the firmest, unchangeable earnest are present, there must obviously be also supreme and eternally incomparable Patience. For without this everything would be precipitated and, finally, end in the inextricable chaos of the ancient sages.

When an architect builds a house he must, besides all his qualifications, have patience, too; for if he lacks this believe me - he will never succeed in building that house.

I tell you: If God did not possess this Spirit, no sun would have been shining to an earth in infinite space for eons and in the world of spirits it would look most peculiar, - quite unreal. Patience is the mother of God‘s eternal, unchangeable mercy. And were it not for this sixth Spirit in God, where and what would all beings be before Almighty God?

If we do wrong in some way and thereby obviously expose ourselves to the devastating curse of divine love, wisdom and divine will, followed - evidently because of the preceding order - by His earnest, we are confronted with divine patience which must - and does - gradually restore the balance once more; for without this all ever so perfect beings would be subjected to the eternal judgment of doom.

Divine patience, together with the preceding five Spirits in God, would, indeed, create on the heavenly bodies one or even counthless human beings and also maintain them; but in that case an individual, or untold numbers of human beings, would live on for eons in the heavy flesh, and there would never be a final liberation of the soul from the shackles of matter. At the same time animals and plants, as well as men, would continue to multiply and in the end would populate the limited space on a globe so densely that no one would be able to make way for another. This is only assuming that a heavenly body under the control of infinite, divine patience, ever did mature to a state in which it could carry and keep plants, animals and human beings. Indeed, even the creation of a material world would be an infinitely slow process if it depended solely on the six already mentioned Spirits, and it would be very doubtful if a world would ever materializf,.

However, patience, as said before, is the mother of divine mercy and, thus, the Seventh Spirit in God is that very Mercy which we may also call meekness. This accomplishes everything. It directs all the preceding Spirits and within the proper time brings about the maturing of a world with all its creatures. It allocates a certain life-span to everything, and the matured spirits can look forward to an easy and complete deliverance and will be able to enter into their eternal freedom and the fullest independence.

It is this seventh Spirit in God that made God Himself take on the human flesh, thereby to deliver, in the shortest possible time, all the imprisoned spirits from the hard bonds imposed by the necessary judgment of matter. This is why His act of salvation - the new creation of the heavens and worlds - can be called God‘s greatest act because therein all the Seven Spirits of God play an equal part, which prior to it had not quite been the case nor could it have been due to the Spirit of Order in God. Formerly this Seventh Spirit in God, now introduced to you, cooperated with the other Spirits only to the extent that thereby all the thoughts and ideas of God became realities; but from now on it works more powerfully, and the result is complete salvation.

These are the Seven Spirits in God that you could not comprehend, and all that was created out of the Seven Spirits in God corresponds in each and everything to these Seven Spirits and contains them within. And the forever continuing creation and equally continuing act of creating is what the ancient sages of this earth used to call "the Wars of Jehovah".


The fights - or wars - of the Spirits
(Raphael:) "Just as the Seven Spirits, or special attributes, in God are continually in conflict because one always provokes the other to activity, thus you can easily observe the same conflict more or less in all God‘s creatures.

Love by itself is blind, and it always strives to draw everything to itself. But in this striving it ignites, and now there is light within it and, therefore, understanding and cognition.

Can you now see how the light fights against the solitary effort of pure love and calls it to order and to its senses? From this conflict - or war - there arises at the same time the will, as the active arm of love and its light, putting into practice what the light has wisely arranged.

At the same time, through love‘s understanding thanks to its light and through the combined power of the two, order is called forth and, henceforth, fights against any disorder through the light and the will of love. And there you have again a forever continuing War of Jehovah within Him and within all created beings.

All this would be quite in order if one could only be sure that what the four Spirits have brought about so nicely arranged would thereby already have permanence. But the ever so magnificent works of the first four Spirits still resemble the plays of children, who with great pleasure and joy build something very efficiently, yet soon after no longer enjoy their work and destroy it more eagerly than they originally created it. And truly, friend, there it would still look very bad regarding the permanency of all created things.

To prevent this from happening, there arises out of the four Spirits - actually because it liked the great perfection of the works - the earnest, as a Fifth Spirit in God and His created beings, and this Spirit then fights against the destruction and annihilation of the once created works, much as a sensible and serious man who has, for instance, built himself a house and laid out a vineyard will do everything to maintain and make use of the house and the vineyard and not destroy them soon after, as I have shown you in the example of the contrived playthings of children. And look, this is - as said before - again a War of Jehovah.

However, as time goes by, the erected house shows faults and the vineyard still does not yield the expected harvest. Then the builder regrets having taken so much trouble and spent so much effort due to his earnest. Therefore, he would like to destroy the whole project and replace it with something quite new and different; but then the Sixth Spirit which - as already shown - is called patience, stands up to such earnest and, look, this then preserves house and vineyard. And that is again another War of Jehovah.

Well, patience by itself, or also combined with the preceding spirits, would hardly undertake any improvements to either house or vineyard and would let things slide along. But there comes the Seventh Spirit, namely, mercy which encompasses gentleness, concern, industry, active love and generosity and, look, now the man repairs his house so well that it no longer shows any faults worth mentioning, and he cultivates and manures the vineyard so that it soon yields a good harvest. And this is once more a conflict or a War of Jehovah in man as well as in God and in angel.

Thus, the true, perfect life in God, in the angel and in man is a continuous conflict of the Seven Spirits described to you. Now this conflict is in God and the angel not such as if one or the other of the Seven Spirits would try to suppress and inactivate the other spirits, but the conflict is forever aimed at one spirit supporting the other with all its might so that each spirit is then fully contained in the other. Thus, love is within the other six spirits and light or wisdom is within love and the other five spirits and so forth, so that in each individual spirit all the others are present, forever supporting each other in complete harmony."


Raphael continues: "In man it should also be the same but, unfortunately, is not. This ability has been given every human being, without ever being fully developed and practised. Only few people activate the seven spirits within them to a full and equal activity thereby becoming truly like God and us angels of God; but - as I said - many have turned away from it and do not bother much and, therefore, do not recognize the true secret of life within them at all. Such blind and half-dead people are then unable to recognize the underlying purpose of life because they let themselves be guided and dominated only by one or the other of the seven spirits.

Thus, one lives purely out of the spirit of love and completely ignores the other spirits. Such a man is then nothing else but a voracious beast of prey that is never satisfied. People like that are always full of self-love, full of envy and greed and hard of heart toward all their fellowmen. -

Again others possess an enlightened love, are therefore rather wise and able to teach their fellowmen good things; but they have a weak will and are unable to really accomplish something.

Then there are others in whom the spirits of love, wisdom and will are quite active; but with the spirit of order and the proper earnest it does not look too good. This kind of people will be able to talk intelligently, sometimes even rather wisely, and here and there they may also be able to accomplish something; but the person who is truly wise through all the seven spirits will soon gather from their words, talk and acts that these lack order and coherence.

And there are also people who possess love, light, will and order, but they lack the spirit of earnest. As a result they are timid and faint-hearted and seldom able to make their works fully effective.

Others again are also full of earnest and courage, but do not have much patience. Such people usually act too rashly and often spoil with their impatient zeal more than they do good. Yes, friend, without proper patience there is no achievement; for he who lacks patience pronounces his own death sentence. Man has to wait until the grape is completely ripe if he wants to reap a good harvest. If he does not want to wait, he has but himself to blame if instead of a delicious wine he has produced only a sour, undrinkable one.

Thus, patience is a necessary spirit in everything: Firstly, in controlling and giving direction to the spirit 1 called earnest that often is inclined to overstep its boundaries, because it may, combined with love, wisdom and will, degenerate into extreme pride which, as you know, tends to become unlimited in a person; and secondly, because patience is above all, as 1 have already explained to you, the mother of the spirit of mercy, and it is this latter spirit that affects all the preceding ones by giving them the divine-spiritual perfection and also helps the human soul to attain to the full and true rebirth in the spirit.

This is the reason why the Lord Himself urged all of you to love God and your neighbour, adding: ‘Be merciful, as also your Father in Heaven is merciful, and be meek and humble, as also 1 am meek and humble with all My heart!‘

Thus, the Lord bade you men develop above all the Seventh Spirit because in this last spirit all the preceding ones are contained and being developed. Therefore, he whp,zealously develops and strengthens this last spirit develops and strengthens also the preceding ones and has taken the shortest and surest road to perfection. However, he who begins his development with one or several of the preceding spirits will attain to the full perfection of life only with great effort, or not at all, because these earlier spirits do not contain the Seventh Spirit, whereas the latter does contain all the ones preceding it.

And behold, therein consists continuously the fall of the angels or the thoughts and ideas out of God - which we may call the forces constantly flowing from God -, so long as they in their entirety in man‘s nature have failed to develop the Seventh Spirit within them to true and supreme perfection. For all the preceding spirits have been partly given, more or less freely, to almost all created beings, whereas the Seventh Spirit must be won by man himself with much diligence and zeal.

And as only by acquiring this spirit do all the preceding six gain their life‘s true significance and true purpose, the whole man does only through it win the fullest freedom and independence of life. - And now I ask you whether you have understood all this."

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