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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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When I seem to say the least I say most - And where I seem to say the most, I just say as much as you can bear.


 Why the Temple rejected Jesus

Jesus explains the reasoning of the Temple leaders for rejecting Him:

The eternal Word, thus God himself, has now become flesh in a human, and this way the Father came to His children but they did not recognize Him. He came into His own and they would not accept Him as the only true and eternal Father.

However, there are still many who accept Him as what He really is, and cling in love to Him, Jews and heathens, and the heathens even more then the Jews; And therefore according to His word the light will be taken from the Jews and handed to the heathens.

[GEJ 09:052,03]

They spoke: “We have Moses and the prophets, both of whom we have read; what more do we need then? What do we need from you, you who violate the Sabbath and barely respect both Moses and the prophets, by not keeping his commandments? Isn‘t it enough that we both read and study the Scriptures and write terribly long explanations about these? What else do you want from us for some other, God-worthier activity?

"Isn‘t God a spirit, whose nature one should not imagine via any picture? How should one both well honor and praise this One more worthily, then by reading His word, which He spoke through both Moses and the prophets, which one continually reads from beginning to end and explains the same to both Himself and to others, so that God in His desire is always understood ever more clearly?

"What are you making of yourself? We have Abraham as the Father, moreover Moses and the prophets; are you then more than they? What do you want to teach us, which they might not have taught us?

"What is then a humans’ act of love before God? It is nothing except a vain thought. Humans cannot do anything; because all energy lives within God alone. Therefore, you are a wrong teacher, a false prophet and are an inciter of people!

"We have the Scripture from the alpha to the omega within our head; isn‘t this activity enough? Or shouldn‘t we study the Scripture and thereby pay a small respect to the holy gift, which the Lord God Zebaoth transmitted to us through both Moses and the prophets?

"You are one of those, who strives against Divine will and passes yourself nevertheless off as both a teacher and a prophet of God! Hasn’t it however been written that any false prophet and witch are both to be punished with death by fire?

"This common carpenter’s son, who hardly understands how to read and is just as barely capable of writing his own name, ventures to teach us old writing scholars a lesson, which strives exactly straight against Moses’ spirit, moreover to burden us!“

As you see, these are a lot of retorts, according to those, which had come into His property, which were not accepted by the His chosen people.

Why? Because His chosen people, just as it had also been written, did not recognize Him!
However, why didn‘t they recognize Him? Because they were only pure readers and memorizers, however never were doers of the Word of God.

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