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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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When I seem to say the least I say most - And where I seem to say the most, I just say as much as you can bear.


 Jesus‘ Second Coming

When will it be?
How will it be? 

GGJ.09, chapters 70 and 71: The disciples, who in spite of many explanations previously given by the Lord on His Second Coming still have only a very vague notion about it, have asked the Lord to instruct them further on the subject, and this is the Lord‘s patiently given reply:

"No one knows the time and the hour but I alone, and he to whom I shall reveal it."


 "I cannot tell you the year, day and hour of My coming because everything on this Earth depends on the absolutely free will of men. Therefore, no angel in heaven knows this either, only the Father and he to whom He wants to reveal it.

Besides, to know this ahead in all detail is not of any particular advantage to the salvation of the soul.

The day of My advent will be like a flash of lightning, flashing across the cloudy sky from east to west, illuminating everything under the sky. However, prior to this the Son of Man will suffer greatly and be completely rejected by this generation, namely, the Jews and Pharisees and, in later times, by those called the new Jews and Pharisees."
A new faith will prevail
[GGJ 09/089,01-11]
The Lord Jesus to His disciples: "Concerning My question as to the state of faith with mankind in the still distant future - when the Son of Man will return to this Earth the way it was repeatedly explained to you - I tell you that, generally, He shall find less living faith than today. In those times men shall achieve a lot under the twigs and greatly extended branches of the tree of knowledge mainly through incessant research and calculation in many sciences and arts and they shall accomplish marvels with the powers of the Earth which are unknown to the men of today. And they shall say: ‘look, that is God - there is no other!‘

Thus, the faith of these people will be practically zero. So, when I return, I shall find no faith anymore with these people! But another quite sizeable part of mankind will find themselves in a much thicker and darker idolatrous superstition than all heathens of the world today. They, for quite some time, will have their teachers, representatives and protectors in the erstwhile mighty and powerful of the world; but well equipped with all sciences and arts the children of the world will forcefully suppress the sinister superstitions putting the great and mighty of the world to their considerable embarrassment. The reason being that the ordinary people forcefully held in blindness by scientists and artists of all kinds and categories will start to discover that they were held in bondage for the fame and life of luxury of the great and mighty. And when I come, I shall not find faith with them either.

At the time of the great darkness I would not find faith because they were the most ignorant and blind subjects of their rulers who knew exactly to which ends those totally blind were useful and that those who saw would never put up with what the totally blind accepted. However, once the eyes of the blind are opened by science and knowledge as well, they will become followers of the ones who freed them mainly from the bondage of the great and mighty; and so when I come and say: ‘Listen, you peoples of the Earth, I have come back to you again and will show you once more the right paths to achieve eternal life for your souls!‘ what will these people lacking all faith say

They will answer Me: ‘Friend, whoever you are, forget about that old spent and, fortunately, evaporated foolishness for which streams of innocent blood were shed, since the time it came about! If the so called Good Father in Heaven, whom we do not know and for whom we now have no yearning anymore, is such a big friend of blood, He may easily turn the big ocean into blood and enjoy it. We, however, don‘t need anything of such a life doctrine, which brought just plain hell to our meagre Earth instead of the promised kingdom of God. We now stick to science and art of all kinds and categories and much prefer to live a peaceful and quiet life than to fight for a doubtful heaven with all its blessings for which we have to endure innumerable sufferings and to shed streams of innocent blood.

That kind of talk by those erstwhile people would make My question whether I shall find faith at My return to Earth quite justifiable.

But, you say to yourself, who‘s fault will it be? Perhaps hell? Lord, then, just eliminate it! Or perhaps the false and selfish prophets under the cover of which all kinds of great and mighty will sprout like mushrooms in moist soil and cover the earth with war everywhere and torture the people? Lord, don‘t allow the false prophets to emerge in Your name! But if You yourself do want it that way, You‘d have to accept that You will find no faith among the people upon your return to this Earth!

I, however, say to that: From the point of view of short sighted human reasoning this is pretty correct and little can be argued against it from the worldly and human perspective. But God, being the creator and eternal preserver of all things and beings, does have entirely different views and plans with all He has created out of Himself. And thus He knows best why He tolerates this and that among the people of this Earth.

Only in the end all superstition will be eliminated from the face of the Earth with the weapons of sciences and arts and still the free will of nobody will in any way be affected. Over time that will truly result in a total void of faith among men. But this condition will last just a short while.

At that time I will bless the old tree of knowledge and through it the tree of life within man will regain its former force and that way there will only be one shepherd and one flock.

Who has understood this will understand My question whether I shall find faith in that time on Earth like today. Such faith like today I shall surely not find in these future times - but a different one! What it will consist of you cannot imagine now; nevertheless it will happen like I foretold you now.

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