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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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God is a three-in-one being ike every human.

 Refusing a Humble Messiah

[GGJ 01/005,13]
(Source: The Word 6, 1990)
Why did the Jews especially the Pharisees and Scribes fail to perceive the Messiah, the personified Jahweh in Jesus? We find the answer in the Great Gospel, vol 1/5,13 on: 

What a most humble witness John bears before the priests and Levites, since he is quite aware Who had come to the earth in Christ. But what is that to the so worldly wise priesthood! They ignored John‘s truest testimony, for they did not care for a humble, poor and unpretentious Messiah, but wanted one to whom everyone would succumb in fear and terror. 

At his first appearance - naturally nowhere else but in Jerusalem - descending visibly from heaven shining more brilliantly than the sun, accompanied by myriads of angels and taking residence only in the temple, the Messiah would have to immediately abolish and destroy all the then existing potentates, also promptly render the Jews completely immortal, provide them with all the money on earth and fling at least some hundreds of apparently superfluous mountains with thunderous noise into the sea, at the same time also executing the poor, dirty rabble! Then they would have believed in Him and said: "Lord, you are so terribly strong and mighty; all have to bow deeply before you and throw themselves into the dust, and the high priest is not worthy to unloose your shoe‘s latchets." 

But Christ came to earth quite poor, insignificant and apparently weak, did not work any sign before the eyes of the prominent for almost 30 years. He worked hard as a carpenter with Joseph and frequented the company of the lower classes. How could, in the eyes of the proud and so very wise Jews, that be the so long awaited Messiah? Away with such a blasphemer, such a magician who accomplishes his feats with the help of the chief devil! Such an uncouth and vulgar carpenter who somewhere with the help of Satan has learnt to practise magic, who walks about barefoot, is a friend of the lowest rabble and walks around with them, accepts harlots and eats and drinks in the company of publicly known sinners thereby plainly opposing the law, - how could be possibly be the Christ, the promised Messiah?
This was the opinion of the eminent and wise Jews about Me during My full presence in the flesh on earth. And exactly the same view is still today held concerning Me by millions, who will on no account even hear of a meek, condescending God Who keeps His word. 

Firstly, their God has to dwell high above the firmament and because of His infinite sublimity hardly exists. He is not expected to create lesser things than suns if He wants to be a worthy God. 

Secondly, He may not dare to assume any form, least of all a human form, but has to be some incomprehensible absurdity. 

Thirdly, if Christ could possibly be God, He may make Himself known through the inner, living word only to members of the profession, to certain societies, councils, extraordinary pietists, zealots surrounded by a so-called halo and models of virtue, promptly endowing such a blessed one with the power to move mountains. Otherwise there cannot exist any divine messages or revelations by Christ. 

The Lord Jesus may never make Himself known to a layman or even a sinner, for in such a case the revelation is already under suspicion and is not accepted, just as I Myself was not accepted by the eminent Jews, because in their proud and ambitious eyes My appearing was by far not sufficiently divine and noble. 

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