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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Gen 1:1

 Lucifer - Satan

How much time did this period of ongoing creation and education take? Countless eons.
But one day - so to speak - the greatest of the primordial spirits, Lucifer (Latin for "Light bearer"), strayed from the recommended path and wanted to dethrone God, 

At the same time he took about one fifth of all minor spirits along on his path of disrespect and treason. 

The behavior of these rebels cut them off from the nourishing stream of love which emanates from God and they ‘condensed‘ into a deathlike torpor and decay represented by a pretty huge cloud of matter, similar to clouds arising from invisible steam through loss of warmth. A horrific judgment. 
or: the real "Big Bang".

Here, the word of the Lord: (GGJ.04:105)
"The original period during which God began to form the first spirits from His thoughts and ideas and make them independent lasted for almost countless eons. So much happened during this immensely long time in order that the free will of the primordial spirits might be perfected! And yet there were at the end of this endlessly long educational period still many who, although they did understand God‘s paths to a proper development, had no intention of voluntarily walking these paths. For the sake of a sooner to achieve benefit which however was only of short duration they strayed from the prescribed path of God‘s order and entered upon the road to their ruin."

God, however, did not destroy the strayed beings. He had mercy and assembled the gigantic cloud into suns, planets and galaxies and organized them into universes, units he calls ‘shell globes‘. The resulting cloud of universe globes which are also almost countless in number forms a inanimate human form representing Lucifer, the prodigal son.

The purpose: Teaching the trapped beings and giving them the chance to recognize their mistake and start an evolutionary process of salvation.

The Lord: "Behold, just as now people have become so material through self-love, arrogance and the there from resulting lust for power that for many thousands of years they will be unable to free themselves from this completely, there were once also primordial spirits who, because of the impulse they had been endowed with, had become too egotistic, selfish, proud and finally tyrannical. As a result of this they changed into matter.

They separated into principalities and took up positions in, for you, unimaginably great distances, each one averse to hearing, seeing or having any contact with another one, concentrating solely on their self-love. Through more and more passing into self-love and the thereby increasingly awakened arrogance and lust for power the countless life forms - by the law of gravity+ - contracted to an immense lump, and the material primordial central sun of a shell globe++ had come into being.

In infinite space there is a countless number of such shell globes in every one of which a primordial central sun serves countless galaxies as a center. [This has been fully confirmed by more recent scientific discoveries, ed.]. These primordial central suns are actually those shrunken primordial spirit principalities from which gradually all the other galaxies, secondary central suns, planetary suns, planets, moons and comets have gone forth.
How did this happen?

In the primordial central sun (within all shell globes) the pressure became too mighty for many of the great spirits. They ignited, glowing in their rage, freed themselves from the pressure and fled to vast distances away from their initial conglomerate (the expanding universes). For a while they floated in space, freely and harmlessly by themselves, without restraint, showing an inclination to pass voluntarily into the purely spiritual order. However, unable to rid themselves of the element of self-love, they began once more to shrink into a solid body, and thus central suns of the second order came into being in one or the other of the countless shell globes.

In these central suns of the second order, too, the principal spirits became angry, because of the increasing pressure, ignited and freed themselves in countless masses from the second conglomerate. They again showed an inclination to pass into the spiritual, but since in a while they were again very pleased with themselves, their material weight kept growing and they also shrunk into great lumps which became central suns of the third order.

Soon the same happened as with the former central suns. The higher spirits,‘as i_-hie ones Zewer in number, were gradually too mightily pressured by the still countless subordinate spirits. They soon became enraged again and in great numbers tore themselves away with great force from the mutual lump with the firm intention now at last to pass into the pure spiritual. 

For ages they floated in the vast spaces of creation as separate etheric vaporous masses. They enjoyed this freedom, remembering the mighty pressure they had had to bear. However, in this inactive freedom they evenaully became hungry and began to seek nourishment in space, thus, satiation from an external source. This they had to find, and they did (in other scattered vapourous masses of matter). For, desire is like a magnet which attracts all iron and minerals containing iron with irresistible force. And what was the consequence? They, too, began gradually to solidify, soon also self-love arose and the inevitable consequence was the shrinking into a mutual lump, This, of course, took always countless earth years.

However, what are eons of time before the eternal God? A seer of antiquity said: ‘A thousand years are like a day before God!‘ I tell you: A thousand times thousand years are hardly a moment before God. To an idler, out of boredom, hours become days and days years. To the diligent and always active person, hours become moments and weeks days. And God is from eternity incessantly active with an endless zeal, and as a result what for you are eons, must seem just like moments to Him.

From the last mentioned shrinkage there grew, and are still growing today, the planetary suns like the one shining upon your earth. Although this type of suns is much milder and gentler than the central suns, they still carry an immense mass of heavy matter as a consequence of the self-love of their eon times eons of spirits. In time the nobler and better spirits within this fire-ball find the pressure from the lower spirits, which have become all matter, again too heavy and unbearable. The result is the same as with the previous suns: Violence, eruptions upon eruptions, and the nobler spirits free themselves. Now there awakens within them the already quite serious will to pass into the pure spiritual by complying with the true order of God. Many conquer their innate urge to disobey and become primordial angels without first having to go through a life in the flesh.

However, some spirit principalities, having escaped from the planetary suns with the best intentions, do not succeed in completely freeing themselves from self-love and begin gradually to once more follow the original impulse placed into them. They soon become materially visible as vaporous comets with a long tail. What does the tail mean? It shows the hunger of the solidifying spirits and their great desire for material satiation. 

This desire draws suitable material nourishment from the ether and such a comet, as a conglomerate of spirits that have become very material, then wanders about in the vast ether-space for many thousands of years seeking nourishment like a ravening wolf. But through this imbibing and devouring the comet becomes denser and heavier. Eventually it is again attracted by the sun from which it has escaped insofar as it has to begin a regular revolution around it. Once it has to submit to such an order, it becomes a planet like this earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and others of this kind."

» The arrest of Satan.

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