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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Gen 1:1

 Spirit and Matter

Based on the ideas of the ancient Greek (Democritus etc.) English, French and German naturalists of Lorber‘s 19th century created the theory of the elements. Having discovered the basic rules of the elements (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, gold, iron etc.) and their behavior they quickly defined them as "Laws of Nature". This led automatically to the conclusion "No God seen, no God required" and "God is dead".

.The situation changed in the 20th century as more discoveries showed that things were not that simple. Constantly new atomic and sub-atomic particles were discovered. They had various characteristics and life spans. The atoms were not all "indivisible" but extremely complex. Some nuclear particles had strange behaviors so that the Swiss mathematician Herman Weyl is of the opinion that electrons are live agents, a living something corresponding to the ego of man.

Well, some 100 years before Weyl the inner word of violinist turned scribe Jakob Lorber told him that

- matter is divisible almost endlessly
- the elements are condensed thoughts of God
- all elements are spiritual entities which can perceive, have a will and can act.

We read in Lorber‘s "Earth and Moon" (ch. 27), written in 1847 and particularly revealing on the subject of creation:

"Whatever type of matter you may examine, you will not find it to be completely solid and indivisible. All matter is divisible, and to date no scientist has been able to determine into what smallest particles it may finally disintegrate. A grain of musk will, for instance, within a short time fill a whole large room with its odour. And even in many years it will not noticeably lose in volume or weight although each second millions of particles detach themselves from the piece to continuously keep filling the large room with its odour. Many more examples could be given, however, this one should suffice to convince you that all matter is actually divisible to a by human standards almost endless minimum and, therefore, must be composed of respectively tiniest particles."

"These minute parts are originally nothing else but a thought force out of Me, the Creator of all things. This thought force is given form and the form life from the Creator‘s life. He releases the newly animated form, giving it out of His primordial light a light of its own, i.e. its own intelligence. Through this the newly-animated form recognizes itself and becomes aware of itself as an independent being. Once this has happened, it is given order as a law of all existence, with this order the innermost fire of the Deity, a spark of eternal love; and from this goes forth the will. Now the new form of life has light [i.e., intellectual power, ed.], self-awareness, order and will and can arrange its will according to this order or against. it." [EM 27,03-07]

The Element "Sparks" - God‘s Thoughts

In ‘The Great Gospel‘ we hear more about these ‘element sparks‘ and how they came into being: 

"Behold, God‘s thoughts in an inexhaustible abundance, from eternity to eternity, are the actual elemental substances out of which all that was made on earth and in the heavens consists through the eternal might of the divine will." (GGJ.07:17,3)

"In His Spirit God is eternal and infinite and everything that comes into existence, from the smallest to the largest, represents the endless abundance of God‘s thoughts and ideas. He thinks them in the clearest light of His self-awareness, wants them to become a reality, and they are already that which they have to be initially." (GGJ.06:226,8)

"My eternally freest will is the law governing My thoughts and ideas which from eternity have within Me their existence, to be contemplated by Me alone. If, however, it pleases Me in My love to let them enter into a firm and independent existence, My wisdom sets My will for a law over My thoughts and ideas. Thereby they become realities, as if outside My Being, and they have to continue to exist as external, independent realities as long as My love and wisdom keep My will, as the law of all laws, suitably controlling them." (GGJ.08:37,7)

For scientists, especially of the vision-challenged nuclear physics discipline the Lords has advice:

"The scientists do have discovered certain fundamental forces within all matter like the power of attraction and repulsion. Also the tensile strength, the divisibility and penetrability of matter have been dealt with scientifically and classed among the basic properties of matter. However, if these scientists, as themselves living beings, had advanced just one step further and conceded a place to the all-pervading and all-dominating vital force, they would long since have advanced considerably in their knowledge and would not have needed to weigh and analyse ‘dead‘ forces, which is extremely foolish. They would immediately have come face to face with the fundamental condition of all existence and would have long ago recognized themselves and all solid matter from the only true viewpoint. But as it is, the living grope about in all the dead forces and are endeavouring to prove that the vital energy is composed of such dead forces.

Oh, what blindness! Can it be logical to regard an active energy as dead? Can there be anything more absurd than to base certain visible effects on a dead cause? This would be equal to completely rejecting a cause of some effect! If active energies are discovered within, or in connection with, matter, they are not dead, but live and intelligent forces. For without intelligence in one form or another an effect can be imagined as little as without an energy.

In the same way that the energy can be recognized from the effect, the intelligence of the energy may be recognized from the uniform, systematically arranged effect. Does not every plant grow in accordance with an easy to recognize inner plan? The same is the case with decay and with all phenomena which must be caused by energies. From this everyone can easily conclude that where certain effects become visible, there must be as many energies as effects. And since all these effects are organized and working to a plan, there must be as many intelligences as there are energies. Judging from this, one can also understand that all matter actually consists of intelligences that are temporarily held in their place by higher intelligences according to a certain order and necessity." (EM 1/41,6)

Dear nuclear and quantum physics people, are you aware that in your cyclotrons, nuclear reactors and bombs you are playing with God‘s thoughts and power. In fact did you ever have doubts?

The Difference Between Matter and Spirit.

In "The Lord‘s Sermons" (sermon 19) Jesus, talking about His resurrection, tells us that by this the "matter", namely His body was spiritualized and continues:

"Matter is nothing but the encasement of the spiritual and has been created only for the sake of the spiritual.

All matter must be spiritualized to enable men to draw close to My spiritual kingdom, and that the other created beings, following the perfection of men, can also ascend higher and higher until the earth-globe itself, released from its density, will not need any violent measure to bring about its dissolution, but will only experience a gentle transition..."

"Remember, you are not of this world! You used to be spirit and shall again be spirit. There is your home, there He is beckoning to you Who, to help you comprehend it, has died the physical death for you and has risen again spiritually so that after a life that was pure like His you may rise spiritually, casting off what is of the world and, by becoming His children through this spiritual rebirth, require on the smallest scale what He has done for you on the largest. Think of what it means to be called a child of the Creator and Lord of the worlds and to become a brother to those spirits who have long before you gone through this school victoriously and who now in their eternal happiness and bliss are watching with great joy and brotherly love the everlasting resurrection and rebirth of their brothers." 

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