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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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3DT - Three days in the Temple
BM - Bishop Martin (Sunsets into Sunrises)
CHJ - Childhood of Jesus
EM - Earth and Moon
FL - The Fly
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GGJ - The Great Gospel of John
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IRU - Immortality and reunion (UuW)
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Matter itself is nothing but My wrath mellowed by My merciful love.


 The Universe Set-up

Since the mid 19th century -- the time the Grand New Revelation was dictated -- science has made good progress in mapping macrocosm. But despite all the efforts of astrophysicists with space telescopes and radio astronomy tools, what has been discovered compares to the real size of the universe - as we learn it from the Lord through Jakob Lorber - like a grain of sand to the solar system (at least).Here are some dimensions based on the data given in the New Revelation concerning the universe. You‘d better fasten your seat belts!We thank NASA and Hubble-site for use of the Illustrations and photographs.
Level 1: Planets with moons
Level 2: Solar system like ours with planets and a central planetary sun.
Level 3: Sun Area. The many millions of planetary suns our solar system is part of, constitute a Sun Area (Star Cluster).This cluster orbits a mutual Central Sun. "This Central Sun is always so large that it exceeds the mass of the suns revolving around it, including the latter’s planets, sometimes by a hundred fold, or even by a thousand fold*), or sometimes even by a million fold; because both smaller and larger areas exist. However, the larger a Sun Area/Cluster, the larger its Central Sun in all its parts must be in relation to the entire abundance of its nearby suns, in order to maintain these within certain orbits despite enormous distances." [RB.02:298,04].
*) Similar to our sun, which accounts for 99,9% of all matter in the Solar system.
Level 4: The Sun Universe (Galaxy). Many thousands of Sun Areas (clusters), "have in turn a mutual Area Central Sun and revolve, carried by these, in incomparably greater circles around this mutually higher Central Sun, which must of course be relatively even larger than all their Sun Areas collectively—whose many thousands often revolve around such a second Central Sun, as we have seen in the second western door." – All such Sun Areas including their Central Sun thereby constitute a Sun Universe. [RB.02:298,05]
Level 5: Space Universe (Cluster of Galaxies) with a central Space Universe Sun.And in turn many thousands of such Sun Universes have a mutual central point or an even higher Central Sun, which in turn is often in the same proportion a thousand times larger regarding its space content than all the Sun Universes revolving around it.
Level 6: Shell Globe with Primeval Central Sun"This is a Main and Primeval Central Sun, around which exactly seven million Space Universes both revolve and move. It is also exactly one million times larger than all seven million collectively. Its diameter amounts to two octillion of your earthly miles. Light, with its enormous electromagnetic velocity, calculated at forty thousand German miles per second [300,000 km/s], would take many thousands of trillions of earth years [about 2x1036 light years], in order to arrive from one pole of this sun to the other!" [RB.02:299,08]
The star Regulus (called ‘URKA‘ by the Lord) in constellation Leo is this primordial central sun of our universe.

The shell globe is isolated from the rest of the universe - all other universe globes - by a shell comparable to an eggshell. This shell is impenetrable and reflects all light it receives from the trillions of stars it contains back into the globe. The size and position of the shell globe is fixed, although it spins around its own axis. The New Revelation does not confirm the scientific theory of an expanding universe. [GGJ.06:247,08].
Level 7: There are "uncountable billions" - though not an infinite number - of these shell globes in existence. Their number corresponds to the number of the atoms in a human body, so roughly 1030. If one could see them from a distance one would see the form of a human body, which the Lord calls "The great material man of creation (artistic rendering)". This figure represents Lucifer‘s soul, which is locked in matter and corresponds to the materialization of the "prodigal son". [FL.01:012,09][GGJ.06:246,08]
Everything is spinning in orbit. That not only applies to the "countless" suns and planets but to the Great Material Man of Creation as well. He is performing an orbit of unimaginable size in space, which takes 100 million years to complete. [GGJ.06:248,03], [GGJ.06:248,03].New stars and galaxies are constantly born our of our central sun or our shell globe. Since its appearance uncountable numbers of stars and galaxies have come and gone [GGJ.06:246,05].
Universe System Table
SystemCentral Sun/StarCentral Sun/Star size in Light Years
Solar SystemSun46.7 Light Seconds
Sun Area (star cluster)Area Sun/Star (Sirius for our Sun area)+-1
Sun Universe (1st order) or GalaxyGalaxy Central Sun106
Space Universe (2nd order) or Galaxy clusterGalaxy cluster central Sun1012-1018
Shell Globe: 7 million Space Universes galaxy clusters circle our primeval central sunPrimeval Central Sun (star Urka-Regulus)2x1036
Shell Globe diameter of ‘our local‘ Universe---approx. 10114
What the above table means:
  • The universe is strictly organized and constantly controlled by the Lord.

  • Our star cluster contains 200 millions suns [GGJ.4:255.5] and its central sun is Sirius. [SC.01:026,10]

  • Most galaxies have a central sun (star) with a mass hundreds of thousands, to millions of times surpassing the mass of all suns and planets it holds in orbit.

  • Our universe has a central sun, the star Regulus, with the same characteristics. Regulus‘ diameter is unimaginable (2x1036 light years) as its mass is one million times the mass of all systems it keeps in orbit , which means all matter in our universe. "It would take light many thousand trillion years to travel from one pole to the other" (RB.02:299,08).

  • The distance from Earth to Regulus, the central sun of our universe, is about 7 Dezillion*) km or 7 x 1047 light years [RB.02:299,08].

  • ‘Our‘ universe is neither expanding nor wrapped but has the shape of a globe with an outer shell, hence the expression Shell Globe. It‘s diameter is "far more" than 10114 light years (a figure with 114 zeros). The light of all suns and stars of our universe globe cannot penetrate the outer shell but is reflected back into the globe like in a mirror. [RB.02:300,06]

  • There is an "uncountable" number of such universe shell globes in existence. Their number is said to be "like the number of grains of sand and grass on earth" [GEJ.04:254.04]. They are all set at a fixed position [RB.02:301,08]. They are located from each other at a distance of about one million shell globe diameters or about 10120light years. [RB.02:301,07]

  • If all these shell globes could be observed from a distance (e.g. like the moon from the earth), one would see a complete human figure. This the New Revelation calls the "Great material man of creation". This figure of matter, spiritually represents the judged (matter-locked) soul of Satan, the fallen Lucifer. [RB.02:301,06] The shell globes correspond to the atoms of this human shaped unit.

  • This material universe figure travels in space at a speed of several million times the speed of light on an elliptic orbit: "In an instant it travels the distance of seven shell globes". You are invited to figure the size of creation-man and its speed if you are good at numbers.
More on the shell globe at EM.01 053,18; GGJ.04 254,04; GGJ.06:247,08; GH.,08 on.
* According to the old British standard.

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