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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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"The purification from the material and attracting of the spiritual is man's mission in this world."

The Lord‘s Sermons 18

 Man‘s soul development

The Lord Jesus and his disciples reside in Bethabara near Capernaum. The innkeeper begins to speak, turning out to be a true thinker, even a worrier, who amongst other things ponders about the cruelty among animals and on whether it is the destiny of fish to be caught, killed and eaten by man.

The Lord‘s answer: "Well, My dear friend, there it is a little difficult to help you, for it would take Me a long time to explain to you the true purpose of existence of all the many created species. Generally speaking, I can tell you that everything visibly and perceptibly created is a spiritual under judgment and destined to eventually pass by way of a long succession of forms into a free and independent life.

The forms begin already with the stones and continue throughout the whole mineral kingdom on to the plant kingdom, through the whole plant kingdom to the animal kingdom and from there up to man and are receptacles for the life out of God.

Every form corresponds to a certain intelligence. The simpler the form, the simpler and lesser is its indwelling intelligence. But the more developed and complex a form, the more intelligence you will find in it.

Take for instance a naked earthworm and you will easily see from its activity that its very limited life intelligence is quite in conformity with its form; whereas, if you look at the already very complicated form of a bee, you will see from it the much higher intelligence in the life form of this little animal. And so it is potentized right up to man.

Since these forms are only temporary receptacles and bearers of a more and more consolidating life which constantly increases in intelligence, this continually ascending life combines into more complex combinations than the previous, simpler life-intelligences, and it is certainly unimportant what happens in future to the lifeless form, which had been nothing but an organic-mechanic hull expediently equipped for the indwelling life intelligence. It does not make any difference to the great plan of the Creator whether these fish are eaten by us or by other animals, and the ultimate purpose of life will nevertheless be unavoidably attained.

It is well known that the lifeless hulls still contain some nutriment. Through the mutual devouring of the lifeless forms also what is nobler passes into another life. So you see here on this earth through the whole great chain of created beings a continual struggle and an interchange of life up to man.

Even man‘s outer form, meaning his body, is of value only as long as it is occupied by the soul which alone is alive. Once the soul has matured, it leaves this body forever and the body is consumed. lt does then not matter by whom or by what. Whatever the body still possesses that is substantial and belongs to the soul is given back to the soul. Everything else passes as nourishment into a thousand other created, life forms. There you have in a nutshell a thorough description of all that worried you so much in vain."
The nature of soul and spirit.

GGJ.07/66 and 67 bring mainly the Lord‘s answer to Agricola‘s question as to how and where the soul lives on after the death of the body and what the nature of the pure spiritual is. The location is Mont of Olives, residence of Lazarus:

The Lord explains:

"Man‘s soul is a pure etheric substance composed by the wisdom and almighty will of God from numerous light atoms or infinitesimal particles to a perfect human form; and the pure spirit is that will going forth from God as the fire of the purest love in God.

The pure spirit is a thought of God, issuing from His love and wisdom and becoming a reality through His will. And since God is in Hirnself a fire out of His love and wisdom, the thought that has, as it were, separated from God and been realized into an independent existence is the same. In the same way that the fire is a force, also such a thought out of God is a force within itself, is conscious of itself and can act independently in the same clearness as that from which it has gone forth. As a pure force it permeates all that you call matter, but it cannot be permeated by matter.

The soul is, as it were, matter dissolved by the power of the spirit, compelled by which it passes into the spirit‘s own original form and then, united with its spirit, constitutes the latter‘s light-etheric substantial body.

Spatially the soul dwells after shedding its body - particularly during the initial period of its existence in the beyond - usually where it has dwelt on earth in the body.

In such a case, however, it does not see or hear anything of the natural world. Its existence is rather like a clear dream in which the soul lives in a region or landscape so-to-speak gone forth from it as if it were in a natural world, and it does not miss the left-behind natural world at all.

But God often allows the environs where it resides to be destroyed, and the soul finds itseif in other environs appropriate to its state.

In such a state it is taught by already more perfected spirits what it must do. lf it follows their advice, it keeps growing lighter within, because it is more and more permeated by its inner spirit. Once a soul reaches a state where its inner spirit permeates it completely, it becomes fully clairvoyant, gains a clear cognition and full awareness and clearly remembers everything.

Such a soul can view everything in and on the earth, the moon, the sun and other heavenly bodies and experience extreme joy in the love, wisdom and might of the One God." -

What makes God happy?

Says Faustus: "But do tell me. What pleasure can God, who must forever and in every detail know the innermost essence of all existence, have in His own imperishable life? Can such a necessarily invariable awareness, without ever being able to change out of Himself, give Him pleasure which would surely kill every human being from boredom?"

Say I: "Behold these people here. They are God‘s pleasure if in His order they become what they were destined to be. In them God finds His equals, and their constant growth in knowledge of every kind and thereby in love, wisdom and beauty, is God‘s imperishable pleasure and bliss. For everything infinity encompasses exists only for the sake of tiny man, and there is nothing in eternity that does not exist solely for his benefit."


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