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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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"The purification from the material and attracting of the spiritual is man's mission in this world."

The Lord‘s Sermons 18

 The free human soul - a "body builder"

It was described before: Matter was created by the downfall of Lucifer. His followers, about 20% of all created souls (spirits), were locked in that matter throughout the universe. Every individual soul was thereby atomized into billions of soul elements. The voyage through matter began. Learning humility in every step of their journey through matter these soul elements united again. Finally having gone through their last step in the animal kingdom the matured soul particles become a free human "nature soul".

In this state they await the moment to be put to work within a fertilized human egg. From there they will clothe themselves into a human being in order to get their fair chance to become a child of God.  

"Therefore, the world of matter is by a good two thirds soul and by one third soul-less casing as carrier of the at first separate, then more and more combined and, finally, quite concrete and mature life of the soul. Thus the shell matter or condensed will of God is a real institution of redemption. By it the spirits which fell together with Satan can, according to the existing order, attain again that perfect independent freedom, - even through a much longer process then it would have taken in the first period.  

GH.1 pg.379: "You know that all men (and all angels) are nothing but thoughts freely supported by Me, having constantly their life and their all out of Me, and this in as much as it is just appropriate for that person according to My eternal order."


GH 1, pg 53: "Always and eternally you are nothing in all your wisdom. I, however, am everything in all and you can be everything in and through Me. - Everything you every thought and dreamt, now think and will dream henceforth never ever gets lost."


[GGJ.06:218] "Behold, the soul as spiritual substance is in shape completely like a man with all the limbs and parts of the body. If this were not the case, it could not make the fullest possible use of its body. The soul's hands are in the hands of the body, its feet in those of the body and so on. Thus all the parts of the soul are contained in the respective parts of the body. When the body falls ill, the soul is present in the diseased parts and makes every effort to restore their health. If it does not succeed, it becomes inactive in those parts, and this results in such a part of the body appearing as paralyzed, without sensation and, thus, inactive."

In GGJ.010:116 the Lord admonishes in particular a  Roman centurion present to strive above all for truth and wisdom:

"...for no one has been placed into this world for the sake of eating and drinking and high living, but that he might live in the order faithfully revealed to him by God, ... seeking above all the Kingdom of God and its righteousness within him through living and acting according to My teaching. Whoever has found this, to him everything else will be freely added; for the spirit in man is out of God, and once it rules in man it teaches the soul more in one hour than you could learn in a thousand years on this earth through ever so wise teachers. ... All that the great, visible space presents to your physical eyes for inspection is of no value for the Kingdom of God in man, until it is from there contemplated and spiritually illumined. For as such it has as matter no value for the whole man, but only a very fleeting, transient one for the (mortal) body".

 Soul and possession

"The earth is the carrier of two kinds of people. The one and better - kind come from above, already originally, and are to be regarded as the children of God. The other, really evil kind, originates solely from this earth. Their soul is as it were a compound of single life particles which, taken from Satan, are incarcerated as matter in the mass of the earth globe. From there they pass through the plant into the animal kingdom and then, having passed the many gradations of the animal kingdom, finally, as a potency consisting of innumerable primal soul particles, form an earthly human soul and during the particularly unblessed acts of begetting take on the flesh in the bodies of women and are then, just like the children of the light from the spiritual sphere of the heavens, born into this world.

Now, as their whole essence stems from Satan, such children are always more or less exposed to the danger of becoming possessed by some evil spirit, i.e., by the evil soul of a human devil who has once lived on this earth in the flesh. This can happen particularly and most easily when such a young soul, taken from the satanic part of the earth  begins to take a good and heavenward direction. As thereby a life-particle is torn away from the sphere of hell, this causes an unbearable pain to the hell as a whole, and this is the reason why it does everything to prevent such injury.

You may well ask how this could cause such a pain to hell; for such a soul should, in comparison to hell, be infinitesimally smaller and lesser than a hair on man compared to the whole man. And I am telling you, that this is by all means properly judged. Yet seize the smallest hair on your body and tear it out, and you will become aware that you will, not only in the spot where the hair was, but in your whole body, feel an unbearable, stinging pain which would drive you to despair if it lasted but for an hour.

From this explanation you can see a little better why possession occurs on earth and will occur until the end of this earth.

However, this possession has also its decided benefit for the one possessed, for such a soul whose body has been taken over by some devil becomes evidently purified through the torment of its flesh and prevented from the harmful merging with its body. But the rescue from above comes at the right time, and a worldly soul is then totally won for heaven."

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