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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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"The purification from the material and attracting of the spiritual is man's mission in this world."

The Lord‘s Sermons 18

 How God‘s Spirit gets into Man.

After three months have passed following conception, an eternal spirit unit is introduced into the heart of the soul of the unborn by a "clean angelic spirit" mandated by the LordThis spirit in man is a miniature God because it is fully from the heart of God, it is "God within us". [E.01_051,05]

It is the only un-created part of man, as man‘s soul was created before matter existed.

(EM, 05,01) The Lord: "When the foetus has reached his third month after conception the soul has calmed down and its heart attained a certain solidity. This is when an angelic spirit places an eternal and seven fold coated spirit into that same soul‘s heart. Nobody should of course imagine here a material coating but a spiritual one, which is much stronger and durable than a material one. After the spirit is introduced into the soul‘s heart, which happens with some children earlier, with others later, with many three days before birth, the body matures faster and birth will happen.

This spirit of God potentially enables us humans to withstand Satan‘s influence. With this Spirit spark out of God we are able to become Children of God provided we observe God‘s rules and strive to achieve this privilege. (EM, ch.53).

Yes, Jesus redeemed us but with God‘s Spirit within us we can and should avoid the trap of materialism and selfishness.   

GGJ 7/66: The pure spirit is the will originating from God, the fire of pure love. It is a thought from God, which emanated from Him and realized in an individual existence, with self conscience, an individual power which can act with the same power like the one from which it came. As pure spiritual power it permeates all matter but cannot be permeated by matter.  

EM, ch. 53: Every human born on this earth receives a spirit of Me and without doubt may attain the childhood of God according to the set order. People on the other celestial bodies receive spirits from the angels. This is so because every angel is a child of God and, like I Myself and every archangel, had to experience the path of the flesh on this earth. This is the reason why he  disposes of the creative power within, which he can absorb  from the abundance of his love and his light, insert it in the newly created men on other planets and this way raise children bearing his name like a God. These children thus are but second rank children and not real children of God. These, however, can also become children of God by way of incarnation on this earth.  

It is true that for the people of this earth it is a disadvantage to live that close to the most wicket of spirits, Lucifer, who has his prison in the center of the earth and who gives them a lot of trouble. But on the other hand they have the immense advantage that first they have a forceful spirit of God enabling them, if they just want, to fight the wickedness of the most wicked and second by that becoming perfect children of God.

The Lord about the human spirit:

(GGJ 8/102, 2-6)  The Lord: "... look every human, as a being with a spiritual, a soul and a physical life, is surrounded by an outer life sphere like every celestial body, every single stone, every tree and plant and every animal, each according to its kind. For neither a stone nor any other mineral, nor a plant or any living being could exist without an outer life sphere.

"That this is so, you can see from a surely often proved experience - that, for instance, an oak-forest gives you quite a different feeling than does a forest of cedars. A person feels differently on a limestone rock than he does on granite; an observant person feels different in a vineyard than in a garden with fig trees. And the same variable feeling a person experiences at the approach of different animals and even more so of different people. A particularly sensitive person feels this often already from quite a distance and also feels whether he will be meeting a good or a bad person.

"And behold, the animals feel this too, and some of them much more acutely than a material man who does not think much of all that is good and true.

"If a man is of a perfectly good nature and his soul filled with the divine spirit, his outer life sphere keeps becoming stronger and reaches to considerable distances. Even the most ferocious animals are pervaded and tamed by such a person‘s outer life sphere on approaching him. They will come to him with great friendliness and not harm him, and he will even be able to command them with his will and they will be obedient.

"You find examples for the truth of this statement  with the original fathers, the patriarchs and prophets, and at the present time this has already often been proved to you by My side".

The Lord in a discussion with Judas  Iscariot about activity and idleness and men‘s belief in God: (GGJ.01:221, 6-13.)
"Only activity upon activity for the common good of people brings you salvation. For all life is the fruit of God‘s constant, never tiring activity and therefore can only be maintained and preserved for eternity through proper activity whereas nothing but death does and must result from inactivity.

"Place your hands on your heart and feel how it is constantly active day and night. The life of the body depends solely on such activity. Once the heart stops, that would mean the end of the natural life of the body, I should say.

And just as the rest of the physical heart obviously constitutes the total death of the body, this same rest of the soul‘s heart is the death of the soul.

The heart of the soul, however, is called love, and its pulsating expresses itself in true and full love-activity.

"Thus constant love-activity is the never wearying pulsebeat of the soul‘s heart. The more actively the heart of the soul pulsates, the more life is generated in the soul and once thereby a sufficiently high degree of life has formed itself in the soul, equal to the divine supreme degree of life, this awakens therein the life of the divine spirit. This - as the very life, because the untiring supreme activity itself - then flows into the soul that has become equal to it through love activity, and everlasting imperishable life has fully commenced within the soul. And look, all this arises from activity, but never from idle rest. Therefore, shun rest and seek full activity, and eternal life will be your reward.

The Lord Jesus in the presence of a Roman centurion and many other listeners.
(GGJ 19/16, 49)
He admonishes in particular the Roman centurion to strive above all for truth and wisdom, [4] "...for no one has been placed into this world for the sake of eating and drinking and high living, but that he might live in the order faithfully revealed to him by God, [7] seeking above all the Kingdom of God and its righteousness within him through living and acting according to My teaching. Whoever has found this, to him everything else will be freely added; for the spirit in man is out of God, and once it rules in man it teaches the soul more in one hour than you could learn in a thousand years on this earth through ever so wise teachers. [14] All that the great, visible space presents to your physical eyes for inspection is of no value for the Kingdom of God in man, until it is from there contemplated and spiritually illumined. For as such it has as matter no value for the whole man, but only a very fleeting, transient one for the (mortal) body. "

More sources: CHJ 298, 8: GGJ.10,17.


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