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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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"The purification from the material and attracting of the spiritual is man's mission in this world."

The Lord‘s Sermons 18

 6. What is the sense of my life?

[GGJ, ch. 11:08 to 11]
Three important questions, prompted by Mucius, are clearly answered by the Lord, Who emphasizes that they "contain the whole wisdom of all the heavens and the reasons for His teaching mission on this earth."

The three questions are:
  • Why does man live?
  • What becomes of him after death?
  • How do we attain to the wisdom of life?
And the Lord explains: "Man lives for two reasons, which he has to reconcile in himself, as a mediator. Once as keystone of the external, material creation, in which he is praised and named as the crown of creation, and then as the starting point of the purely spiritual world, which with him has reached the first level of completely free self knowledge. In one direction he is, therefore, the beginning and in the other direction the end of a chain and must within himself find through his proper conduct in life and free development the right link with which to unite these two chains. I shall elucidate this better for you.

All beings beginning with the smallest creature, are part of an ascending gradual development where always one level complements the other, displays greater perfections and can thereby develop an ever-increasing intelligence.

Look at the animals. There are lower species whose sole purpose it seems to be to preserve their body and serve others as food. When an enemy to their body and life comes they accept their fate stoically without fighting back, being unable to do so. Look at the many insects and lower amphibians!

But higher up the scale you find the intelligence developed to the point where the animals are more aware of the dangers threatening them and know how to escape the same through all sorts of sometimes cunning tricks.

With yet higher animals you find this ability even more developed and they are, therefore, provided with suitable weapons - such as sharp claws and teeth -, so as to get rid of their enemies and at the same time become enemies of other animal species. 

Now a mutual battle ensues in which cunning and slyness are applied in the killing of bodies. However, they actually serve in the development of the intellect, so that the gradually developing character can form, which in progressively higher animals reaches a distinct multiformity.

Now we reach a borderline where the animals tend to attach themselves to man; these you call domestic animals. They are invariably, as you say, more orderly and tame. They can

develop a high intelligence, be trained and thereby, as it were, become more like man, not in the outer form but in certain characteristics. Here you can often observe astounding acts on the part of animals which bear witness to a certain ability to think and reason, so much so that you are amazed and say all the animal lacks is speech. 

Look, these are the ones that in their development are only a step removed from man, similar to a dependent child who only has to take a step in terms of years to become a rational person. Yet with the animal this goal cannot be reached since the soul form is not completed, whereas in the child, who often appears much more ignorant and clumsy, the viable soul form is dormant, just as in every seed there is the image of the future plant."

(Chapter X1/10) (The Lord:) "However, all these animals, whose number is immense so as to make possible the great multiplicity in character, are under the must-law, so that they can develop in a certain direction, called ‘the highest possible intelligence‘. In other words, they are incapable of acting contrary to the sphere encircling their soul-form.

With the animals, the various forms to pass through correspond to the periods or years of development in man. Once the highest animal intelligence is developed - mind you, the outer form does not matter, only the soul development! -, these developed intelligences can combine to form a human soul that, firstly, comprises the highest developed intelligences complementing one another and, secondly, being a gradation of many lower life forms, must reflect the whole lower life as such because it contains it all within. As far as the outer form and the viable inner form are concerned, the human soul is now complete. The crown of creation, the human form with an extremely viable germ, has been achieved in the newly born human being.

Now begins the second task: Man shall attain to the highest possible free knowledge in the cognition of the Creator and in the development of the inner man.

Up to this point the soul form had been indifferent, not caring about spiritual, but only about material things, recognizing only the right of might. But the Deity now wants Its product, which hitherto had been guided laboriously, to recognize It and try to approach It out of love and not for fear of Its might. How can this be achieved?

In order to achieve this goal, the Deity must veil Itself; that is, It must place Its created being under conditions which enable it to either freely recognize the Deity or not. In doing this, the Deity must not use any coercion, for then fear, which has to be avoided, and not love, would influence the direction of the will. The little plant of love can only sprout if the ever growing clarity and penetration of things furnish the inner man with unconstrained proofs of the great love and wisdom bestowed by the Deity, which arouse his admiration and love.

However, the inner man is provided with a guide. For, as a perfected form that cannot be developed any further, the soul as such could not behold anything higher above it unless a spiritual perception, the awareness of a power, could flow into it, humbling it and urging it to seek its Creator. And this is the divine spark, in the soul as a spirit and meant to develop simultaneously with it, to permeate it more and more in a proper upbringing and to lead it through self instruction into all knowledge.

This proper marriage, which begins already at man‘s birth, has been mightily interfered with, in that now the soul development only progresses owing to the enforced physical development, whereas the inner spirit usually remains as an embryo in the soul. But the purpose of life is for both to progress simultaneously, so that one always depends on the other to a certain extent.

This spirit-spark is out of God and fundamentally contains all truth and proper knowledge. Through it man is closely connected with the Primordial Spirit of God and enabled thereby to penetrate into all the secrets and wisdom of God Himself. Of course, only very few people have any notion of this. And it is the purpose of My mission to make this notion, which sometimes is only dimly perceptible, ignite to full certainty and knowledge, and the road hereto is shown by My teaching."‘

(Chapter XI/11)

(The Lord:) "My disciple John has told you, and I confirm it, that in the two commandments: ‘Love God above all and your fellowman as yourselff are contained the ten commandments of Moses and everything else that man has to do to awaken his indwelling spirit-spark and more and more unite it with his soul.

For only in righteousness before God and the proper acts of charity towards your fellowman will you find true satisfaction and inner peace and truly conquer your passions and death.

Once a person thanks to his conviction can no longer sin against these commandments, he experiences true heaven already on this earth. For he has become unassailable by any attacks of evil and is a true master over himself and, thus, a lord over nature.

Since you know that man‘s soul encompasses all the beings on earth, it follows that once the spirit has gained control in its house containing all this, it must also be able to rule over the manifold images of its self, like a king who, having risen from the state of slavery to the throne, now rules unopposed over all the classes to which he formerly belonged himself. But mind you, this can only be when man has found within him the connecting link formed by My teaching and has linked both chains into a single, indestructible one! As the last link of only the material chain, forming the highest soul form and the thereby implied human form, he is completely powerless and himself nothing but a highly intelligent, well-developed animal.

There is still the third question left to answer, namely: What becomes of man after death?

Things being as I told you, it becomes clear that the spirit man, who in this life develops only imperfectly because his heavy body is a great encumbrance for him, must five on; for, nobody can claim to be able to reach perfection in this short earthly life which would bring him close to God. He meets many an obstacle while in the body, temptations of every kind in order to strengthen his character and practise his will in selfrestraint and to more and more attract the good and eliminate his bad impulses.
Only in the beyond does he enter into a new world revealing to him more and more the wonders of God and the universe, where he sees with spiritual and not with the weak physical eyes, which present to him the world of matter. But beholding the great wondrous works he now recognizes that bliss lies alone in activity and that God Himself is the most active Being.

According to his progress he can then be given a proper sphere of action which he fills with the greatest diligence. And in this activity and the contemplation of his useful work he will experience true joy and supreme bliss. About the nature of this activity I will give you a good example. I will it that there be here a proper number of blessed spirits who will introduce you to their activity!" 

No sooner have these words been uttered than there is beside each of them a friendly dweller from the beyond, who greets those present in a cordial manner. The disciples are not too astonished because of it - for they have gradually got used to such apparitions -, but our innkeeper and Phoikas are almost speechless with amazement.

After Phoikas has somewhat composed himself, he says: "Lord and Master, if after Your splendid, wise explanations there was still some doubt left, I know now exactly with whom I am dealing. Nobody else but You Yourself are that miracle working Galilean, behind whom there is a hundred, even a thousand times more hidden than behind any ever so gifted prophet. For, only one can speak like that and be the ruler over the otherworldly hosts, and that is the Primordial Spirit itself that has taken up its abode within You and has incarnated itself, visible to the people." 

Thereupon all repose motionless in their chairs in a kind of meditation.

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