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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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 Sex - Killer of Your Soul

In chapters 04, 229 - 231 of the Great Gospel of John, the Lord explains in forceful and pointed words the vital importance of true chastity with its blessings, and how unchastity and fornication with their devastating consequences affect the brain and thus the soul and spirit of man.
The Lord talking to his disciples about guests from black Africa:

"There certainly is no other people on this earth more virtuous and devoted to true chastity in life than these black Nubians. And this is of the most vital importance. If the white people were living in the same manner, cohabiting only whenever it is necessary for the awakening of a fruit in a good woman‘s womb, I tell you: There would not be one amongst you who would not at least be clairvoyant. But, as is the custom amongst you, man and woman squander their best energies through the often daily wasting of their most noble and soul-related vital juices, so much so that they then have no supply left from which to draw an ever-increasing light for the soul. This is why they become more and more indolent and polyp-like pleasure-seeking beings, worldlyminded, selfish, moody, envious and jealous and seldom capable of a clearer thought. Therefore, I tell you truly that fornicators of whatever kind and sex will hardly enter My Divine Kingdom." 

It is intersting to listen to the Lord‘s statement about the reaction of sex addicted people to recommendations to give up their vice: 

(GGJ 04, 230.6 on) The Lord: "Go try to better such a sex addict! Tell this person about God‘s commandments, say ‘Peace be with you, the kingdom of God is close to you! Quit your depraved life,...awaken the spirit life within you! Pray, search and act in the order of God!‘ - and your words will hit deaf ears! He will laugh at you, turn away and say: ‘Get lost, you sanctimonious fool, don‘t provoke me with you stupidity, else I‘ll have to hit you real hard!‘ ...
Reminding him a second time his reaction will be worse. Then what? 

Therefore, a whoremonger is not only a voluptuous punching bag (patsy?) but due to his bad temper a very wicked person, he is full of  wild fire and blind and deaf for everything good and truthful of the spirit. It is much easier to convert a thief then a staunch whoremonger and adulterer.. 

Does that not remind you of something?

(GGJ.04:231) "Now that lewdness and fornication prevail amongst men like a veritable soul-plague [remember He said this in mid 19th century! the ed.], the preaching of the gospel has come to an end, for how can one preach to deaf ears? However, if it is no longer possible to preach the truth which alone can strengthen, free and light up the soul, how is an outer life-sphere, coming out of the light of truth in the soul, supposed to form? Therefore, beware first of all, lest this vice get a foothold and that married couples be only active as far as this is absolutely necessary for the begetting of a human being.

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