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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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 The Lord talks about unchastity.

From the Great Gospel of John 03:215.
After a detailed instruction on the fourth commandment Jurah asks the Lord to give him and the Persian Jews an authentic explanation of the sixth commandment, saying: "What really is unchastity?"  

The Lord's answer: "If man's life is not a frivolous joke, but  very holy earnestness, it follows that the act of begetting the same can by no means be a frivolous matter but only a very holy earnestness. Grasp the reason correctly, and you will soon  clearly understand all of it. 

The pleasant sensations during the act proper are not meant to be the motivation for the act, but only for the begetting of a human being. If you grasp this, you will soon find that the pleasant sensations are only accompaniments which facilitate the begetting of man in the nature of the flesh. If you are urged on by the main reason, then go and act and you will commit no sin. But there are nevertheless some points to be properly considered.

This act must not be carried out outside the sphere of true neighborly love. One main axiom of true neighborly love is: 'Do to your neighbors what you wish they did to you.'
Rape [215.05]
Well, suppose you had a blossoming daughter who is a joy to your fatherly heart. You will care for nothing more than for the true happiness of your most beloved daughter. Your daughter may be mature and, therefore, capable of conception, but how would you feel if an otherwise healthy man came, driven by the urge to beget a child with a virgin, and by force begot a fruit with your daughter? 

Look, that would fill you with a terrible vengefulness against such an offender, and you would never leave him out of your sight without the most severe chastisement. 

Nevertheless, this man would have committed no sin against chastity because he was urged by the earnest desire not to scatter his seed outside a good receptacle, thereby preventing an incarnation. But on the other hand the act is still sinful because thereby the neighborly love was grossly violated. 

Suppose you were yourself urged to a serious act while in a strange land; you met a woman in a field and won her over through money and words to yield to your urge. Thereby you would not have committed a sin against chastity nor adultery in case the person was another man's proper wife. But if you had considered to what great embarrassment and dire persecution the woman would be exposed if the lawful husband told her: 'Woman, answer who has put the seed in you, as 1 have not touched you since such and such a time!', - behold, your having thereby disturbed the domestic peace between a married couple, this is a flagrant sin against the neighborly love. For you could have postponed your earnest urge, provided it is not a lustful passion, to a more proper opportunity. 

You can see from this that a man in the course of otherwise orderly actions not contrary to true chastity must also consider all other human implications lest he sin against some law.

Sleeping with prostitutes. [215,13] 
The Lord continues: "But a man can be lascivious just as well with his wife as with a whore, and even worse. For with a whore nothing more can be depraved, because with her everything is depraved anyway. But a wife can be over stimulated and thereby fall into passionate desire, whereby she can become a much greater whore than a single woman. 

Whoever lies with a single woman sins against chastity because his act only served - and had to serve - the gratification of mere lust but not the begetting of a human being, as pure reason must tell him that one does not sow wheat on the highways. 

Beside the sin against chastity, the one who lies with a whore violates his and the whore's human nature because he thereby easily does great damage to his nature and hardens the blind whore, making her more incorrigible, which again is a sin against the neighborly love. 

But whoever lies with a woman who has been made a whore sins in the same way twofold and fourfold if he is himself a husband, because thereby he also commits adultery.

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