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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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 As for the raising of children the Lord has this to tell us:

"Above all, the child must be taught to subdue its still very animal-like, selfish will, and must not be pampered. The main reason why human souls become depraved lies in the blind partiality with which parents often bring up their children. The young tree is allowed to grow as it pleases and everything is done by way of pampering to let the trunk grow rather crooked. But once the trunk has become rigid, all attempts to straighten it out are of little or no avail.
Dare to discipline your kids

Therefore, straighten out your children during their tractable early days, and soon there will hardly be a material soul left who could not understand the spiritual and would not easily do what is right in the true living order out of God... Up to the age of seven a child is always by far more of an animal than a human and, therefore, has very many animal needs while at the same time only few human ones. Therefore, let them be given only what is absolutely necessary and be conditioned from an early age to do without certain things.

They shall be given an opportunity to do good and useful deeds, but a child, be it ever so well-behaved, shall never be made vain, full of self-love and overesteem. Those who are well-behaved must not be praised too highly, but neither must the less gifted and less well-behaved be treated too harshly but always with the proper love and patience. Besides, children, especially good-looking ones, must never be made conceited and proud through fine and rich clothes. Keep them. clean but do not turn them into household idols.

Those who love their children must first of all strive to cultivate their souls so that they will not be swallowed up by matter, but become capable of absorbing God's Spirit. Therefore, condition your children at an early age to seek the true Kingdom. of God in their heart. Thereby you adorn them more than regally, securing for them the greatest and best treasure for time and eternity.

Through such a spiritually directed upbringing a virgin will, chaste and modest, attain to respectable motherhood, and the youth will with a mature soul and with the awakened spirit within it enter into manhood and be a blessing for his family as well as for the earth with all its creatures. If, however, you yield too much to the animal desires and passions of your children, you will open a wide gate to all kinds of depravity. And once they are there in great numbers, you will in vain wage war against them with all kinds of weapons and fail to win against their great force and power." (GG 4/124, 2 on; 126, 6 on)

However, in conformity with true wisdom, the handling of children should differ in essential points from that of the more mature youth.

Since nowadays most children are no longer begotten according to God's order, being the fruit-of a conduct guided by animal instincts, their weak soul is often heavily encumbered by selfish, base soul-sparks rendering their will evil and obstinate. With the little ones this weed should be as far as possible eradicated already at the tenderest age through a strict, unyielding discipline. Accordingly, in their early years children owe their parents uncompromising obedience. (GG 8/22, 7 on; 1/34, 9)
Those who are disobedient should be handled with great earnest. "Their soul-maladies can best be cured through a good discipline where the rod should not be missing." (GG 1/79, 3; 'Childhood of Jesus', chap. 168, 13)

However, fasting where expedient is an even better punishment than a beating for children who display anger and passion. Nothing heals anger better than fasting. In this case they should be told that the heavenly Father did not want them, to obtain bread because of their naughtiness. They will get it again as soon as they ask His forgiveness and are well behaved again. When the children have calmed down and behave they shall be told how pleased the heavenly Father is with them. If the children display great excitability, they shall, also later on, live moderately, go to, bed early, abstain from alcohol and from the flesh of unclean animals and avoid amusement places, particularly dance- and music-halls, because these abound with many unclean spirits who may take possession of people. (Earth and Moon, chap. 6)


However, a different way of treatment is advisable where the more mature youth is concerned. - "Every father does right when he punishes the naughty little children with the rod, but he should always be a wise and gentle teacher to his grown-up sons. Only if a son were to rebel against his father, shall he be threatened. If he then changes his attitude, he shall be restored to the old harmony." (Childhood of Christ, chap. 168, 13-16)

Furthermore, once children have learnt to recognize God's will, they should show filial love and respect to their parents instead of the obedience they now owe only to God.

"The soul-maladies of adults are cured through wise and loving counsel, through thorough teaching and instruction and pure love motivated admonitions and drawing of the attention to the inevitable bad consequences that must arise in the future if the soulls weaknesses are retained. If with very stubborn, i.e., blind and deaf souls, this has no effect, only then would it be time to subject them to a more severe treatment, at the bottom of which, however, love for the fellowman must be present in abundance, for the blessing of a more severe treatment can result only from that. If, however, the educator acts only from anger and a hellish vengefulness, then all his effort is futile. Instead of healing the ones with sick souls to become true men, they are turned into devils, whose vengefulness in future no power will be able to appease." (GG 1/79, 3 on)

Education to Meekness and Love for God

Next to the conquering of base instincts and selfish inclinations comes the positive part, as the main task in youth care, namely, the turning of the child's heart towards God and the inspiring and nurturing of meekness and love for God. For we draw all the forces of life and of a blessed existence from Him, the source of all being and heavenly Father. Therefore, the cultivation of the heart's understanding has to begin at a very tender age. "For truly I tell you: The instruction in the cradle (i.e., at a very early age) is worth more than ail the educational institutions of the world." (GG. 5/246, 9; 8/213, 7 on)

"Teach the little children early to love the Father in Heaven. Show them how good and kind He is Who has created all that is good, beautiful and wise for the benefit of men, and how extremely fond He is of the little children who love Him above all. Whenever you can, draw their attention to the fact that the Father in Heaven arranges all things and makes them happen, and you will turn the hearts of the little ones to Me, and My love will begin to grow in them. And your little effort will soon bear excellent fruit for you." (GG 4/220,12 ; ref. also GGJ 4/83, 4 on).

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