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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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 Pursuit of happiness

  • Pursuit of happiness?
  • The spiritually blind
  • Judgement and Jesus‘ return
  • Being rich, owning real estate
  • Eternal life instead of death
  • Be active

Pursuit of happiness?
(GGJ 08, 181.13) The Lord: "Whoever believes in Me and lives after My teaching will reap eternal life. But there are also worldly-wise people who say: ‘A God does not exist! The world and everything in it is cleverly, wisely and well arranged; yet if all this had been created by some God, invented by man as a reality, who had called man as His doubtlessly noblest created being into existence to give him nothing but suffering from his birth, this would nullify God‘s wisdom, for without wisdom there is no power and without love and goodness no will to ever call anything into a happy existence.‘

 ‘Go and eat, drink and dally, for after death there is no pleasure!‘
The spiritually blind
"And I tell you that among all the wretchedness and misery of men there is nothing worse than spiritual blindness. All the other evils among men must needs originate from it and will continue while there are Epicureans in all the human communities; for the inclination of such philosophers towards the natural world soon spoils thousands through its very tempting example. Some people use every possible means to enable them to lead a life after the manner of Epicure. Others, and always the majority, must thereby obviously sink into the greatest physical and even greater spiritual misery and all the misery and want on earth are then established among men.

"If this is so, can God be blamed when men, in full possession of their free will, turn away from God and lead a life in accordance with their love of the world? Or should God because of His love, goodness, wisdom and might not allow all this misery and need to exist among men? Listen, if God did not allow this, things would soon look much worse in the world than is now the case. What would eventually become of men? Nothing else but the most crude and spirit- and lifeless clods like the heathen idols from stone, metal and wood."
(GGJ 08,182.01 on)
[The Lord continues:] "You know that a person who has become rich in earthly possessions has in his heart usually become as hard as a stone without feeling and love. What are to him many thousands of other people who have to suffer hunger, thirst and other evils? For he is well provided, has never felt hunger and thirst and has plenty of treasures enabling him to procure for himself every pleasure, to prevent him from ever having to suffer boredom or any other discomfort.

"Where does such a person stand in the inner spiritual sphere of life? I tell you: On the point of eternal judgment and its death, and all those around him are not far from it either.
Judgement and Jesus‘ return.
"And remember what I shall now also tell you. When one day there will be many Epicureans on earth, a universal world judgment over all mankind on this earth will be allowed by God. Then we shall see whether following that there will still be people who with a measuring rule in their hands will dare say to their fellowmen: ‘Look, I have measured this large tract of land, have placed the boundary stones in position and declare it as my own incontestable property. And I shall punish with death the one who would dare to contest it or just say: Friend, every one of us has the same right, provided he has the power and the means to wrench your imagined right from your hands.‘

I tell you: Such a person will no longer exist. For when I shall come again to this earth to pass judgment over such ‘dead‘ Epicureans, but also to hand the reward of life to the one who out of love for God and the neighbour has suffered much misery and distress, the land shall no longer be measured for somebody‘s sole benefit. Wherever one will be, he will be able to reap and satisfy his needs. People will be helping each other and no one will say: ‘Look, this is my property over which I am lord!‘ For then men will understand that I alone am the Lord and all of them are brothers and sisters.

It should be this way among men also now. However, in this intermediate educational period for mankind, which has not yet been purified through the great fire of life, things are allowed to remain as they are, but from now on for not  fully 2000 years. Then the spirit will gain considerable predominance with men and one will no longer see, and speak of, any measured ‘mine‘ and ‘thine‘.
Being rich, owning real estate.
You, who are now My friends, possess a great deal of the earth‘s land. Ask yourselves who has meted out to you your lawful property, and the answer will be: The man-made laws and your money and other treasures to which again only men have attributed an empty worth.

From God‘s point of view the entire earth belongs to all people equally, as was the case in the beginning. The sages are to divide it according to people‘s needs and teach them to cultivate the earth, and the produce is to be partly distributed by the wise men and the surplus stored in specially erected storehouses, so that no one in the community may suffer want.

But when the rich and mighty appropriate everything, this causes many others to be impoverished and to spend their life in great misery and need since everything belongs only to the rich and mighty and nothing to the poor, except the little the rich and mighty are willing to give them for the hard labour performed.

Things cannot now be changed and, therefore, you rich and mighty people should be true friends to your poor brothers and sisters and show them love. Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, comfort the depressed and release the prisoners who because of your greed, your power and your laws unnecessarily languish in prisons bodily, but even more so in the prisons of their benighted souls. Go and release them and I shall save you from the power of death and judgment.
Eternal life instead of [spiritual] death.
From now on you shall be with your earthly possessions only My administrators and I shall give you eternal life for it; for I have the might to do this and can give it to whomsoever I wish. With the same measure with which you will mete out it will be meted out to you by Me.

Behold, this too is a good and absolutely true explanation of the little cloud of light which has called on you to seek truth and life.

You have now found the truth in Me, but do make it your own through your actions and you shall live. And the death of matter will no longer remind you of it in your souls as if you were mortals, but henceforth immortality will remain your share."

GGJ 08/183.11
(The Lord:) "Notwithstanding its feeling of mortality no one‘s soul must be regarded as completely dead, yet it is a real death of the soul if it lives in the constantly growing fear soon to lose the life, which has become so pleasant to it, or to spend it full of torment in a dark dungeon without a hope of ever being released from it.

Do you know what it is that usually causes such a feeling in their souls to the material, selfish and proud heathen, making them strain after all kinds of pleasures and amusements in order to rid themselves as much as possible of this disgusting feeling?

Look, it is caused by the love of the world and matter. As long as a soul is attached to the possessions and riches of this world and regards them as its full legal property and, therefore, punishes everyone who because of his poverty might in an emergency misappropriate something, or has done this at some time, the soul will not completely rid itself of this feeling, neither in this nor in the other world; for all matter is judget and, compared to the free spirit, dead. And if a soul sticks to dead matter it cannot have any other feeling but that of death.

However, if a soul turns away from matter through a true and active belief in the One God and the love for Him and the fellowman by its actions, it will soon get completely rid of such a feeling, as is the case now with you, which is for everyone a sure and indubitable sign that judgment and death have disappeared from the soul.

However, this is no easy task for a soul once it is filled with the love of the world. and there are many rich and mighty people in the world for whom it is harder to turn away from matter and its imagined value than it would be for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. Yet this is possible thanks to the help from God, as is now the case with you Greeks and will be the case even more so if you voluntarily become active according to My advice.
Be active.
If you now believe, but do not become active accord ingly, your faith is still dead and unable to give true life to the soul. But through action, faith becomes alive and so does the soul through its active faith. Therefore,I tell you once more: Be loving, willing and zealous doers and you will have the true eternal life within you.

I do see that all of you now acknowledge Me as the Lord and Master, but this would not yet awaken in your souls the feeling of absolute immortality. This feeling has been awakened in your souls by the earnest resolution in your hearts always to act in accordance with My advice.

Do stick henceforth to this resolution to be active in My name, then eternal life out of Me will remain within you and you will neither feel nor taste any death in eternity.

What use would it be to a man if he possessed all the treasures of this earth and could procure for himself all imaginable amusements, if he thereby harmed his soul? Will all these treasures be able to free him from the hard bonds of death?

In truth, death cannot give life to death; this can be done only by the living action in accordance with My teaching, since I Myself am all love, activity and life. For whatever exists in all of infinity is a work of My love and My life.

Now every one of you may feel free to ask Me about this or that. Whoever still wants any information from Me for his salvation, let him ask; for he who seeks finds."

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