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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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 Self love - the original sin, the cause of matter

The development of matter.

(The Lord:)  "When I, in the primal beginning, set the spirits as My matured ideas outside of Myself, filling them with My power so that they began to think and will indepen~ently, I had to give them an order according to which they were to

Thus, it can be easily understood that even among the primal spirits a kind of weed began to show, since very many spirits were incited to step outside the order, where in the ever increasing resistance they had to harden and, thus, become the cause for the creation of the material universe.

At first the primary central suns came into existence and out of these all other innumerable suns and heavenly bodies and everything else upon them. Thus, all matter was originally spiritual which of its own free will stepped out of God‘s order, established itself within the wrong conceptions and, thus, became solidified; and this is what then formed matter, which is, therefore, nothing else but a judged and out of itself solidified spiritual; more precisely, it is a coarsest and heaviest envelopment or encasement of the spiritual.

However, the spiritual, regardless of how hard and coarse its encasement, can never become matter but continues to exist in matter of whatever kind this may be. In proportion to the hardness of matter, the spiritual life in it is bound and can neither express itself nor unfold, unless it is given help from the outside. [61 ‘Ihus, in hard rock life cannot express itself until in the course of time the rock has been softened by rain and other elements and keeps becoming more and more brittle. [GGJ.04:103]

Self-love as cause for the creation of matter.

(The Lord:) If you now look at this process more closely, you will readily and truly perceive where the weeds on the pure field of life are coming from. Everything calling itself world and matter is something perverted which always of necessity opposes the true, spiritual order out of God, because originally it had to be laid into the idea which was materialized outside of God as independent beings, so that the free will could be awakened within them and is, thus, to be understood by the weeds on the pure, spiritual field of life.

Although originally the weed is a necessity, it must still be recognized as weed and be spontaneously eliminated by the free human being, because no free spiritual life can exist beside it. But what are the weeds which, through their decay, are meant to manure life? They are called self-love, self-seeking, pride and, finally, lust for power. There is no trace of love left in the lust for power, but it expresses itself as densest matter. A planet condensed into granite and containing all possible evil elements is exceedingly well equipped with it." [GGJ.04:104]

The coming into existence of the solar systems.

(The Lord:)  "Behold, just as now people through self-love, self-seeking, pride and the therefrom issuing lust for power become exceedingly materialistic, there were once primal spirits who, giving in to their temptation, became selfloving and in the end power-greedy, so much so that they turned into purest matter. They isolated themselves in immense clusters at for you unimaginable distances so that they might be able to indulge in their self-love. Finally, having become completely power-greedy throughout, the countless life forms of such a cluster shrank according to the law of gravity into an immense lump, thus forming the material primal central sun of a shell globe.

Now, there are in infinite space an immense number of such systems and shell globes, with one primary central sun serving countless universes as a common centre. Also in the primary central sun many great spirits resented the pressure as too heavy. They ignited in their anger and escaped from the original pressure. Fleeing endlessly far from their original cluster, for some time they swarmed freely and harmlessly in endless space and were about to go over into the pure spiritual order.

But they could not rid themselves of their self-love; so they also shrank into a dense mass, and in all the countless shell globes there came into existence central suns of the second order.

In the same manner the central suns of the third order gradually came into existence, until a last shrinking process of such progressively separated spirit clusters led to the formation of the planetary suns, such as our own sun. But also here eruptions occur where better spirits break away.

Many of those who now successfully fight their inherent urge towards the counterorder are becoming primary angels without incarnating for the time being. Those, however, who are willing to incarnate, either on the sun itself or on this earth, are free to do so (this is also the case with the earlier mentioned central suns); and this happens more frequently on our planetary sun than elsewhere.

[04:105,12 on] Those spirits who have fled from the sun-world, but have relapsed on account of their self-love, become misty comets which, like a hungry, tearing wolf, suck in from the ether the matter required by them. If the comet gravitates towards the sun so that it is forced to revolve around it, it then becomes a planet.

It may happen at times that a material clump comprising such escaped spirits is drawn very close to the sun; but owing to the zealous activity of the freer spirits surrounding the solid sun globe, which mainly accounts for the luminosity of the sun‘s outer surface, also the spirits concentrated in the comet will instantly as one mass burst into frenzied activity, each of them seeking to escape by itself. [17] This results in the freeing of many thousands upon thousands of spirits, most of whom, having learnt their lesson through this experience, promptly return to the proper life-order and become primary angel spirits. Thus, they become useful guardians of their less free brothers as well as of those languishing in solid clumps and do much to bring about their earlier release." [GGJ.04:105]
Significance and origin of the earth.

(The Lord:) [1] "A part of these freed spirits now want to be incarnated on some planet. However, only few decide for this earth, because the way of the flesh appears to them too troublesome, since here they lose all memory of a previous existence and have to begin life anew in another, which is not the case on the other planets and heavenly globes.

There the incarnated spirits always retain a dream-like memory and, as a consequence of this, the people on the other planets and globes fundamentally are much wiser and more clear-headed than those on this earth.

On the other hand, they are not capable of rising to a higher level of the free life. This is only possible with the people of this earth who, not remembering any pre-existence, begin their life as a new being. In this new life every human being can develop to full Godlikeness. But only a soul which comprises all primal elements, or rather all those soul intelligence specifics which are necessary for the perfection of a highest spirit-life, can be incarnated here.

This also applies to the souls originating from this earth, that have passed through all three kingdoms of nature, beginning with the coarsest rock matter through the minerals and the whole plant and animal worlds. And it goes without saying that here is meant only the spiritual soulelement contained within the encasement of the material body, for the encasement is too inert and heavy to form the actual soul substance. The earth as such is the planet bearing the greatest variety of species and for this reason alone destined to bear children of God in the truest sense. [GGJ.04:106]

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