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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 Beyond the Threshold

When we die, the angel of death starts the liberation process of our soul and our spirit form our body (GGJ.02:195,2). This process can be gentle, not even felt, or extremely difficult with every gradation in between. It depends on our soul.

The more the person had cherished and loved material possessions, money, sex and power and thus neglected the development of the soul, the more that soul has a problem to detach itself from the flesh. This makes some people experience struggle with death or agony sometimes lasting for days. People who have learned to consider possessions unimportant, have given generously to the poor, are in peace with their family and fellow citizens and have a deep faith in and love for God, shall in His own words "not feel death":

Quoting from the New Revelation:

"Whoever hears My Word, accepts it as truth and faithfully lives and acts according to it, will henceforth nor longer feel nor taste death." (GGJ.06:68,1- 8 and 69,1 )


Situation: Discussion of Jesus among Jews and the souls of Moses and Elias who Jesus ordered to appear: (GGJ.06:08,18-20)

Said an old Jew, his teeth chattering with fear: "O you great prophet Moses, do tell us whether we will go to hell and be lost for good, and whether everyone has his own Judgment Day."

Said Moses: "As far as hell is concerned you need not, with your present way of living, ask whether you will go there. Your present way of thinking and your conduct have for a long time been of such a nature that you actually were in hell, and you have been doing everything that is fitting for hell. Since you are already in hell, you can no longer go there.

As concerns Judgment Day, you will in the next world after the shedding of your body have a youngest day [Judgment day, ed.], just as you will in this world have a last and oldest. However, while you are still living in this world you can, if you want to, easily find a way out of hell, for here amongst you is sitting the great Guide and Redeemer. Listen to Him and act accordingly! - I have spoken before You, O Lord, and now may Elias take my place. "

The Transition

"Through your heart you will after the death of the body step out into God's endless space and depending on the nature of your heart you will find this to be either heaven or hell.

"For there is nowhere a specially created heaven or a specially created hell, but all that goes forth only from the human heart. And thus everyone prepares for himself either heaven or hell in his heart, depending on whether his actions are good or bad, and he will be living according to his belief, his will and actions since his will was nourished by his belief thereby passing into action."

"When we are called by God to leave this world, one of His angels will ... free from matter everything that belongs to the spirit, leaving the matter to be fully dissolved. But he will combine the soul and its vital spirit, as well as everything in the physical body that belongs to the soul, to a perfect (etheric) human form and lead the same into the world of the spirits according to the forever immutable will of God." [GGJ.02:195,2]


"Behold, you were begotten in your parents passion of love. But you will, as spirit, be lifted out of the heavy flesh in the most sublime delight of love of the heavens and live - after your perfection - a most perfect, eternal, mighty and effective life, the sweetness of which cannot be compared to anything on earth. And whatever you have begun on earth you will in spirit complete on the eternal spiritual earth. Therefore do not be lazy on earth. Not a single grain of sand you touched is lost." [HH.3:120,19]135

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