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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 Resurrection of the flesh

Jesus in discussion with Jews from Israel and Greece explaining the development of the human soul:

[GGJ06/54,01 on]
Says the innkeeper: "Yes, I now understand it fairly well, although I must here frankly admit that this matter is something completely new and, as it were, unheard of for me. There is, then, no final resurrection of the flesh, in which all the Jews firmly believe, wherefore they bury the dead in the cemeteries, believing that on Judgment Day they will be raised by the angels and reunited with their souls. What You just taught will hardly be believed by the Jews. I do believe it because You, O Lord, have said and explained it so thoroughly, - but had somebody else explained it to me, I would hardly have believed him, for this deviates too much from the existing faith. Nevertheless I must now frankly admit that, judging by experience, all this cannot be otherwise. What do you old and new disciples say to this?"

Said one of the Greek Jews: "As far as we are concerned, we are entirely of your opinion. We, too, do see the truth of what has been said, but also the difficulty of presenting this new teaching as comprehensible and true to the people of our time."

Said the Lord: "I did not give you this teaching so that you should pass it on to the Jews. If you want to teach it to somebody else, you may do so anyway, but it does not matter at present whether or not he believes it. Later on My true followers will in any case be led into all truth and wisdom by My Spirit which will be poured out over them.

It can be easily comprehended that the physical body, once it is dead, cannot ever rise and be revived in all its parts. Should this be the case, on the said Judgment Day all the parts cast off by the body during the whole, sometimes rather long, life would also have to be raised and revived, such as the hair, the nails, the lost teeth and all the coarser skin particles lost through washing, likewise the drops of blood and sweat shed under sad circumstances and many another thing the body has shed in the course of time. Now imagine a human form revived with all this on Judgment Day, - how ridiculous that would look!

At different times man has a different body. For instance, the body of an infant is different from the body of a boy, that of a youth is again different, that of a man is different and, again, that of an old man is completely different. Well, assuming that the human bodies will be completely revived on some Judgment Day, the question must arise whether all the physical forms from childhood to old age collectively, or one after another, or even one only, shall be revived.

Another important question arises, namely: With the Romans and Greeks, the Egyptians and many other nations of this earth the corpses are burnt until they are reduced to ashes. In other places they are cast into the sea, devoured by sea monsters and so become part of their bodies. Once such a sea monster dies, it is in turn eaten by other animals of the sea. What is supposed to be revived of these bodies on Judgment Day? Through burning the greatest part of the body has been reduced to smoke and vapor and has been united with the air, and the flesh of the bodies cast into the sea has, with everything else, become part of the sea creature and has, therefore, passed into a wholly different being. Who, then, is supposed to sort out and reassemble the formerly human body-constituents from the innumerable animal bodies, from the water, the air, the minerals and the plants and worms?

Even granted God could do this, the question still remains how this would benefit a free soul. Truly, every soul once relieved of its heavy body would be extremely unhappy if it had again to enter a heavy body - and this for all eternity!

Besides, this would be forever irreconcilable with the eternal order of God, because God Himself is a pure Spirit and men are also exclusively destined to finally become godlike pure spirits forever. What shall the bodies then benefit them?

Yes, men will also have bodies there, yet not physical coarse, material ones but completely new, spiritual bodies arising from the good works they have done here on earth in compliance with My teaching now given you.

If this is so, how can anyone think that by the resurrection of the flesh the future restoration to life of these material bodies is to be understood? The resurrection of the flesh are only the soul's good works for the benefit of the fellowmen while in this flesh, which alone give the soul true, eternal life.

Therefore, whoever listens to My teaching, believes in Me and acts accordingly, him I shall Myself raise on his Judgment Day, which occurs immediately after the soul's exit from this body. The time of transformation will be so short that no one will notice it, for the transformation will take place swiftly and instantly.

  Now I think that also this matter is quite clear to you." 141

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