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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 On the Day of Death

The Lord's comments on death and what happens thereafter.

The Lord: "Through your heart you will after the death of the body step out into God's endless space and depending on the nature of your heart you will find this to be either heaven or hell.

For there is nowhere a specially created heaven or a specially created hell, but all that goes forth only from the human heart. And thus everyone prepares for himself either heaven or hell in his heart, depending on whether his actions are good or bad, and he will be living according to his belief, his will and actions since his will was nourished by his belief thereby passing into action". [GGJ.02:08,6-7]


"The path to the kingdom of heaven is three spreads at the most: Its the distance from the head (where soul's cold calculating mind is situated) until the center of the heart. Never think that we shall rise up above all stars, but just think of stepping down into our heart. And there we shall find our heaven and true eternal life." [RB.2,278,6]  


"The joy of heaven is nothing but one deed of active love after the other and one fruitful action after the other." [GH.1, p.364]


"There is no other hell but the one created and growing within the heart of man as the result of selfishness." [RB 1, ch. 111,5]


"Don't imagine "hell" to be some prison-like location where one can wind up, but just a state into which a free being can put him/herself through the ways of loving or acting. And he who is able to think just slightly mature shall easily grasp that every human belongs to hell just as long as he acts according to its principles. And these principles are arrogance, self-love and selfishness. Those three are the perfect opposites to the heavenly principles which are humility, love for God and love for the fellow human." [SpS.2, ch 118]


"That imperfect souls become more and more obfuscated after having freed themselves from their body is founded in their wicked will. Those souls in the beyond usually do not see anything anymore of the world - which is very important because could they see they would inflict considerable harm to those they consider their enemies. Those souls only see which develops from their phantasm, similar to a most primitive dream. [IRU (UuW), page 19-20&40] (Compare to RB, ch. 25)

"It is true that you can read in scripture about eternal condemnation and eternal death, which is an eternally firm judgment from My unvarying order. He who lets himself be carried away by the world and matter must be considered lost and dead as long as he does not want to part from judged matter. Thus for the sake of the created beings there has to be an eternal judgment, an eternal fire and an eternal death. But this does not entail that a spirit caught in judgment needs to remain imprisoned as long as judgment and prison themselves do last. The prison truly is and stays forever and the fire of my wrath will never end but the prisoners only remain in prison until they have repented and bettered themselves. And therefore there is truly an "eternal hell" but no spirit which is condemned to hell forever, but only until his betterment. [RB.2,ch.226,9 on]


"One cannot arrive at the kingdom of God - which is now being established by Me among mankind and in the hearts of men - this kingdom of true, eternal life taking the wide avenues of the world but only via a very narrow path called humility, patience, self-denial and total surrender to the will of the one and only true God. [GGJ.10:10] 

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