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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 A lecture on angels

[GGJ.06:188 to 192]
These chapters of the Great Gospel of John give a glance into the spirit world and here especially concerning the angels and their function in God's kingdom. (Highlights added by the editor.)

Situation: Jesus resides again at the inn of Lazarus on the Mount of Olives. His company is quite sizeable - there are Jews, Romans together with His Apostles and disciples. The subject  of discussion is the mission of Jesus and the issue of believing or not believing in Him.  In a moment Jesus will open the spiritual vision to His listeners.

[GGJ 06/188.09]
(The Lord:) "Behold, wherever I am, I am certainly not alone, but countless hosts of mighty angel-spirits of light from all the heavens are serving Me. When an emperor or a king travels in affairs of the state, he does not, of course, travel alone but, in accordance with his wishes, a strong and numerous entourage travels with him. This is all the more so the case with Me since I, as the sole Lord of Infinity from eternity, have now in the great and new state affairs of worlds and spirits undertaken an immensely important journey to this earth in the human flesh, and without this journey no human being of this earth could ever attain to true, everlasting life.

And since I, as a greatest monarch, have undertaken this journey to the earth for most important, vital reasons, you can well imagine that also many legions of the angels who serve Me accompanied Me on this journey. They are constantly around Me, obey My wishes and carry them out on all the stars. With only the eyes of the flesh you cannot yet see them at this stage, but when I will have temporarily opened up your inner vision, you will be seeing and hearing them and even be able to talk with them and ask them about this or that. However, first I must ask your free will the very important question whether you really do wish to see My companions and speak to them; for I never use any compulsion. "

For a few moments the Romans hesitated.

But then Agricola said to the others: "You know, we'd better let this be shown to us so that we can form an opinion. There are, indeed, some things about Him that have struck me as strange. Who has told Him my name? For the sake of discretion I haven't revealed my name to anyone here. How can He know it? And even more! Who could have revealed our thoughts to Him, but He knew every detail. Therefore, let us all agree to see and hear what He offers to demonstrate to us and so we'll ask Him to show us His mighty travel companions."

Says the Lord: "This shall happen forthwith. But first contain yourselves properly; for what you will now be seeing will, though greatly mitigated through My will, affect you strongly, although you are brave Romans.

Follow Me outside. There you will for an hour see the glory of God the Father Who has sent Me in this body into this world for the sake of mankind's salvation."

Now follows the unique experience of a spiritual vision of the angelic realm with an excursion into the universe and all the enlightening explanations, presented by the Lord to the Romans around Agricola and to His disciples, as given in the original text of the Great Gospel of John, including the headings. 201

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