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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 The Lord narrates

A glance into the wonders of the angelic realm through 'second sight'.

The difference between angels and men.

When we, numbering about seventy people, had assembled in the open in good order, I spoke the word "Ephphetha", that is, "Open up!" over all of them and promptly they were all in the state of second sight and saw the vast hosts of angelic spirits of light, several of whom descended to them, that is, to the Romans and spoke with them.

The Romans were amazed and Agricola said to Me: "Lord and Master, there it actually looks like in our mythical Olympus. Ah, what countless hosts! Who could experience anything like this even in a clearest dream! Tell me whether this is real, or is it just a fantasy, brought to life within us through your will-power, which now presents itself plastically as if outside of us? These beings look quite corporeal, especially the ones who are walking on the ground of this earth among us. How do we have to understand this?"

Said I: "Look, an angel is standing beside you; ask him and he will answer you."

Agricola turned to the angel and said: "Tell me, you strange being, are you real or only the product of my now greatly excited fantasy? If you are a real being, let me have a tenable proof that I may fully believe it."

Said the Angel in a clear voice: "All of us are far more real than you humans; for your bodies are not a reality at all. They are not what they appear to be. They do have a human form which can be moved in its limbs according to the will of the soul; but once this form has perished, it promptly passes into countless other forms. While man works for the sake of his body to accumulate treasures of this world, his soul is through the delusion of its body under the greatest delusion itself. For if a person calls the life of the body 'life' and regards it as such, his soul must be considered dead as long as it does not realize that the life of the material body is the real death.

We, however, are truly a reality because we do not have a changeable body but are the very energy of life which cannot ever be changed or destroyed in any way. Whatever you, as physical humans, see in the world can destroy and change your body. If a stone falls on your head, it kills you. If you fall into water or fire, you die. In a word, you can find certain death for your body in all the elements. This, however, is not the case with us, since we are the very energy of life out of God. We permeate everything and no material element can ever harm us. We have within us the invincible might and power to either destroy all material elements instantly or also to create a world of elements. We dominate everything, but nothing can ever dominate us, except we ourselves, since we are a perfect expression of the divine will.

In order to make this even clearer to you, as a thinking Roman, pick up a stone and hurl it with all your might at my head, and it will not harm me at all. If, however, I did the same to you, your body would die instantly. Try it, and convince yourself that this is so and not any different."

The Roman tried it, and the stone passed through the angel and fell to the earth, and the angel was standing before the Roman unharmed. Thereupon the Angel picked up the stone and said: If I now did that to you, you would be lying dead on the ground with a completely smashed head. However, I will not do this to you but something else instead. Look at the stone which is extremely hard. Take it once more into your hand and try to destroy it."

The Roman took the stone and tried his physical strength on its hardness and compactness; but all the hitting and flinging onto the very hard, rocky ground was futile, - except for some scratches, the stone remained intact. Then the Angel took the same stone from the hand of the Roman and said to him: "Look, this is the same stone which you earlier hurled through Me and which you now tried to destroy. You see that I can hold the stone in my hand just as you did, but much more firmly than you had held it. Try to take it from my hand, and you will convince yourself of my strength."

The Roman tried with all his might, but he could not even by a hair's breadth move the angel's hand in any direction, least of all get the stone out of the angel's hand.

Then the Angel said: "Look, this is surely more than your excited fantasy."

Said the Roman: "Yes, friend, whoever or whatever you may be. If I were now dreaming, I would surely not be seeing the city spread out down there and hear the noise drifting up from the crowds; nor would I be seeing all my companions beside me and surely also not this inn so completely naturally.

For I have often had very lucid dreams and seen regions existing on earth; but they never looked exactly as they are in their natural state. Only when I dreamed of one or the other of my friends, they looked always - at least in their appearance and speech - the same as they were, spoke and acted in the natural world. Here, however, I see everything as it is in its natural state and, at the same time, I see also you unnatural beings; and so I regard you also as true and not dreamed realities. - What are you now going to do with the stone?"

Said the Angel: "That you will see in a moment. Look, you tried your strength on this stone to see whether you could break it, but the stone resisted tenaciously. Now I will demonstrate to you how I shall completely squash the stone in my hand. Look, here is still the whole stone and now you have it in hundreds of little fragments. And now look at the latter. Where have they gone? Nothing is left of them, for I have dissolved them completely into their primal substances.

If I, as a spirit, can do this with the greatest ease, is not my spiritual nature endlessly more perfect than the nature of all physical men on this small earth? Therefore, our being is a true being and yours on this earth only insofar as it is a life according to the will of the Lord Who is now in His infinite grace living among you, teaching you to live a true life. He alone is from eternity all in everything and you should heed His words and live and act accordingly." 202

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