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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 a) The difference in their life's mission for angels and men

[GGJ.06:190,01 on]
Said the Roman: "Yes, indeed, I do understand that quite well, - but since you mighty spirits do exist and your being is obviously a truer one than ours, why don't you appear to us often to teach and comfort us? We have now seen you, and if we will tell our fellowmen about this, some will believe but many others will just laugh and regard us as dreamers and simpletons. In view of this, wouldn't it be good if one or the other of you appeared and thus provided the best proof for the truth of our statement?"
Said the Angel: "We always comply exactly with the will of the Lord; only what He wants is good, and we do that.

If for the developing humans of this earth it were good and necessary for the salvation of their souls, we would be constantly visible among men; but since this is not the case, we may only guide them unseen in order that their free will may not suffer any compulsion. As a matter of fact, no one can subsist before God unless he has, for a certain time and completely isolated from us, passed a complete freedom-test of his life in the flesh. That is the Lord's love, wisdom and will, and everything has to happen, be and exist in accordance with it; otherwise it is as good as nothing. If you men will from now on live and act the way the Lord wishes you to, you will, after shedding your body, become and be what we now are; because we, too, were once on some earth globe what you are at present.

However, the least man on this earth is already in the cradle far more than we are in all our greatness, wisdom and might, for the true men of this earth are children of the eternal love of God, and supreme wisdom and might must develop with them spontaneously out of their love for God, their truest Father. We, however, have gone forth from His wisdom as created beings, and we have to produce love for God within us out of our great wisdom, which is inconceivably harder than to find supreme wisdom and might within oneself for love of God.

Because you men of this earth have gone forth from the very love in God and thus are yourselves the love in God, we beings of wisdom are not allowed to interfere in any way with your free development out of your primordial love of God within your being and you, earthly brother, will now understand more clearly why we angels of God may not surround you visibly. For we are only allowed to awaken the wisdom and might dormant in your love of God gently and quite unnoticeably, and may never breathe into you even a spark of our intrinsic wisdom as this would not awaken but only smother your own wisdom.

This applies already among you mortals, for what would become of an infant if you took it straight from the wet-nurse to a higher school where extremely wise and very learned teachers lectured their well-prepared students on the most profound and for the average person quite incomprehensible sciences and secret arts? Such a child might eventually repeat its teachers' words but would never be able to grasp their deep sense and profound significance. Therefore, let the little children first be trained by the nurse and through all kinds of games be guided toward their first childlike thinking. From year to year the child then becomes more mature and capable of receiving higher instruction. What you are doing with your children, we angels do with you men.

If you had been born in that world where we once lived in the flesh, you would already have brought all necessary wisdom into that world and would practically need no other instruction but that which would help you to find the love of God in the light of your great wisdom.

Look at all the animals on your earth. They, too, are creatures of God's wisdom and, therefore, do not need any instruction with the help of which they would have to laboriously acquire the knowledge what, in accordance with their ability and nature, they have to do. Instead they bring all this with them already at birth and are immediately quite perfected performers in their particular field. Who has ever taught a bee the science of herbs, who has shown it where the nectar is to be found in the calyx of a flower and where the wax? Who taught it to build its honeycomb and to prepare from the sweetish nectar the fragrant honey in its honey sac? Where did the spider learn to prepare its thread and make its very useful web from it?

Look, all that the creatures received out of the wisdom of God Whose products they are. Because they are initially only that, they also possess whatever they have in the highest perfection but are unable to add to it since they lack love and its free will almost completely.

There are, however, also animals that have already an admixture of certain symptoms of the higher love and because of that they are capable of receiving additional instruction from men and, therefore, can be trained for many an activity. The more love certain animals possess, as for instance a dog or some birds, the more such animals are capable of receiving a better training for various performances. 203

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