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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 b) About the second and third sight

[GGJ.06:191,1 on]  
The Roman thanked Me for this advice, returned to the angel and said to him: "My dear angel-spirit, I am most obliged to you for all the words of light I have heard from you, - but we citizens of this earth, or supposed, or future, children of God cannot reconcile ourselves at all to your spiritual wisdom. What do we know about yet other globes in the endlessly vast space since we do not know our earth nearly well enough as yet. Therefore, be so kind as to give me valid proofs for your statement; otherwise you will not impress us very much."

Said the Angel-Spirit: "You ask much of me, and I will have to grant your request because the Lord wishes it. Your vision has been opened up to a point where you can see us pure spirits, but also this only because we have, as it were, attracted a substantial body for ourselves from your outer life-sphere.

If we were with you as pure spirits, you would not be seeing us, notwithstanding the second sight you at present have. When one day you will have the pure spiritual vision - which you may call the third sight or the innermost vision of the spirit - then you will be able to see us purest spirits. It is this third sight that is needed so that you can, like us, see all the other globes, a correspondence of which on the smallest scale is also within you but cannot be detected by your soul until it is one with the spirit out of God.

With the Lord's permission, however, we can make you human beings for a short while fully awake in the spirit and thus bring about the ecstasy of the third sight, which is the highest and purest vision.

First I will place you between the moon and this earth to make you realize that this earth is also only a sphere like the moon and sun seen with the eyes of your flesh. Only then will I take you to the moon, then to the sun and after that to several other worlds and earths. - Do you find this plan satisfactory?"

Said the Roman: "Certainly; but will this matter not require too long a time? For if all those stars are worlds, larger than this earth, they must be immensely distant from this earth since they appear so small, and in view of that it is obvious that an ever so fast spiritual journey to them could not possibly be made in a very short time."

Said the Angel: "For the pure spirit there is neither time nor space. Here and there, in an endless distance, is all one and 'now' and 'eons of years ago' is also one. Therefore you can, in a purely spiritual state, see and experience more in one moment than you could experience in your flesh, only vaguely, in thousands of years by way of verbal instruction, for which man's span of life on this earth is, indeed, too short. The great advantage is that with us the soul learns and finds out in one moment much more - and that also purer and truer - than it could learn on this earth in many years. Once a soul has, at least to some extent, become independent in its flesh, it is to its greatest advantage if the heavy and suffering flesh is taken from it and it can join us and receive the actual, true life instruction from us.

Now pay attention all of you, for I will release your spirit which is the actual life of love out of God that makes you children of God, or certainly enables you to become that, if you live according to the will of God which He has revealed to you in all detail. Let it be! Be free and behold God's eternal creation to which you are related!"

Following this exclamation of the angel in accordance with My will, all of them fell asleep as far as their body was concerned but, although they were completely deprived of their physical senses, they would still speak with their mouth. 205

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