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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Death and eternal Life
 c) A visit to the universe

[GGJ.06:192,1 on]
They were all reclining on the ground, except for Agricola who was sitting on a bench and soon began to speak: "So the large sphere down there is the earth and up there is the moon as a smaller sphere and still deeper down below the earth is obviously the sun. Oh, what a magnificent sight, and the apparently empty space is filled with beings of my kind. Some are floating down to the earth and others are again floating away from it and, oh, oh, there is the lunar world! It is similar to our earth but everything looks so bleak and deserted. I wouldn't like it there at all, and its inhabitants do not seem to like it very much either because they all look sad and stunted."

Said the Angel: "Those are certain souls from earth that have to be rid of their excessive worldliness so that they may become capable of a higher spiritual education. Look, here on the other side of this globe things look already a bit brighter and more natural. There are the real inhabitants of this lunar earth."

The Roman, satisfied, continued his great and amazing observations.

Then they proceeded toward the sun.

As Agricola was approaching the sun, he said to the angel: "Friend, this world is too vast for me. I feel like perishing and coming to naught. Do take me to a smaller earth."

Said the Angel: "Well, my friend, this is not in my power for I must act in accordance with the Lord's will. Once we'll be standing on the ground of this world of light, you will find it friendlier. So let's enter!"

In an instant they were already in the most beautiful spot of the middle zone, and the Roman was overwhelmed by the extreme splendour. And once he caught sight of the exceptionally beautiful human beings, he did not want to leave and asked the angel for permission to take a maiden from this vast earth back to the little earth in order to convince people that also the sun is a world, inhabited by much more beautiful and better human beings.

Said the Angel: "Look, friend, this is not possible, for even if I could take her to the earth, it would be quite impossible for her to exist there because for her the air of the earth would be the same as the water on earth for physical man. So you can see that the human beings on the other worlds are of such a nature that they can live only in the world in which they have been placed. - Let us now continue our journey."

After leaving the sun, some planets were still visited and a few further suns which always appealed most to the Roman so that he kept expressing his regret that he had not become a dweller in such a great and gloriously beautiful light-world.

The Angel, however, said to him: "Yes, my friend, it is this particular light-world in which your soul has lived in a body for 4000 earth-years. And look, there is still your magnificent house, and the people who frequent it were, as far as their body is concerned, your closest relatives.

When you were told by an itinerant sage that somewhere in the endlessly vast space of creation there existed a world where sooner or later men could become true children of the great God if they decided to have their soul removed from this world in order to go through another freedom-trial-life of their love in a cumbersome body on that earth of God, you were willing to do this, although you were told that you would have no memory of this most beautiful world because life in that other world is not based on contemplative wisdom but only on completely blind love, particularly in the beginning.

And behold, you were promptly transformed and your liberated soul was begotten into the womb of an earthly mother; and this took place in the most magnificent city of God's earth so that in certain clairvoyant dreams you would not develop a secret longing, whishing to be here again.

So you have lived already in such a beautiful world and well recognize it in your spirit, remembering everything you had been doing some fifty earth years ago. However, so that your longing to remain here again does not awaken too much, we shall immediately return to our earth of God."

In an instant the Romans had reverted from the third into the previous second sight and woke up again, but they did retain the full memory of all they had seen and faithfully and clearly heard.

When they all had once more risen from the ground, the Roman said: "I have seen these and other things. Did you see and hear anything similar?'

Each one then described with a few words what he had seen and heard.

Said Agricola: "Now I do believe that the things I have seen and heard are true because all of you have experienced exactly the same. So there are all these suns and earths, and most of them are incomparably larger and more beautiful than our earth, - and all that the spirit of this marvellous Jew is supposed to have created?'

Said the Angel: "Yes, my earthly brother, all that and still endlessly other, greater and more amazing things. And He, the most sublime, eternal Spirit has now, also as a man on your earth, worked this sign so that you, too, may truly recognize Him, live according to His teaching and then, as His children, gain supreme happiness. Now go all to Him and thank Him from all your heart for having given you this great revelation, showing you that He alone is the Lord of all things and all life."

They all did this and I awakened them from their second sight and the hosts of angels became once more invisible to them.

Then I asked them whether they had enjoyed this sign.

Said all: "Indescribably!"

However, they all whished to retire for the night and said that only the following day would they be capable of speaking about it calmly. 206

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