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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Judgement Day

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life."


 f - Prophets as bearers of revelations. Enlightened or blind faith.

Said Lazarus: "Yes, I do understand what You wanted to say with this explanation; but I have still a mental reservation with which I cannot quite cope. Are, then, all those people to whom a great revelation comes directly to be regarded as judged? And can only those expect to enjoy the blessings of the great revelation who experience it indirectly, that is, who participate in it solely through their belief?

Thus the bearers of the revelation find themselves at a great disadvantage, since they have already from the beginning been better and purer people in order to be capable of receiving and properly understanding an exalted and great revelation. For, really worldly people would out of themselves never have comprehended the great revelation since they are unable to understand even the smallest one."

Said I: "Whoever says that the bearers of a great revelation must be regarded as judged should surely know whom I have to choose as a chief bearer of a great revelation, so that he is not harmed.

Moses was certainly the bearer of a very great revelation, but there were many beneath him who participated only indirectly in the revelation. However, they were much firmer in their faith than Moses himself who in his heart did not really believe in the promise that I would give the Israelites the Promised Land where milk and honey flow. Because Moses did not fully trust in this promise, he was only allowed to see the land from a high mountain but not to enter it himself.

This proves sufficiently that no bearer of any revelation has ever been bound, or will be bound in future, but remains completely free in his belief and actions which alone can bring him salvation. No one attains salvation thanks to the fact that he is the bearer of a revelation, but only if he himself believes in the revelation and lives accordingly.

The same applies to all of you. Witnessing My acts makes it more compelling for you to believe that I am the Christ and that My words are the words of God than for those who will be receiving the gospel only through you. But then plenty of doubts about Me are yet going to assail you, and that will give you the opportunity to strengthen your faith. When the shepherd will have been smitten, the sheep will flee and scatter, but at the right timeI will rally them once more and strengthen their faith. ‘Ihus, no bearer of any true revelation is judged, for, firstly, such a man is always from above and no revelation can put him under a particular compulsion because his soul has already gone through a trial life in the flesh on some other earth and is, therefore, much sounder and more solid than a soul of this earth that has only just assembled; and, secondly, the soul of such a prophet is subjected to more severe tests of faith than an often only too credulous soul of this earth. For a soul of this earth the word suffices and a sign is hardly needed, whereas souls from above need more. 1hey are hard to convince and, therefore, need also stronger and more conclusive proofs before they become fully believing and active out of that belief.

If I now went to Persia, to India or to Athens, or also Rome, and worked there the signsI have worked here, no one in those lands would ever dare to act in any way contrary to My commands. Such purely earthly souls would be held completely captive and a freedom-test of their will would be out of the question for a long time to come. For you, however, My signs are not in the least harmful because you are not at all credulous. It needs many signs worked before your eyes to achieve a firm belief with you, and even then you are still full of doubt and question many a thing. However, the person who does that will not have a forced belief but a free one, for he wants to fully apprehend and unterstand that which he believes; and what he does not apprehend and understand, he also does not believe.

The best proof for this is the fact that I have constantly to clarify and explain the tings you hear from Me. You know who I am and could believe what I teach you also without any special explanations. However, this is not the case and you have shown Me already on several occasions that often, when a secret teaching was involved, you did not believe Me and told Me to My face that it was a hard teaching. Besides, not quite seven days have passed since all of you left Me, and this also because of the precepts you did not understand.

It follows from this that your souls are stronger than those of the real children of this world. There will always be men like you on this earth, and I will awaken them and give also to them the inner word of the spirit out of Me, and they will teach the actual children of this earth whereby their will shall be kept absolutely free. However, the teachers must not imagine that they, as teachers and wise men, are in My eyes superior to the children of this earth, for with Me these words will always hold good: Let the little children come to Me and do not try to stop them! Whoever does not become like these little children will not enter into My Kingdom, for it belongs to such as these and has been established for their sake. Whoever, as a wise man and a teacher, is humble and meek with all his heart shall be, too, where I will be as a true Father among My children from eternity to eternity."

Having received this lesson from Me, all the disciples were silent, for they did not know what to reply to Me. 79

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