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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Judgement Day

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life."


 Once again the Lord explains His Return.

Said hereupon the teacher of the law: "O Lord and Master, Your wisdom is endless and, compared to You, we human beings are as blind as a rock! Only now do I see quite clearly the reason for the complete decline of faith and trust in God, and I also see that in the future this Your teaching of light and life will share the present fate of the teaching of Moses and the Prophets; and You will in all earnest be coerced by Your love and mercy to return to the people of this earth. The question is only whether You will come again like this time or perhaps in a different way only known to You. Would You give us a better light on this?"

[GGJ.09:94,02 on]
The Lord: "On the occasion of My Second Coming, I shall not again be born as a child of a woman somewhere, for this My body remains transfigured as do I, as a spirit, in eternity, and so I shall never again need another body in the manner indicated by you.

However, first I shall come invisibly in the clouds of heaven, which means to say: I shall first approach humanity through true seers, wise men and newly awakened prophets. And in those days also maidens will prophesy and young men will have clairvoyant dreams announcing My advent. Many will listen to them and mend their ways, but the world will call them mad fanatics and not believe them, as was also the case with the prophets.

Moreover, I shall from time to time awaken people to whom I shall dictate through their heart all that is now, during My presence here, happening and being discussed. What is written down will, within only a few weeks and days, be multiplied in many thousands of identical copies in an artful manner well-known to the then living people and thus become accessible to them. And the people in those days, almost all of whom will be able to read and write, will be able to read and also understand the new books.

This way of spreading My teaching from the heavens, given anew and uncontaminated, will then make it possible to reach the people all over the earth much more quickly and effectively than is possible now through messengers in My name by word of mouth.

When in this way My teaching will have been brought to the people of good will and active faith and at least one third of humanity will know of it, then I will also, here and there, come personally and bodily visible (in the transfigured body of the spirit; compare [2]) to those who love Me most, are longing for My return and have a fully alive faith.

And I Myself shall form of them communities which no power in the world will be able to resist. For I shall be their commander-in-chief, their forever invincible hero, and shall judge all the dead and blind worldlings. Thus, I am going to cleanse the earth of its ancient filth.

Jesus second coming will at first not be in Israel.

At the time of the new seers and prophets, however, there will be great misery and distress among the people as have never before been on this earth. But for the sake of My elect this will be only of short duration, so that they might not come to grief in their progress toward salvation.

However, in this land where I am now being persecuted like a criminal by the Jews of the temple, from one place to another, and which at that time will be trampled underfoot by the darkest heathens, I shall not at first appear personally to teach and give comfort to the weak. But in the lands of another continent, which at present is inhabited by heathens, I shall establish a new kingdom: A kingdom of peace, harmony, love and lasting living faith. There will no longer be any fear of the death of the body among men who walk in My light and are in constant contact with the angels of heaven. - There you have now a correct answer to your question."

Says the teacher of the law: "Asia, the ancient cradle of mankind and of the many blessings of God, will then no longer be so fortunate as to see and hear You at Your Second Coming to this earth? Truly, this is no joyful news for this continent!"

Jesus refers to worldwide telecom.

Says the Lord: "The earth is Mine everywhere, and I know where My return will be most effective for all the earth. But in those days when people will be able to communicate with each other from one end of the earth to the other with lightning speed and, by making use of the spirits bound in the fire and water, will be able to travel across the longest stretches of the earth faster than the greatest storm and also ships, by means of the same forces, will cross the ocean in a much shorter time than that needed by the Romans to cross from Rome to Egypt, it will be possible to easily spread the news of My personal return within a very short time over the entire earth, thus also to Asia.

But there remains the question: Will the news be believed by the blind and deaf heathens of this continent? I should say: Hardly until it will have been cleansed through a great universal judgment!

Will Jesus come to America and Europe first?

There is a vast land in the far West, which is on all sides surrounded by great oceans and nowhere connects with the old world above water. From this land the people will first be hearing great things, and these will also appear in the west of Europe. The result will be a bright radiating and reflecting: The lights of heaven will meet, recognize and support each other.

Out of these lights, the sun of life will be forming which is the new, perfect Jerusalem, and in this sun I shall return to earth."101

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