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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Judgement Day

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life."


 Will there be faith when Jesus returns?

The Lord in discussion with His disciples and Lazarus:
[GGJ.08:161.09 on]
The Lord: "When the Son of Man will one day return, do you, Simon Judah, think He will find faith on earth? (Luk.18,8) Well, like today He will find hardly any faith and those who still believe in Him will be ridiculed and mocked. Yet there will also be many who will not let themselves be blinded by worldly wisdom and will openly preach My word.

To them I shall come by day and by night, shall reveal Myself to them and protect them from the persecutions of the world. And I shall also endow them with the miraculous gift to help through love the oppressed, the infirm and the sick. Then it will become lighter and more pleasant on earth. - Do you understand this prophecy?"

[162.1] Says Simon Judah: "Lord, when is this going to happen on earth?"

Says the Lord: "Simon Judah, because of your mighty faith I have given you the keys to the Kingdom of God and called you a rock upon which I shall build My church against which the gates of hell shall not prevail. You shall be a new Aaron and sit on his chair. This you will also become by spreading My word together with the other brothers.

However, when this becomes known among the heathen after several hundred years, they will allege that you yourself have established such a chair there. And the nations, forced to it with fire and sword, will also believe the false prophets that you have as a first prince of the faith established this chair in Rome from where you are ruling the whole earth with its princes and nations. But behold, that will be a false chair from which much mischief will be caused all over the earth and hardly anyone will still know where you have established the right chair, the chair of love, truth, active faith and life and who your true successor is.

This false chair will continue to exist for a long time, for far over a thousand years, but it will not see two thousand years [emphasis added].

When the false chair will have become rotten and have lost its stability I shall return and My Kingdom with Me. Then you, too, will be coming with Me to the earth and be My witnesses before those in whom we shall still find the true and pure faith.

[6] But also a great purification will be needed in that future time so that people will recognize Me and believe in Me alone.

[16] When men become indifferent, indolent, sleepy and more benighted in their inner life activity, there is a great stirring in the endlessly vast spirit world and the influence from above causes all kinds of stirring and surging also among the people living on this earth. One nation rises against the other, one teaching opposes another and this continues for a long time until men have thereby been brought to the greatest possible life activity.

As a result things become clearer and lighter among them. The apparent need makes them inventive and thus forces them to an increased and more orderly activity through which the nations that knew only little of each other become acquainted and in time of service to each other. The light among them keeps growing more and more, producing an ever growing need for a tangible, established vital truth.

When finally this need keeps becoming universal and men are no longer satisfied with a purely authoritative faith which forms a basis for benighted and indolent superstition, the time will have come to give a great and tangible living light, full of clarity and truth.

And behold, therefore the many people all over the earth who have sunk into indolence and darkness of life as if into a deep sleep must be violently stirred up until they, after a lengthy period of time, have been awakened to a point where they finally begin to feel what they are lacking."

[G 08:163, 1 on] (The Lord:) "Once such a state arises among men, it will be time to give them what they are lacking. At such a time I shall come once more to men into this world and do universally what I am now doing exceptionally before only a few witnesses. I am now planting the seed in the soil and thereby not bringing peace to mankind but the sword for combat, for great conflicts and wars.
Only the individual who adopts My teaching and lives according to it will find the light, the truth and true peace of life within him. Yet he will have to go through many conflicts with the world and persecutions for the sake of My name, all of which you, too, will be experiencing. But upon My Second Coming into this world the restlessness, fighting and persecution among the peoples of the earth will come to an end and the original relationship between men and the pure spirits of the heavens will be restored to normal and remain like that.

From what I have now told and shown you it will be easy for you to recognize why it is allowed that next to the small and true chair of Aaron upon which I am now seating you there will in time arise another false and long-lasting one in the midst of the heathen, and how and why also the false prophets and teachers, even in My name, are admitted.

But you and your true successors shall ignore it if they hear the call from the mouth of the false ones saying that Christ is here or there. For I shall never again dwell in a temple built by human hands, but only in the spirit and the truth of those who seek Me, pray to Me, believe in Me alone and also love Me above all. Their heart will be My true temple-dwelling in which I shall speak to them, teach, educate and guide them. Of this you shall take especially good note so that when it all happens like this you do not take offence but remember that I have shown you all this in advance and also given you the reason." 59

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