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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Judgement Day

"He who believes in Me and acts according to My teaching will harvest eternal life."


 The fear of God.

Pure love is the true fear of God.

Chapters GGJ.09:85 and 86

When the teacher of the law spontaneously remarks: "I am now standing completely destroyed before You; for what is man before You?"

The Lord says: "It is true that there had been between Me and you men an endless chasm preventing even the most perfect angel spirit from approaching Me. But now a bridge has been built across the said chasm, and this is called the love for Me on your part, just as I on My part out of My endlessly great, exceedingly powerful love for you men have become a man of flesh and blood Myself and have taken on your weaknesses, so that I am no longer an endlessly remote God but can, depending on the measure of your love for Me, become and remain a very close and easily approachable Father, friend and brother."

[GGJ.09:086,1] Says the teacher of the law: "A small voice in my heart is telling me that I understand this quite well; but in my brain everything is in confusion and I can now see that such things can only be comprehended in the heart of the soul, but never with the intellect of the brain. Yet Moses gave the commandment to fear God and worship Him alone at all times. Shall I now no longer fear You and worship You in the prescribed manner?"

[5] Says the Lord: "What does it mean 'to fear God'? 'To fear God' means: To love God, as the eternal, most sublime and pure love, above all and, since God is the supreme truth, to abide in the divine truth and not pay homage to the falsehood of the world for the sake of selfish material advantages.

[6] He who is truthful in everything, bears the true fear of God in his heart; whoever has this, truly worships God at all times. For, just as falsehood is a very great blasphemy of God, the pure and living truth is at all times the greatest adoration and truest worship of God."

In Chapters GGJ:09:87 to 90 the Lord speaks on trust in God and unceasing prayer as well as on the future state of faith and the development of the sciences and arts, and this is what He amongst other things says:

[GGJ:09:87 [4]) (The Lord speaks:) 'People shall always practise true prayer and not become lax in it, for man can gain a true and firm trust also through the proper exercise, which has at all times aided the disciple in attaining to mastership in whatever sphere. [5] A man who is well provided with all material possessions easily forgets how to pray füll of trust und truth. When, finally, some emergency arises he begins to seek God's help through prayer; but within himself he has too little trust that God will hear his prayer, and the reason lies obviously in his failure to practise a full and living trust in God.

[6] But whereby can man better strengthen his trust in God than through the practice of unceasing prayer and supplication?

(86 [13]) Whoever in My name lives and acts according to My teaching, truly prays unceasingly and he will, therefore, at all times be given what he needs.

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