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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  2000 Years & Beyond
 The Great Cosmic Man and the Earth.

[GGJ.05:114.1 on]
The Lord Jesus talking to His disciples:
(The Lord:) "Now you are undoubtedly justified in asking why of all places it is this small earth and its small people that have attained to this honour and grace, seeing there are in the endless spaces of creation uncountable numbers of great and magnificent worlds of light, each of which is far more suitable to carry and nourish God‘s children and well provide for them. Surely, the world-sized people of the primordial central sun would be more stately as children of God than the dusty worms of this small earth. - Of course, from an external viewpoint, this would appear to be right, but in view of the intrinsic circumstances of the things of life this would even be an impossibility.

Close to the centre of the heart of the human organism its vital nerve is located, a minute clot which vitalizes the whole physical organism. The parts of this tiny cardiac nerveclot are so arranged that they attract the vital ether from the blood and from the breathed-in air. In this way they, firstly, remain exceedingly alive and active and, secondly, impart this vitality to the whole organism, thus vitalizing the whole body in a suitable manner.

If I hacked off your foot or your hand, you would continue to live, as you can see with many old soldiers who in the battles lost hands, feet, ears and noses and who are still alive, even if only as cripples. But the least injury to the heart, where the tiny vital nerve is located, results in immediate physical death.

What applies to the arrangement within the human body and that of the warm-blooded animals applies likewise to the arrangement within the immense space of the universe. Taken collectively, the innumerable shell globes represent a gigantic, by your standards infinitely great, man. Within this man, our own shell globe signifies the heart, and this very earth represents the exceedingly minute vital nerve of the whole great man, which is situated not in the centre, but more to the left side, of the heart.

There is, to be sure, in the centre of the heart also a very large nerve plexus; however, this does not contain the main centre of life but is only a storeroom where the vital nourishment from the blood and from the air is taken up and stored. Only from there does the main vital nerve take it up, fructifying or, rather, blessing it so that it is now a life-giving substance, that is, for the present natural life-span of the soul. Except for this nerve, the soul could have no connection with the physical organism.

Therefore, the vital nerve in question, situated somewhere in the left side of the heart, is a very unprepossessing looking, minute wart, similar to the tiny sensory warts on the lower ball of either small toe. Covered only by the epidermis, these sensory warts are the main sensory conductors of the feet, - but who takes notice of them or knows that this is what they are? Somebody unlucky enough to lose the little toes of his feet would later on find it very difficult to walk, - far more difficult than by losing the big toes. Who, then, can stand up and ask: ‘But why did You, O Lord, usually endow the least things in Your infinite creation with the greatest efficacy?‘

Here I throw the question back and say: ‘Why is it that with you men the foundation stone of a house is, after all, often more than a thousand times smaller than the whole house, whose main support is actually a well-laid foundation stone? Why are there so many lies, but really only one fundamental truth from the realm of truth? Why is the oak such a large tree but the germ within its fruit, which comprises already countless oaks of an immense size, as small as a tiniest grain of sand?‘ My dear children and now friends, there is in the vastness of creation still many a thing which, if you knew everything in creation, would strike you as somewhat odd where its purpose and nature are concerned. You could not possibly grasp it as yet if I tried to draw your attention to some of these odditites.

But when, in days to come, I shall have ascended and sent you My Spirit, this Spirit will lead you into all truth, and you will no longer have to ask: ‘Lord, why is this and why that?‘ The blindfold will be taken off your eyes, and what you now vaguely suspect you will then behold in the brightest light. Therefore, be contented at present with what you have now heard. This is merely a seed laid into your hearts, and only when the sun of My Spirit will dawn within you will you harvest its ripe fruit." 56

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