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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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  Jesus and the Jews
 Jesus explaining Isaiah 52:14 and 53:3 - Page 1

‘Said I: "Yes, this will be the final, true sign that I am the Promised One. For with Me everything that is said shall be almost literally fulfilled. However, as to what concerns My bodily form, the assertion of the prophet does not apply; but he expresses there, figuratively speaking, only a completely perverted mood and mode of thought of the present generation, compared to which My mood and mode of thought, will appear like an ugly shape, under or from all kinds of sickness and much pain.

"Therefore, I shall be very much despised by the rich and prominent people of this world, and they will flee before Me as before a corpse; and if permitted from above, they will persecute Me like the worst criminal - as has already been shown by the present attitude against Me. If I, a child of man, did not stand before you under Roman protection, and if the time had come when permission had been granted you over My human exterior, I should never have escaped out of your hands alive.

"As most of you are now, for the greatest part, so will you henceforth remain, until the great Judgment comes upon you, which the prophet Daniel foretold when he was standing at the holy place.
"All that might, however, happen in a different way if you would only recognize your great errors, would repent and be completely converted. But this will hardly ever be the case with you. My already-given advice, therefore, is fruitless, for you are too much attached to your earthly authority and your worldly treasures, and they will bring you into judgment. It is not I Who shall break the rod over you (although I could do so through My power), but it is you yourselves and your worldliness that will bring it upon you.

"Now Joram thinks I ought to give you some good advice, to sit in judgment and to consult how it might be given to the people without their notice. Yes, yes, you would consult about it, but your money and your worldly authority would then step forward and say: ‘We will remain what we are and first wait to see if that judgment will break upon us; for an institution that is so old and so well established will surely not be intimidated by a boy out of Galilee!‘ Then My advice would be rejected by the majority of votes, and you would remain as you are now - in fact, much worse.

"Put away your heaps of gold and silver; put away your many more-than-precious stones and great masses of pearls. Distribute much among the poor and give the great surplus to the emperor, who alone has the right to collect treasures of the Earth and use them in times of need. Live only on what Moses assigned to you; repent your many evil deeds; expiate your great sins through works of true love to your neighbors; have no secrets from the people, but be true, just, and loyal in your speeches and actions. Always persevere in that, but never set yourselves obstinately against men awakened by the Spirit of God. Then the Judgment will be withheld and the temple will exist until the end of the world.

"God, the Lord, does not want people to be like machines of His Omnipotence, but like completely free, self-working, and independent children. He does not need your offerings or prayers, but only to be recognized in your hearts and loved above everything. Esteem your poor fellow-men just like yourselves; do for them all you can wisely desire to be done for you. Then shall you please God and He shall again bestow all His mercy upon you, even as a mother to her dearest children. He will protect you even as a lioness protects her young ones, and He will care for you even as a hen does for her chicks!

"Are you able to do that? O yes, you could do it if you had the right will thereto. But you are, and have always been, lacking in will-power, despite all the prophets and seers who preceded Me. Even so, I know I have spoken to deaf ears and hearts!" 27

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