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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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The Father within Me is eternal love.

GGJ 06:230,2

 Infinite Space and Time

God = infinite space = infinite time = highest and most perfect life. [GEJ.08/028,17]

In vol. 8 (chapter 28, 7 on) of the Great Gospel we find a fascinating question and answer sequence about God, trinity, creation, infinity and eternity. At one point Lazarus asks Jesus about endless space and eternity concluding with the words:  

"What is actually eternity and how is God Himself within time and space eternal and infinite in everything? As concerns You, this is surely a most awkward question for a mortal, but such thoughts do arise in a soul thirsting for light."

Thereupon the Lord: "You called this a very awkward question where I was concerned, but I call it a very good and clever question and will, therefore, give all of you the clearest possible answer.

Behold, God, space and eternity are identical to the concepts of Father, Son and Spirit. The Father is love throughout and, thus, an eternal aspiring after the most perfect existence through the force of the eternal will within it. Space, or the Son, is the forever out of love‘s eternal aspiration also eternally issuing existence, and eternity, or the Spirit, as the infinite primordial force in Father and Son, is the movement and realization of love‘s aspirations in the Son.

If space had ever started to expand from one point in all directions into endlessness, it would now be no more infinite than the Great Cosmic Man as such.

This shows you that the space of creation has necessarily been forever endless in all directions and could never have had a beginning, and since God, space and eternity are identical - as I have shown you - also God, Who combines all these concepts within Him, is without a beginning, since a beginning of God is quite as impossible to imagine as a beginning of the growth of infinite space and with it eternal time.

Is infinite space empty?
[GGJ 08/28,13 on]
The Lord: "But I still see a certain dark obstacle within you which you are as yet unable to overcome. And this consists in that you imagine the endless and eternal space as being dead and without any life-intelligence and, therefore, cannot comprehend how God, as the sole eternal life-principle, could find Himself, as it were, in the eternal and endless death and recognize and comprehend Himself as the most perfect life.

Therefore, do now imagine exactly the opposite concerning the eternal, endlessly great space. Imagine that there is in it not even the tiniest spot without life and intelligence and that even what to you appears like dead and completely lifeless, is not dead and lifeless, but only under judgment by God‘s almighty will in the same way as you can see it on a celestial body or its lifeless appearing components.

If God, Who is identical with infinite space and its eternal time, yet is within Himself the highest and most perfect life throughout, how can possibly what goes forth from Him alone be dead and without life and intelligence?

That which seems dead to you, although it does exist, is only under judgment by God and can return to a completely free life as soon as God loosens the bonds of His will within such a judged thing.

You have seen Me and, with My permission, also Raphael perform acts where either stones were instantly transformed into the original life-ether or the latter into a solid stone, a very palpable proof of which is presented to you by the pillar on the road to Emmaus.

If all that is so, and cannot possibly be otherwise, you must - in order to gain a true and alive conception of God ban all death completely from infinite space and think only of life upon life and intelligence upon intelligence, since there cannot ever be any death in God‘s infinite, mighty, intelligent existence.


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