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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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3DT - Three days in the Temple
BM - Bishop Martin (Sunsets into Sunrises)
CHJ - Childhood of Jesus
EM - Earth and Moon
FL - The Fly
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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Gen 1:1

 The arrest of Satan.

EM, ch.56:  This thought of egoism within him gave rise to his great vanity and self pleasure with his light and his limitless grandeur and power. In this selfishness and pleasure for himself he forgot about the old eternal Godhead,  aroused in his vanity and solidified. Here the Godhead apprehended all his nature withdrew all his specific essence, made celestial bodies within all infinity, wrapped the spirit of this infinite soul with the strongest ties and banned him in the depth of matter.

The soul of Satan.

EM 53,1:  The material Earth is a soul of Satan; and not even Earth alone, but all other innumerable celestial bodies were formed out of this one soul. This soul effectively was split up into these countless units. The spirit, however, cannot be split. Whether put into a big or small soul as a whole, there is remains whole. Even if Lucifer‘s soul once was immense there could still dwell just one spirit; and this spirit - fallen by his own fault - cannot dwell in all those countless split-units of his primordial soul. His residence is confined to your Earth. All other objects in the universe are free of this spirit although they are part of this erstwhile soul. This is why humans living on all those planets - although inherently better as those here on Earth - never can attain that perfect godlike level the children of this Earth are able to. Remember, while this Earth is spiritually the most distant from God and the very last, all the more in case of improvement can become the very highest and most godlike. And for this very reason I chose as Lord this Earth as the arena of My supreme mercy and on its soil created all heavens anew.

How Satan operates.

EM.58: At certain times Satan who counts a huge amount of wicked followers is going to send his accomplices among humans with the order to catch whatever can be caught and to leave no stone unturned trying to seize every possible soul for the benefit of the royal househould of the prince of all malice and lie. Following such an order these satanic accomlices take themselves to the Earth‘s surface using various shortcuts and masking their intention most diligently so no better spirit meeting them would become suspicious. Now, as in the realm of the spirits nothing is to be more respected than free will (provided its intentions are not sinister), these beings are allowed to come to the surface but under constant secret observation. But what are these wicket accomplices doing once on the surface of the Earth? They use every possible means to implement their covert plan for the court of Satan. They confuse and seduce the people, cause disease and obsession.

The devils which haunt humans.

GGJ.06:10,12:   "I also tell you that much less than you think in your foolish belief depends on the temptations through the devils. The true devil is man himself with his worldly desires. From these issue self-love - this is one devil -, the passion for a life of luxury - a second devil -, ambition, pride, lust for power, anger, revenge, envy, avarice, arrogance, harlotry and contempt for his fellowman -, all these are devils begotten on man‘s own ground and soil. Iherefore, you shall not be so scared of the devil nor shall you accuse him. However, do accuse yourselves in your conscience and do proper repentance and firmly resolve to become completely different men, and then carry it out.

GGJ.06:165, 8: "I tell you: A person who does not possess the ability to become a perfect devil can never become a completely godlike child of God." 

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