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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Gen 1:1

 God's grand plan of creation and salvation >> page 2

"This first light of cognition - that is, the recognition of the possibility of an ascending or descending development - was to cause it to stay voluntarily in the centre from where to work in close unison with the divine Primordial Spirit, spontaneously creating ever new beings, so that Creator and created being might delight in it and through this joyful activity enhance their bliss.

"If I now tell you that this first-created spirit was named 'Lucifer' (i.e., Light-bearer), you will also comprehend why he was named thus and not otherwise. He was bearing within him the light of cognition and was well able as the first spirit-being to recognize the limits of the inner-spiritual polarities. Endowed with My complete power, he now called other beings into existence who fully resembled him, felt also the Deity within themselves, saw the same light of cognition ignite within them as he did, and were also creatively active and endowed with all the might of My Spirit. However, within them, particular forces of My Primordial Spirit were manifesting and shining forth separately, that is, they became in their character corresponding to My seven main attributes and, thus, their number was seven.

"Hereby is not meant that the other six attributes had been lacking because they corresponded to one, but they had in their nature a corresponding trait which enabled them to be bearers of a special attribute which they developed above all. For already from the very beginning I placed My beings under the necessity where none could do without the other, - the best means of preventing presumption among them.

"Lucifer, well aware that he was meant to represent God's counter pole, imagined to be capable of so to speak absorbing the Deity, and committed the error of believing that he, a created and thus finite being, could absorb the Infinite. For also here the law applied: 'No one can see God (the Infinite) and stay alive.' Lucifer could perceive the nature of the Deity and hear Its commands, as long as he stayed in the just centre, but he could never see It personally.

"As the finite being cannot - and will not - ever grasp the Infinite and can, therefore, in this point easily fall into errors and, descending, remain in these, Lucifer in spite of all warnings sank into the delusion that he could absorb and imprison the Deity. With this he left the right standpoint, departed from the centre of My heart and slipped more and more into the erroneous desire to gather around him the beings created through him, yet out of Me, so as to rule over the spaces populated with beings of every kind.

"Now there ensued a schism, that is, a division of the parties which ended in the withdrawal of My power from Lucifer, so that he and his followers became powerless and lost their creative ability.

"Naturally the question arose: What shall now be done with this host of the fallen that appeared like dead, that is, inactive?

"There were only two ways open. The first way was to destroy Lucifer with his followers and then create another spirit, who would probably have fallen into the same error, since a more perfect spirit could not be created and put outside of Me as a free being, thus, independent of My will. Creating machines which automatically carry out My orders presented no difficulty. However, for the attainment of the light of self-recognition the so far followed way was the only one. Since also the other spirits that had not fallen were created through Lucifer, they belonged to his sphere. A sudden destruction of Lucifer would have meant also the destruction of all living beings.

"Whereby would Lucifer have deserved this, whose fall only happened through error, thus not excluding the possibility of rectifying the error? Why should the faithful beings have deserved their destruction and, finally: What about My wisdom, had I not from the beginning recognized and foreseen the possibility of an apostasy, wherefore a repetition of the process of creation had to be avoided? And above all: What about My love, if it had not desisted from a destruction but through wisdom found means to guide the lost beings back to the light of cognition so that they might remain in the proper equilibrium of their polar attributes?

"Thus, there remained only the second way, which you behold in the material creation.

"Imagine a man who refuses to accept the king of the country as a mighty ruler because, although having been vested with all power and authority by him, he has never seen him! This man rebels against him and wants to become king himself. In order to protect the faithful subjects, the king will have him seized, will divest him of all his decorations and all authority and order his imprisonment until he has once more come to his senses; and the same he will do to this man's followers. Depending on whether the followers repent and see their error, they will be freed and remain faithful to the king, who has now visibly shown himself to them." 96

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