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Again, God has spoken
through prophets. Will
mankind listen this time?

PLEASE NOTE: If not otherwise indicated, all posts of this site are quotations or excerpts from the New Revelation texts received between 1840 and 1880. Inserts or comments by the publisher contained in the original texts are marked by [square brackets].

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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Gen 1:1

 God's grand plan of creation and salvation >> page 3

"This weak, earthly metaphor shows you what I did. For, the material creation is the imprisonment. But to understand what follows, you need to activate the receptivity of your soul since the human reason is too limited to grasp it.

"A soul is composed of innumerable particles, each of which corresponds to an idea issuing from Me. Once it has formed it can no longer change from what it is, because it then corresponds to the character it has been given. A crystal when crystallized can no longer be changed in its nature. It crystallizes either in the form of a rhomboid, or a hexagon, an octagon, and so forth, depending on which form corresponds to its character, that is, to the aggregation of the particles around its life centre.

"If then a change has to be wrought because the crystals did not turn out quite pure, they must be dissolved through warmth (love) and have then to crystallize afresh during the cooling down of the warm love-water, which is equivalent to a freeing of their will. Now there form again new, beautiful crystals, and every careful chemist will know how to produce them as beautiful, clear and large as possible to serve his particular requirements.

"Behold, I am such a chemist! I dissolved the tarnished crystals (Lucifer and his followers) in the warm love-water and let these souls crystallize again so that they might become clear. You know that this is effected by ascending through the mineral and plant kingdoms up to man. However, since Lucifer's soul comprises the entire material creation, also that must express itself in the human form. Thus, all the spirit hosts combine in a person, represented by the leader of this host, and form what is called his sphere. There is nothing similar on the material plane which expresses this clearly, wherefore I say: Open up your soul's receptivity!

"Now you will better understand why Lucifer believes he had to act as he did, so that matter could be created, - which is an error since matter is not the final goal of My creation -, but the free cognition, love and comprehension of the Deity is the goal for the beings created by Me, matter merely being an expedient. Lucifer persisted in this second error and lost himself in the extremes of his polar qualities, deceiving himself that he thereby had to maintain matter. He had been given enough freedom to permeate matter, that is, to contemplate it in full awareness so that he, as the first primordially created spirit, could recognize what injury he had done to his companions and might be induced to turn back. However, he did not do this but wanted even more to rule as a prince of matter which, he considered, was his own. Therefore, he tainted as far as possible the newly forming human crystals in order to preserve his kingdom; for, the battle with God appeared to him great, sublime and life-preserving.

"The human crystals, which for the attainment of the purpose had again to be set free, could turn either to  him  or to  Me . They were of course often during their lifetime caught in his nets. Look at paganism, where he let himself be worshipped as king and his polar qualities, which also contain the greatest wisdom, as gods!

"One will now ask: Why did I allow such conduct? It remains incomprehensible unless one considers the final goal, and this is the freest self-knowledge in God.

"When a great popular leader finds pleasure in wrong actions, sweeping along the adherents, what is the quickest way of bringing a proper light to all? Certainly when the popular leader himself desists from his wrong actions. For, his adherents will promptly follow him. However, it will take far more time to reach the goal if one tries to individually alienate his adherents until he is alone.

"With Me it is always a matter of going for the core and, if that cannot be changed, taking a detour.

"Since during the imprisonment - now think of the metaphor of the king - it was always remonstrated: 'If I could see the king, I would believe in him!', My incarnation became necessary; firstly, for the sake of the fallen and, secondly, in order to make the Deity personally visible to those who had not fallen and thus crown their faith.

"Here lies the secret of My incarnation that had to break through matter, which otherwise would keep getting harder and harder in case Lucifer lost himself more and more in the hardnesses of the opposite pole. Therefore, My incarnation put a stop to this and showed clearly the way to the dissociation from idolatry and the worship of the polar qualities and had now also to prove that, firstly, - as the highest goal death, through which men were bound to matter and its pleasures, can be conquered and, secondly, that life is not lived in matter, but in spirit and the former is only a prison for the latter". [GGJ 11:17 on] 97

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