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In this edition:
    Editorial:  Judas framed? - New Revelation, why? - The redone website.

  1. In the News – Creation in Six Days? Moses Must be Joking!

  2. Today’s focus - Judas Iscariot.

  3. Excerpt: The Warnings by Jesus concerning the ecology.

  4. Where to find on HisNewWord.org.

  5. Resources: Free Email Library, Downloads etc.

  6. Coming Up.

  7. The New Revelation – Overview.




Dear reader,

In our last Newsletter we shortly touched on "Judas framed?" Today you will find a series of statements of Jesus on Judas from in the Great Gospel of John. Throughout this work we learn that Judas had a difficult life before he met Jesus and became His disciple. Judas was the money man, the speculator. He was the 'capitalist', wanted to become rich quick instead of doing charitable work. He went on his own, although with the consent of Jesus, to places of his choice to preach the message of Jesus - but for a fee.

Towards the end of Jesus' three year teaching tour, Judas was not happy that his master did not want to be declared (worldly) king by the people. So his plan was to force Jesus to be made King. He could not envisage that Jesus would not do strong miracles to convince the Temple that He was effectively the Messiah. That was his mistake. He panicked when he saw Jesus being condemned and crucified. Terrified, he committed suicide. But Jesus has long forgiven his soul.

Here a few words on the subject: "New Revelation, why and why now?"

At dinner with friends the other day the discussion touched on Religion, churches and the Bible. A friend made it a point saying that for mankind today the information given in especially the New Testament is not enough. People today want to know why and what happened where. The believer of the 21st century is not satisfied with just some bits and pieces from the life of Jesus, from history of man or creation of the universe. And many turn away if the churches answer specific questions with "that is a mystery, the mystery of faith".

With the ongoing discoveries of anthropology, astrophysics, medicine and all the other fields, mankind needs an update, at least the believing part. In this revelation the Lord literally said that the mature mankind of today can digest stronger food.

Moreover, the Lord has seen what has happened to His pure teaching. His original church has split into several sections and some of these again into hundreds, diluting and partly falsifying His teaching and thereby disorienting His children. You have "Christian" churches who have gay priests, accept gay marriages. There are theologians who deny the Lordship of Jesus, or preach three separate Gods. It is total chaos and there is no wonder people quit their church in droves.

With His New - living - Word, the New Revelation, the Lord is putting things straight again and by that sets the prerequisites for a world wide unified church. Yes, it will take some time. But the fruit will mature and perhaps faster than we think.

It took a while. Much more than we anticipated. But as you know the devil is in the detail.

But now the web site is redone and more user friendly. Pages appear faster, they are clearer, there is a search function and the colors make sense.

We encourage you to use the search function. You will find subjects instantly, whether it be Magdalena, Judas, Second coming, or the like. No, you won't find 'rapture'. That word popular in the US is not to be found in the New Revelation.

New are the Reports and Download pages. Reports are typically longer articles or excerpts from the New Revelation which are available by email over several days, one email a day. Downloads are instant. Some reports may be available both ways in the future.

God bless


Rudolf Julius

Friends of His New Word


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1. in the news


Creation in six days?

Moses must be joking.


The last week of May featured a much commented event. In the US state of Kentucky a special "Creation Museum" was to open its doors. The initiator, Ken Ham, felt it had to be done to counter the continuing teaching of the theory of evolution.

It is true, one has the impression evolution is a proven fact. Scientists present this theory in this way and in many countries it is told in schools as such. And as the way evolution is presented often leads to the conclusion that God does not exist - everything was/is "evolving" automatically anyway - believers started to react, especially in America.

As believers we do not doubt that God created all things.

But the special group we would call "Six days creationists" (and we don't know whether Ken Ham is part of that group), takes the Bible literally. It believes that God created the world in six days (times 24 hours) as one could possibly read into Moses' Genesis 1, the first book of the Old Testament. We all know this contrasts with the findings of Science, which says that the visible universe is billions and earth millions of years old.

So is the Bible, is Moses wrong?

Not at all. But it's interesting to see what the Lord says in the "New Revelation", His New Word. As far as creation is concerned the Lord of course confirms that He created. On the other hand He confirms strongly the findings of science as to the time question. Not only that, the Lord tells us that the universe and the Earth as well as the sun and all the stars are much, much older than science thinks.

At the same time He tells us that Moses is right too.
How can that be?

Because one must know that what Moses wrote is to be understood spiritually. The Lord says that Moses did not at all describe the creation of the material world in Genesis chapter 1. Moses was highly knowledgeable in the sciences of the time, of the ancient scriptures of Egypt and of course filled with God's wisdom.

Most of all, Moses knew the ancient art of the language of correspondence. Everybody who has read the Bible knows that Jesus often talked in parables, in picture language to make people understand a point.

The words of Scripture are like the shell of an egg in which there is also hidden a threefold content: The white, the yolk and, in the centre of the yolk, the tiny reddish life-coil carrying the germ of life.

Great Gospel of John 05.272.7

And Moses did the same. Extensive parts of Moses' scriptures are in the symbolic language of correspondence.

The Lord tells us in the New Revelation in several chapters the significance of Moses' Genesis.

In short:

A. Genesis 1 does not describe the creation. It is an allegoric rendering of the principle of development in 6 stages ("days") of a human being, but also applicable to a people or the first Church.

B. Creation of the material universe, the earth and all the stars etc. took billions of years. The "days" of creation stand for long phases, the ones science has discovered over the last centuries.

Great Gospel of John, vol. 01:

Jesus is in discussion with several Pharisees. Jesus had explained to them the phased emergence of the universe and its hierarchical structure. Now the Pharisees ask if that was not diametrically opposed to the six day creation of Moses. To this the Lord answers:

[GGJ.01/156.8]  Say I: “They should be understood and interpreted in their true sense and message.

 [9] In his description of creation Moses is just using pictures that announced man’s initial recognition of God, and does not portray the physical creation of Earth and all the other worlds.”

He then goes on saying that if one takes Genesis literally it makes no sense.

- Why is the time from evening to morning a "day". That's rather the night.

- The "light" cannot be the sun. Because the sun was before earth.

- As far as the earth is concerned God does not need to "divide" light from darkness. The earth revolves and is automatically illuminated, the sun facing part being lit.

- And then on the fourth day God placed two more lights, one for the day, one for the night. Not only does the sun shine on the Earth continuously, but what happened to the first light? What was that?

And many more illogic points if one thinks of the solar system.
Follows the extensive explanation of the significance of Moses' Genesis 1.

A second explanation is given by Jesus on another occasion to Cyrenius, governor of Palestine. (GGJ.02/214 on)

And a third explanation - and the most concise one - is found in Great Gospel of John vol. 03.

Mathael, a Jew having previously been thoroughly instructed by Jesus explains Genesis 1 to a Roman:


“Moses’ report of creation has nothing to do with the creation of the world. It refers exclusively to the education of man starting with the cradle until his perfection. But there is also an indication pertaining to the foundation of the Church of God on earth until the present times and on, until the end of the world.

By „heaven and earth“ one has to understand the new human being of the earth right from birth. 'Heaven' stands for the innermost, hidden, spiritual abilities, and the formless and void 'earth' stands for the newborn natural human being, who is hardly conscious of its existence – the first phase of man.

Over the years the child reaches self-consciousness, starts to dream and to think. This is the “Let there be light” in the human being, so that he/she knows that he/she is. - Second phase.

And like that it goes on with all the other days of creation until man’s resting phase of perfection.  Tell me whether you begin to understand!”

Editor’s note: The text always uses “man” in the sense of “human being”.

The detailed text of the abovementioned explanations of Genesis One is available on the download page here.

In the meantime: Please ask your pastor, priest, rabbi or anybody graduated from studies of theology what Moses wanted to communicate in Genesis 1,1-26. And let us have a copy of it (feedback@hisnewword.org).

But please ask before you relate what you just read. What we heard so far is disappointing.

If we get any feedback from you, we'll publish some anonymously.





2.  today’s focus:  Judas


Has Judas been framed?

Why did he sell Jesus to the Temple?

You might be surprised


The story of Judas is rather fascinating. During centuries Judas stood for the everything Christians loved to hate, because had Judas not betrayed Jesus, He would not have been crucified.




Was it Judas's plan to have Jesus killed? What for? A handful of silver coins?


Some 1900 years after these events Christ Himself revealed to us in His New Revelation the truth. And, as the Bible says, the truth sets free.


To make a long story (which you can download) short:

  • Judas had a difficult youth in a wealthy family

  • He was in love with money, profit was his heaven

  • He was a professional potter but later became a trader

  • He joined the followers of Jesus for His miracles

  • He was in the end frustrated that Jesus refused being made a worldly king.

  • He therefore made a "deal" with the Temple to force Jesus into kingship

  • Seeing that his plan did not work, he was terrified and committed suicide.

  • He deeply regretted his deed in the beyond and was forgiven by the Lord.

The "Great Gospel of John" is retracing in detail (11 volumes) the three teaching years of Jesus until His resurrection. We have assembled episodes from this huge work, which deal with Judas. Here the person and character of Judas come to life like on a stage. Download it and you will have a totally different picture of Judas.


The Judas Story is available as download from our website here.






3. excerpt - Jesus warns re the ecology


Studying the New Revelation one will find several chapters referring to our time. Either Jesus talking to His disciples about the time "in 2000 years" or in directly talk to us like in the "Sermons of the Lord".


Natural catastrophes
[GGJ.08/185,2] "Mankind and all creatures shall be purified at the time of My Second Coming. This kind of fire will consist in all kinds of great natural cataclysms, especially in those places on Earth where men will have built excessively large and magnificent cities, wherein will be governing the greatest haughtiness, absence of love, corruption, false courts of justice, power, authority, indolence and at the same time extreme poverty and all kinds of need and misery, brought about by the boundless Epicurism of the great and mighty.

"There will also be great storms on land and sea, as well as earthquakes. The sea will flood its shores in many places and people will suffer great anxiety and fear.
All this will be allowed to happen in order to turn people away from their pride, egoism and great indolence. The great who imagine themselves powerful will be punished with boredom and in order to free themselves from this torment will be forced to become active." [GGJ.08/185,4].

Says the Lord: "Yes, friend, the fire will mean great and universal want, misery and distress, the worst the earth has ever seen. Faith will cease to exist and love cool off and the poor people will be lamenting and pining away, but the great and mighty and the kings of this world will not help those who beseech them, owing to their great arrogance and extreme hardness of heart resulting from it".

(The Lord:) "Therefore, let everyone be full of meekness and humility, and thereby you will show each other the greatest and truest human honor and live together in peace and harmony.

Ambition and pride, however, bring forth discontent, exaction, contempt, resentment, anger and, finally, vengeance, war and its evil consequences. The arrogant and ambitious person is also full of selfishness and greed; and because he wants to gain everything for himself alone, in order to enhance his worldly importance, this sadly results in thousands around him possessing nothing and having to live in the greatest poverty and need. This was the case at the time of Noah and will be even more so in the latter days of the new heathendom.

This evil and totally hellish state among men is the judgment they will be preparing for themselves. The vast number of the poor and oppressed will finally rise against their arrogant oppressors and get rid of them. That will be a second Deluge through the fire of wrath of the in the end too mightily oppressed poor.


From ‘The Lord‘s Sermons‘
"I sober up the nations through distress. I free them from the delusion that worldly desire, which seeks only pleasure, is man‘s main pursuit. Through very unpleasant events, unfortunately, I teach them the instability of worldly pride, worldly glory and worldly possessions, and prove to them the eternal duration of spiritual treasures. [LS 49,10]

"Natural events, accidents and diseases preceding this time are the last efforts to save whatever can be saved, that not all may suffocate in the mire of selfishness. The arrogant human heart can only be made pliable through misfortune and blows of fate." [LS 53,9]

Final words of hope
"As after a thunderstorm, so it will be after the abomination of desolation, and the sun of grace shall shine again for all in its full brilliance. As the spiritual atmosphere will have been cleansed from all the poisons, everything will be ready for a new, active life, just like the refreshed Earth after a thunderstorm." [LS 53, 21]





4. where to find on hisnewword.org.


-     The Lord’s Sermons
      Here you have access to samples of the sermons.

-       Father, Son and Holy Spirit: One or three persons?
      Finally a clear language by the Lord, which should end all disputes.

-       Is Jesus God?
      Clear words by the Son on a matter of widespread dispute.

-    Does God have a home?
      And if yes, where in infinity or everywhere?

-     2000 years later:

      They will harness lightning and use it to communicate in a flash.




5. resources: Our free email library

Here is a listing of our free e-mail reports. To subscribe just send a blank email to the address listed. For safety reasons you will have to confirm your order with a simple click.

Christmas@hisnewword.org: Excerpt of the revealed work "Childhood of Jesus", the re-given Gospel of James covering the birth of Jesus. (8 e-mails),
hisnewword.org :  Jesus explains the spiritual significance of the words He spoke on the cross. (3 e-mails),
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Sermon1@hisnewword.org: Signs of the Future, Luke 21, 25-26. (One e-mail) ,
JesusWords@hisnewword.org: A selection of words of wisdom digested from all books of the New Revelation (45 e-mails).




6. coming up

Can you imagine the number of subjects of interest in an oeuvre of more

than 25 volumes? We are planning to cover the following ones. But feel

free to ask us those questions you want an answer for soon.


  • How to avoid getting to hell

  • Why are we here on Earth

  • How can there be a God with so much suffering, famine, wars etc.?

  • Is there a Beyond?

  • Is Jesus God or one of three Gods?

  • God's advice for raising children.

  • Is sex good or bad?

  • Does God love gays too?

  • How does God see the Christian churches?

  • Does eternal condemnation exist?

  • What means "Eating His flesh and drinking His blood" really.


And the list could go on and on. 





7. overview: The New Revelation

Since the beginning of time God had been in contact with mankind. With every nation. In every century. Without interruption.


The form of communication differs. God came in the form of angels, priests (e.g. Melchisedek), He used prophets whom He instructed (e.g. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos etc.). He gave people visions (e.g. Swedenborg) or revealed His messages in dreams (e.g. Joseph) and He had people write by direct dictation (e.g. Moses).


Communications, instructions and messages did not stop with Jesus. Some churches, unfortunately, claim that Jesus said it all. With Him revelation stopped. Despite the contrary written in scripture.


The New Revelation, God's New Word, was received by dictation. Word by word. Every word of those 25 volumes was dictated to Lorber, Engel and Mayerhofer by the Lord. It took 37 years to finish. Some say it's the Eternal Gospel promised by the angel. It sure contains wisdom for generations of researchers.


The two new commandments Jesus introduced complementing the 10 of the Old Testament are "Love your God with all you power and all your heart" and "Love your neighbour like yourself". And He added, that your enemy also is your neighbour (e.g. Luke 10:27).


Out of the seven Spirits of God three stand out: Love, Wisdom and Power.

  1. In His New Word, the New Revelation, God reconfirms again and again that love is the basis of God. "The Father" really is God's love.

  2. God created all beings - all angels, all souls, all spirits - out of love.
    It was out of His endless love that despite the high treason of Lucifer and one fifth of all created beings He did not destroy them but created the material universe. Matter is a prison and school through which He leads the rebellious souls back into His kingdom.

  3. Out of love He created man and put him to test on earth and gave him the choice between good and evil.

  4. Out of love He took flesh in Jesus. As "Son" He suffered terribly, accepted utmost humiliation and scarified His physical body to free all humans from slavery of sin.

  5. Out of His love He gave mankind the privilege to become His children if they choose to obey. A privilege not even His first angels have.

  6. Out of love He has been incredibly patient with mankind. But He also said that out of this love He will chastise mankind if they turn away from Him, lest they'll be lost. That happened and will happen again.

To get a basic idea about the contents and scope of the New Revelation please visit our website www.hisnewword.org




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